Another questionable demolition of a historic building in Velticine

Its events revolve around “Casa Moron”, on Mayor Street Iwan, about 140 years old, where he has been working as a medical dispensary for a long time. The building with a pleasant architectural appearance, though not at all elegant, had the flaw of confounding some of the plans of some local mayors, who had taken steps to try to demolish it for a long time. Although the building is in the process of being classified on demand as a historical monument and enjoys, for one year, the same historic monument system, the city hall has begun to demolish it. Just as in the case of the arbitrary demolition of the old hospital building in Fălticeni, Professor Ioan Iliescu, who has been struggling for years to save the city’s old buildings, went up on the roof of the infirmary on Monday and did not come down. Until the city council officially announced the suspension of the demolition order.

Another attempt to demolish a 100-year-old building in Fălticeni, like a previous scandal, was opposed by people from the local public administration in Flticeni on the one hand, and Professor Ioan Ilișescu on the other.

Well-known activity, especially in the field of culture, a well-known figure in the cultural milieu of the Voltes, not committed enough not to have any great contraindications to the local authorities – rather an indifferent attitude – Ioan Iliescu tries to save. As far as possible from the old buildings of the city.

They confuse some and will demolish them, but he believes that there are many who would like to make buildings like the Velticine. Of course, it is an exaggeration that reflects his state of mind and the desire to preserve as much as possible the links of the city with its historical past. On the other hand, the local administration is not shy about historical details regarding some of the buildings, and is working on demolishing them to make way for other new construction. He succeeded with a more than 100-year-old hospital ward. Despite the fact that Professor Ioan Iliescu was climbing walls in the winter in a perfect attempt to salvage more walls, at least part of the building’s walls.

This time, history was about to repeat itself with “Casa Moron”, on Rue Mayor Iwan, about 140 years old, where he worked as a medical dispensary for a long time. A nice architectural looking building, although it was not elegant at all and had a rather confusing flaw in some of the layouts of some of the schemes. Demolition has long been attempted and steps have been taken. On the other hand, Ioan Iliescu tried almost the same recipe, which did not pay off in the case of the old hospital building.

As in the case of that old building, which was demolished by the city council despite the protests and efforts of Ioan Iliescu, the infirmary was also demolished. At first it was the fence, then another day the ceiling, but when he saw that the walls also began to be destroyed, Professor Ioan Iliescu caused a real scandal. The first time he came on Friday, not necessarily to argue with the authorities, he did not convince those who were demolishing the building in vain.

In vain he submitted documents from the Directorate of Culture which showed that the said building would, temporarily, have the same system of historical monuments. Only a weekend prevented the builders from working. On Monday, with fresh troops, the builders went to demolish the building. But again on Monday and with fresher powers, Professor Ioan Iliescu dissented. He claims that he was beaten by some people sent by the company that entered into a contract with the city council to demolish the old dispensary in the municipality of Velticine. He was not intimidated and climbed up the building when he saw the bulldozer enter. And this time, even the mayor who came to the scene did not convince him to go down and allow the people of the company that the municipality contracted with to demolish the rest of the building.

It also relied on documents from the Directorate of Culture that any building in the stage of procedures for classification upon request as a historical monument enjoys, for a period of one year, the same system. And this time fate finally smiled at Professor Ioan Iliescu. He climbed into the infirmary building to prevent the bulldozer from being demolished, and did not get down until the city council officially announced the suspension of the demolition order. (Dan Prikop)

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