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People, ideas, feelings, useful words, music, art, joys, unforgettable encounters … This is how the cultural event that took place recently, on July 21, 2022, at the Wood Art Museum in Kampulung Moldovinsk, can be defined, in brief, in the museum garden, In which two volumes were released, in the presence of a large audience: “I will love you, Lord …!” , by Artemisia Ignătescu, and “Nu stau niči clipa!” For Mircea Rotaru Schemegner, of particular interest to the Camplungo community. It was a cultural celebration attended by dozens of book lovers, lovers of words, lovers of all that meant the indisputable dowry of a people generously imparted by writers such as Artemisia Ignătescu, journalist and historian of the era, and honorary unborn citizen of a municipality. Campulung Moldovinsk. Clearly, with so much tenderness, with so much love for her places of origin and for the people of Bukovina, the author “weaves words with substance” in indestructible volumes for almost a century. How can we not love and cherish this human treasure!

• “Two of the most important figures in the cultural life of Campanulunga”

The cultural event began with a word of welcome addressed to all participants “who want culture and beauty” by the director of the Museum of Wood Art, Bogdan Stamatin. The official salute was for the mayor of Câmpulung Moldovenesc, engineer Mihăiță Negură, who also spoke from the perspective of a great lover, but also the originator of culture (as a painter). The writer Artemisia Ignătescu, surrounded by her loved ones and many bouquets of flowers, gave a good start to the entire cultural event, from the perspective of nearly a century dedicated to society and living in culture. She welcomed the presence of the family from her hometown, Păltinoasa, from all the generous people who enriched her experience. Professor Dr. Lumenica Saran, Event Director, briefly introduced the two books, “Iubite-vom, Lord…”, by Artemisia Ignătescu, and “I don’t stay a moment!” , by Mircea Rotaru Schemegner, ‘Two of the Most Important Persons in the Cultural Life of Camplongo’, beginning with Mircea Rotaru’s statement: ‘Art is a wound that turns into light’. After that, there was a moment of silence for those who “passed the world”, but remained in the collective consciousness through the beauty of art: Mircea Rotaru, Georges Bodia, Konstantin Borboy, Drago Nesio, Vasily and Otilia Svargio, Filon Lucho, Simeon Todorian, Constantin Russo Bocovino , George Ongoriano, Angel Bubba, Ion Mafty, Dan Pallady, Aurora Sarbo.

• Artemisia Ignătescu, “a name as big as the sky”

Writer Elena Semyonovici, writer in Stavrofora, of Voronit Monastery, Honorary President of the Bukovinin Writers’ Association, presented “Inner and Spiritual Beauty of a Special Person, Artemisia Ignătescu”. We have been enriched by Professor Dr. Ion Phillipsiuk with his ‘live’ experiences about Mircea Rotaru, as a kind of ‘Umo-universal’, teacher, sculptor, painter, composer, filmmaker. Writer and librarian Luminița Ignea spoke of Artemisia Ignătescu as “a name as big as the sky”, “a mural of the contemporary Bukovina wall”, “a true song of man”. Living fresco of the Contemporary Bukovinian Commission, the work of Mrs. Artemisia Ignitscu – a name as big as the sky – is about heroes of that time who lived with benefit, whose name, face and work immortalized by the reader of the aura,” said Luminița Ignea, member of the Bukovina Writers Association. The priest Dr. Elie Makar, who prefaced Artemisia Ignatisco, revealed to us the spiritual side of the writer as “a model of spiritual motherhood.” and Christian brotherhood.” Priest Dr. Eli Makar said that the current volume is also “intended to be a tribute to love, gratitude and appreciation to those who have achieved beautiful things in the city at the foot of Raro, sentiments were expressed, why not, in our name, of campulungeni.”

• Mircea Rotaru, a great lover of creativity

The poet Sebastian (Seppi) Crăciun of Câmpulung Moldovenesc, who attended the event, said of Artemisia Ignătescu that “in the more than 90 years, 70 of her have stubbornly written in the media about the history of the city and Bukovina in general, and she does so because she is convinced that it will help the people, As in the centuries to come, to be proud of their place. He lived and made and wrote history and still thinks of posterity.” Marcella Tupperer, daughter of Mircea Rotaru, raised her father figure, as a great lover of creation. Verses from the poetry of Mircea Rotaru were recited. We offer you some lines from the poem “The Roman” by the poet Mircea Rotaru: “The Roman does not believe in one life / Lives two and three or more / He loves to sing, he loves to listen, / He loves the sea and the mountain spruce / He loves the violin and the song of the game / He loves the song of the great whistle / And the fairy tale with explanations written more / Just read in peace on the mud screen, / And the silence of the forest, and the field with roses, / They bathed in the sun in a thousand colors, / He says from his heart and in Roman: / This is my country and you to live. The audience appreciated its creators through eminent representatives: teacher and writer Alina Androhovići Luso, engineer Dr. Nicolae Marcel Flocia, President of Cenacl Literary Humorous “Tara de Suss” of Câmpulung Moldovenesc, Professor Engineer Dr. Ion Barbo, Stavrovora Dr. Gabriella Platon, President of the Voronet Monastery, The poet Gabriela Braha, Mihai Rotaru, the younger brother of the poet Mircea Rotaru, etc.

•musical party. confessions. Open the doors to culture

The choir “Academica”, led by maestro Irina Maria Nega, gave a divine concert at dusk, which delighted the audience. Priest, teacher and educator Mihai Potzat evoked “human life, like a century of culture – Artemisia Ignătescu”. In the end, writer Artemisia Ignătescu, “the man who wrote the history of the Câmpulungului circuit, for nearly a century”, admitted that his writing represented “my desire to thank the Creator for all that I have achieved in all 94 years of my life. The life that I have…” . The director of the Museum of Wood Art, Bogdan Stamatin, the event host, concluded the event by assuring attendees that “the cultural gates of the museum always remain open.”

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