“We have a bucket of water on the rivers and we want everyone to use it!” (Minister of Agriculture)

“When you have no water, when there is no water in the Danube and there is no water on the rivers … We now have a bucket of water on the rivers and we want everyone to use it. We cannot do that, nature has placed us in a restricted space in which, which is clearly We will manage it.

We come out of this difficult situation and the man of light tells you what task he has at this time and I am sure we will overcome these moments because I have the arguments of facts on the ground.

Farmers do not stop their activity, we give them access to European funds for their financial comfort, and here I am thinking of the national strategic plan because until today we have discussed where we created, besides one billion € 500 million, which is from the state budget, another € 500 million for the year 2023-2027, but that will not happen tomorrow.”

What is the rate of the agricultural surface in Romania affected by biological drought?

Pediatric aridity is present in all soil types in Romania, but the effects and impacts on plants are different.

But if we refer to the areas …

For example, the worst situation is in the eastern and northern part of the country, in the south of Moldova, and I consider that in turn, with the provinces of Brăila, a part of Brăila on the surface that cannot be irrigated. Galati, Francia, Vasluyol, Yash, Botuchani, Nemet, Bacau, Buzau.

If we compare this degree of damage, then the most affected crops are located in the provinces of Francia, Buzau and Galatea. In the northern part, the surface is also affected, and here in particular, creeping crops, corn and sunflower crops.

In the western part of the country, we were able to see ten districts at the site, starting with Sibiu, Alba, Cluj, Silaj, Satu Mare, Bihor, Arad, Timich and Karai Severin. Things are different here, from plot to plot, and from crop to crop. They are natural crops and promising productions, although outside the irrigated ocean, because they are irrigation systems in only small areas, in systems with limited new equipment. We do not have in the systems in the south of the country, but here also we have damages of varying degrees.

Will you announce a misfortune?

No, we are now doing what the law tells us, and we notice a disaster in itself. We see different positions right away. That is, we see good areas in terms of vegetation and areas that have disappeared. This is why we treat it differently on a package-by-package basis.

We are taking necessary action. We calculate the relevant losses, and place the files in such a way that farmers have these rejected documents, in the circumstances in which they have appealed to sources of financing from business partners. Or to clearly benefit from the support, because it is known that during this period, field verification is carried out and verification reports must be made that support and prove their right to receive support.

We’re talking about irrigation, but those who were in “land improvements” from ’89 until today only saw Stolen...

No, no, no, land improvements, unfortunately, we did not pay due attention. We say that we are both witnesses now, but at the same time we are also the ones who left by chance what Romania did …. You know very well what happened after 1989, these canals were destined to be plundered. However, the stations were destroyed. There were periods when we started implementing the rehabilitation program for this irrigation system. Unfortunately, we don’t do the right thing every year.

We are now seeing food prices rise day by day. Are we going to spend a lot of money on food?

First of all, we have something to eat, even in these difficult circumstances, there is no doubt that we will not have anything to eat. We have harvested more than 75% of the wheat area in Romania. It’s not fair to only announce production when it goes through, whether that’s as the last car in the balance, even though we have locked-down production and a guaranteed key.

Are you forbidding the export of grain here?

Such a question for me has only one answer: I am not blocking anything, because it is not about blocking here. I analyze and analyze all of us every day and inform the state leadership of the measures we have taken and are still taking.

We have a very clear goal of harvesting the whole area, preparing the land for planting autumn crops, so that a good agricultural year begins in very difficult conditions.

Romania needs food. The farmers are free to capitalize their production in such a way that they can recover the expenses incurred in very difficult circumstances, so that they can proceed with the sequence of works for the following agricultural year.

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