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It’s hard to stifle the echoes of the 2022 summer baccalaureate exam. That’s because we have a number of teenagers who got grades It’s amazing what he’s doing to us Let’s be proud of them. From exhibition Students of the tenth grade in the bac Today, we meet Daniela Merluccio, a graduate of the Technical College “Dimitri Gheka” from Community.

I admit that the 10th grade was not a primary objective in regards to the bac exam (an aspect that is not determined by the possible underestimation of one’s abilitiesţMe and knowledge, given the average level of the test, but can not be predicted by self-interpretation of the correctors. I wanted to reach my full potential to achieve a result that would reflect perseverance and responsibility, that would be satisfactory to me first and foremost, and then according to the expectations of my parents and the three teachers. (MsIn Professor of Romanian Language and Literature -Merluscă Sorina-, dProfessor of History -Schimbeschi Ionuț-, Professor of Geography, Iustina Unguraș-) who supported me constantly, including-Impressively for the current education system’s dedication to and respect for both the students and the subject being taught. In this sense, the goal was achieved, and the joy that I felt at the time of learning the results was intense, Overwhelming, complete, complete, lives with parents, friends and teachers.

During my high school years, I directed my development according to a personal belief that man has a limited psyche and whose main goal, throughout his entire existence, is to define and verify his own personality. Therefore, I can put my experience as a high school student under the sign of a constant search for forms of culture (literature, theater, science) that would reinforce the system of values ​​and moral principles I had already defined and that at the same time, would facilitate intellectual development, respectively emotional. Thus, at the Technical College of Dimitri Geka – Comnești, I experienced contrasting sensations, from the innocent euphoria caused by the appreciation of teachers, to the disappointment of the ideal student who does not always manage to reach the ideal, and to the uncertainty caused by the state of an epidemic.

I take it, sorryGiven the information gained and accumulated during these years, the essential aspect of the education process has been contact with people who understand and who have fully assumed the primary role of teachers in society, who have encouraged, supported andIt inspired the respectively homogeneous and diverse group to which I belong. Moreover, the variety of characters, visions, and tendencies I encountered and accepted from the position of the student, depending on the individual’s system of reference, helped me understand that every human or literary manifestation, every historical event or chemical reaction has a cause that symbolizes precisely the key to understanding the past and present as anticipatory aspects of the future.

Although the first obstacle (represented by Buckalaureat) You pass it with flying colors, and there are a series of tests planned, both for admission and for those who are “preparing” their lives. As for the professional future, I can say that I want to build a career. I aspire not to a job which offers me not only material advantages, but also spiritual advantages, for the daily drive to develop is certainly conditioned by the pleasure and interest which one shows in the activity involved in the job.. “

Daniela Myrlska

Given the quality of educational work from Comănești Technical College, Daniela Merlușcă’s 10th grade point average on the baccalaureate exam is not necessarily surprising, but the culmination of four years of high school efforts. Daniela has always distinguished herself by being able to focus on the proposed goal, overcoming any obstacle. She studied methodically, set herself high standards, and dreads when she doesn’t meet them, but ambition and courage have always been strong. She performed in the tenth grade in the exam through her own efforts, with the support of her parents and teachers who guided her to success and instilled in her life the healthy values ​​that she would follow in life. We are proud of her and know that vTo reach you will represent us successfully!

Our high school motto is: Labor Omnia Vincit Improbus!

Hard work wins everything!

Prof. Mihaela Verculici, Director of the Technical College “Dmitriy Jica” Comăneşti

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