ULBS will build a sports complex worth 81 million euros in the city of Zelimpur. A 5,000-seat gymnasium and several sports fields will be built here

A multi-purpose sports hall with 5,000 seats for sports competitions, a football field, two tennis courts, one for basketball, volleyball, handball and a 400-meter athletics track, is the investment that the University of Lucien Blaga will start with. From Sibiu, from government funds, in elimbăr.

The entire sports complex, which will cover an area of ​​more than 30 thousand square meters, will cost 407.8 million lei including VAT, about 81 million euros, and the construction will last 3 years, the investment was to be borne by the National Investment Corporation.

The university has confirmed the project, but sources from the foundation claim that a few more signatures are needed to start the construction tender. “When we get all the necessary signatures and approvals, we will organize a press conference where we will present the project in detail. Yes, the documents are nearing completion, but we cannot make a decision until we have all the documents to start the construction tender,” says those who approached the project in detail.

The complex extends over 15,000 square meters

The land on which this sports complex will be located in Schlumberger is located near the mall, and this investment has been talked about in recent years. And things got stuck so far because of the agreement of the Ministry of Defense, the institution that owns this land and wanted another space for military exercises, as compensation.

“The land on which this complex will be built is located on the outskirts of Selimber municipality and has a total area of ​​31,011 square metres. The built-up area of ​​the complex on the land is approximately 15,396.60 square metres, with a height system of S + P + 2E”, as stated in the documents for obtaining environmental approval .

“We want to create a multifunctional space with a capacity of 5016 seats. The main destination of the space will be educational activities, and as secondary destinations we will have sports, scientific and cultural activities. It is desirable to implement a project so that this space can also house conferences, exhibitions and exhibitions”, which is specified in the investment motives.

To make the investment, the necessary budget of 348,978,008.86 lei without VAT (about 70 million euros) to which VAT has been added is estimated at 58,825,686.36 lei, resulting in a total of 407,803,695.22 lei with tax Value Added.

The proposed implementation period for the investment was expected to last for 36 months, plus a 12-month business guarantee period.

Basketball, handball, football and volleyball

Inside the gymnasium, basketball, handball, football and volleyball can be played on the courts of sizes approved by the specialized federations, and other outdoor courts will be established near the hall.

It is a multi-purpose court with turf (football) 90 x 50m, two tennis courts 40 x 20m/court, a multi-purpose court for basketball and volleyball 35 x 20m, a handball court of 45 x 25m and a running track of 400ml.

7 athlete locker rooms, strength room and recovery area

Inside the multi-purpose hall, there will be 7 changing rooms for athletes with a capacity of about 25 people, with an area of ​​​​at least 50 square meters each, with their own sanitary facilities (at least 3 toilets, at least 6 showers and bathtubs).

Referees will have their own 7-person changing room with their own sanitary kits located separate from the athletes’ changing rooms. The sports observers and commissioners will have two 6-person locker rooms, the other for “artists of six”.

Here there is also a strength room of at least 70 square meters with adjacent spaces for storage, a physical recovery area, a sauna and a massage area, as well as an anti-doping room with the necessary equipment, a medical office and the first help room.

How are the stands divided?

VIP – approx. 186 seats

Sponsors / Administrators – approx. 60 seats

Media / Press – approx. 60 seats with designated facilities and located near the media center and conference hall;

Members – Administrators, Teams, Volunteers – approx. 480 seats

General – approx. 4230 seats.

All suites will have separate entrances for each category and specific areas will be isolated from each other.

There will be places designated for people with disabilities in the hall amphitheatres and in health groups according to the applicable rules.

Concerts, festivals and celebrity events

The project specifies that the multi-purpose hall will be able to host non-sports events.

Concerts, festivals and events with celebrities – can be organized in the space of the stadium – with the possibility of expansion also in the space of the training room; in this space, depending on the type of show, a stage can be placed with the necessary equipment, and spectators can stand around the stage or on additional seats placed on playing surface. Seminars, scientific and social events – depending on their character and the number of participants, it will be possible to organize them in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe stadium and indoor spaces – foyers and conference rooms ”, states the document.

The BT Arena in Cluj has 7,227 seats and costs 43.2 million lei

The BT Arena in Cluj-Napoca officially opened on October 27, 2014 and can accommodate 7,227 spectators for team matches in the arena, 9,700 for boxing matches and up to 10,000 spectators in the stands and standing for concerts.

On December 31, 2013, after several appeals and lawsuits, Cluj City Hall and CONA-A entered into a works contract worth 43293.764.9 lei (34914326.57 lei excluding VAT). Thus, in the end, CON-A and its two decade partners collected an amount close to the mayor’s initial financial estimate and significantly higher than their 2010 bid.

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