A few shortlisted candidates have been registered for this year’s admissions competition, organized by the Gregor T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Iasi!

On Sunday, July 24, 2,207 young people who registered for the admission competition, organized by the “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) in Iasi, will take the July 2022 session, the 3-hour network test. The distribution of candidates has already been published in 46 halls and amphitheaters, both of the UMF Iași, as well as in the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iași and the “Ion Ionescu de la Brad” University of Life Sciences in Iai. . From year to year, the number of candidates is decreasing

Today, July 23, between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM, candidates have the opportunity to select the rooms they are allotted. Candidates must follow a number of rules on the day of the competition.

Less competition in the entrance examination organized by the UMF

If a few years ago the competition for admission to the “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Iaşi was a real challenge for thousands of young people who for any reason wanted to be admitted to one of the available study programs, now, the number of those registered for the test has decreased dramatically, and the competition is less. Depending on the study programme, the subjects of the competition are as follows: for study programs “Medicine and Dentistry” – grade 11, human anatomy and physiology, organic or physical chemistry, for study program “Pharmacy” – grade 11, human anatomy and physiology, for study program “Pharmacy” – organic chemistry and plant biology or biology . Furthermore, for the study programs “General Medical Assistance”, “Dental Technology”, “Nutrition and Dietetics”, “Preventive Dental Assistance”, “Medical Cosmetics and Cosmetic Product Technology” – at your choice, between Class XI biology or organic chemistry , and for the study program “Neophysical Therapy and Healing”, the same. For the “Bioengineering” study program, candidates had a choice between 11th grade mathematics or biology.

The weight of the subjects at first glance by specialty is as follows: “Medicine” – 50%, “Dentistry” – 50%, “General Nursing” – 30%, “Nutrition and Diet” – 30%, “Assistance in prevention” From dentistry – 10%, the specialty “Dental technology” – 10%, the specialty “Pharmacy” – 10%, the specialty “Medical cosmetics and technology of cosmetic products” – 10%, the specialty “Bioengineering” – 50% and the specialty “Neotherapy” Physical and recovery” – 10%.

What are the rules to follow

Candidates may enter the competition hall until 09:30. Upon entering the competition hall, candidates will present themselves to the president of the hall, carrying with them the identification document they have submitted online, upon registration, ID card / passport or passport, a document that must be within its validity period, and those who do not have such a valid document will not They are accepted into the contest hall, contest identity card, birth and marriage certificate, or for married candidates or a document evidencing a name change for other reasons. Candidates who were not in the hall are no longer allowed when parcels containing question books are not sealed in the hall.

During the competition, candidates are not permitted to obtain written items of any kind, other than those provided by the Organizers, white or written papers, pamphlets of any kind, mobile phones or any other type of communication equipment, wrist watches, or pagers , or bags, educational materials of any kind, etc. Candidates who enter the hall with such things, as well as documentary materials, have the duty to store them in a special place, determined by the presiding officer of the hall, before bringing notebooks with questions, since they will not have access to them until the end of the competition. The candidate’s thesis (completed grid) will be corrected according to the “10 grid”, which is brought into the room, in a sealed envelope, at the end of the competition.

The grids are corrected electronically, by scanning, in the competition room, in the presence of the author and two other candidates, as witnesses, from the respective room.

If, after appeals, the “Ten Grid” is found to have one (or more) questions with incorrect answer, submitted by the Professional Committee, all candidates from the respective college/specialty, regardless of whether they are contenders or not, give the appropriate score to the question in question. .

A supporter of the written test should carefully check the identification data (name, first name of the father, first name and registration number/brand number assigned upon registration) in the special space provided for this purpose in the personal network test. The inconsistency of this data requires the candidate to request an impersonal network test that he fills in capital letters, at his own risk, in the private space provided for this purpose, using the black mark received.

Network test answers will only be completed with a black pen/pencil. Candidates use the blue pen only on drafts.

This year, in “Medicine” there are only 1,166 completed files (competition 3.59 / budgeted place), in “General Medical Assistance” – 275 (competition 3.93/ budgeted place), in “Nutrition and Dietetics” – 46 (competition 3.29 / budgeted place), in “Dentistry” – 344 (competition 3.34 / budgeted place), in “Dental Technology” – 64 (competition 1.73/budgeted place), in “Pharmacy” – 31 (Competition 0.40 / budgeted place), in “Medical Cosmetics and Cosmetic Technology” – 38 (Competition 1.52 / budgeted place), in “Bioengineering” – 119 (Competition 1.53 / budgeted place), and Movement Physiotherapy and Recovery – 121 (competition 1.53/place budgeted), and the lowest competition was for Dental Prevention Aid.

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