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The “Open Streets” event proposes a new weekend with pedestrian routes, art, sports and educational activities between July 23 and 24, on Calea Victoriei Street and Alexandru Constantinescu Street in Sector 1. This weekend, Kiseleff Road will no longer become a pedestrian route.

Open Streets – Bucharest, Urban Promenade takes place between April and October 2022 and offers residents a (re)friendship with the city in which they live through pedestrian weekends in several central districts and sectors. Thus, “open streets” create temporary pedestrian routes on certain weekends of the summer season and create for the citizens of Bucharest and tourists of the city islands a temporary weekend relaxation in the crowded public places of the city. Also, on the event’s pedestrian routes, “Open Streets” offers Bucharest residents different ways to spend their free time in the city with the participation of cultural institutions, artists and independent companies from Bucharest.

The project is organized by Capital City Hall through the Directorate of Culture, Education and Tourism with ARCUB – Culture Center of Bucharest Municipality, KRIART – Center for Creativity, Arts and Traditions of Bucharest Municipality, PROEDUS – Center for Educational and Sports Projects of Bucharest Municipality – as per regional operators.

Pedestrian areas / open streets 23-24 July 2022 between 09:00 and 22:00:

• Calea Victoriei between Piaţa Victoriei and Independence Splai;
• Alexandro Constantinescu Street between Biao Domini and Capitan Nicolae Drosso Street.

City Events “Bucharest RE: imagined” / Open Streets July 23-24, 2022

The ‘Open Streets’ Weekend Art Program includes the premiere of two city projects that were thought of by people from the creative community in Bucharest and funded by ARCUB under the ‘Bucharest RE: imaginat’ scholarship program.

The events starting on the weekend of July 23-24 are “Bukureşti Tram” – a series of urban poetic journeys with old trams and “In Balance/(Unbalanced)” that creates new social spaces by placing temporary street furniture.

The first trip is scheduled to start with “Bucureşti Tram” on Saturday, July 23 and includes stories and history about the city backed by historical evidence, poetry reading and musical moments thought up by the founding “Arta nu muşca”. Although the project will take place between July 23 and August 20, all five rides with the “Bukurești Tram” are completely sold out.

On Saturday 23 July and Sunday 24 July, the Open Streets audience will interact for the first time with the “balanced / (unbalanced)” street furniture located on the sidewalk next to the Radisson, between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm. From rocking chairs to chaise longues or high chairs, objects are designed in such a way as to create temporary bonds between attendees, regardless of age or proximity. “In Bucharest, there are a few outdoor relaxation areas, places where a diverse audience, of different ages, can meet and get to know each other, where they can share the pleasure of a common experience, outside of parks or amphitheatres,” says Daniela Pălimariu, author of the concept “Balance” / (unbalanced”), one of the winning ideas in the “Bucharest Re: Images” brainstorming.

The next weekends on which the phrase “balanced / (unbalanced)” will be on the “open streets” are July 30-31, August 13-14, September 3-4, September 10-11, September 17-18, when Put Furniture Street instead on the pedestrian routes of Calea Victoriei, respectively Kiseleff Park.

useful information

During the period from July 23 to 24, 2022, during the period of established restrictions, it will be allowed to cross on Kalia Victory Street, Sevastopol Street, George Mano Street, Dacia Street, George Enescu Street, Otterby Vody Street, Ion Campinino, Regina Elisabetta Street, a broad tree-lined avenue. Bucharest Transport Company’s traffic will be diverted, without affecting passengers. Alternate transportation methods are available at:

Residents will be allowed access to their homes, as well as to economic units in the area according to the signs temporarily installed during the restrictions on the following streets: Frumoasă Street between Sevastopol Street and Calea Victoriei Street, Gina Patrichi Street between Lascăr Catargiu Street and Calea Victoriei Street, Griviţei Street between Constantin Budişteanu and Calea Victoriei, noting that the car access for residents will be redirected to the alley in front of the tirbei palace, and then to Banului Street.

Starting from the weekend of July 2 to 3, 2022, on weekends when the Open Streets event takes place, traffic resumes on Calea Victoriei and Kiseleff through night through morning (Saturday to Sunday), starting at 10 pm. : 00 until 09:00.

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