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2021 for Litera meant the release of over 750 new titles from all fields. Fiction and nonfiction books, bestsellers, memoirs, and more offered readers moments of fun and relaxation or ways to better understand the world and self.

Here is the list of the most read books of 2021:

Michelangelo’s lie. The burning cathedral Written by Igor Bergler is the bestselling film of 2021, a smart and well-documented film about the intrigues and mysteries of the Vatican. Behind some ritual executions, a terrifying conspiracy and a devastating secret of the Church, hidden in a document discovered by Michelangelo Buonarroti five hundred years ago. The perfect doses of suspense, murder, mystery, and history make this novel a hypnotic read, far exceeding the stakes of the author’s previous books.

virgins by Alex Michaelides. After bestseller silent patientRegarded by writer Alex Michaelides as one of the finest psychological thrillers of recent years, he returns to the charts with his second novel, at least as captivating as the first; virgins Masterfully combines Greek mythology, psychology, obsession and crime. A stunning psychological thriller about a brilliant psychotherapist’s determination to understand and uncover the strange crimes committed by the charismatic master of Greek tragedy, Edward Fosca.

Fresh water for flowers By Valerie Perrin – A disturbing novel about Violet, a cemetery manager in a small Burgundy town, about her world, an intimate and powerful story about a woman who always believes in life and joy, despite all obstacles. The novel has been translated in more than 30 countries and won the Maison de la Presse and Paperback Readers Award, and entered the ABA Indies Introduc and Indie Next List in 2020.

blood orange Written by Harriet Tice is an obsessive domestic thriller that has kept many readers compulsively trapped in its pages. A dark and captivating novel about domestic violence, a lack of devotion to marriage, and about internal drives, but also about a loss of self-esteem. A sneak peek by Harriet Tice, a book that has been published in more than 25 countries.

Anyone can have a happy relationship Written by Stephanie Stahl – A helpful and intuitive new book by psychotherapist Stephanie Stahl, author of The Book Phenomenon, Healing the inner child. The therapist teaches us that the formula for a healthy relationship is the harmony between the connection with the other and personal independence. A balance that often proves fragile, but the author of this new bestselling book shows us, through a clear style and practical approach, how to learn it, but also how to let go of dysfunctional behavioral patterns, if we want a happy relationship with another.

By the way, nothing By Woody Allen, a brilliant and brilliantly funny autobiography written by one of the most famous filmmakers and artists of our time. A torrent of jokes, lines, and stories makes this unparalleled self-portrait a bold book of sincerity, familiarity, and dynamics. With his unique style of storytelling, Allen remembers his attempts to enter the radio and television entertainment industry, about his film career, as well as about his relationships and marriages, about his mistakes and successes, and about his passion for jazz and sports.

This is how evil begins by Javier Marias. A new novel published by Editora Lira, by one of the most prolific contemporary Spanish writers, Javier Marías – writer translated into 46 languages, with over 8 million books sold worldwide. Considered a great work by critics, This is how evil begins It is a hypnotic and discursive story filled with sexual tension, political struggles and philosophical reflections.

summer stories By Mieko Kawakami is a radical and intimate portrait of the condition of women in contemporary Japan and beyond, a novel that questions femininity and the female body, as well as family, connections, transgressions, expectations, and betrayals that come with it. . Mieko Kawakami, who has a young and modern voice, has received many of Japan’s most prestigious literary awards, including the Akutagawa Prize, the Tanizaki Prize, and the Murasaki Shikibu Prize.

Living with the gods By Neil MacGregor – A wonderful, spiritual, and complex book that deals with the self-evident aspect of the human condition, that is, there is no community in the world whose members do not share a common faith, ideology, or religion. Core beliefs and convictions are the bond of any society, and the advantage of this extraordinary book is to make us understand that the way we live with our gods depends on how we choose to live with our fellow men.

people in trees Written by Hania Yanagihara, the first novel by the famous American writer and author of the novel small life, is a fascinating anthropological adventure, an ecological example and a rigorous analysis of moral relativism. Hania Yanagihara’s surprising novel, on morality, on Western arrogance in relation to indigenous peoples, a book that astounds with its defiant stance of not providing reparations and solutions.

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