ICCMER categorically refuses to organize a new edition of “Cenaclului Flacăra”

IICCMER categorically refuses to organize a new edition of “Cenaclului Flacăra” for the following reasons:

The purpose of Cenaclul Flacăra was the communist indoctrination of the younger generation and the support of Nicolae Ceausescu’s personality cult.

The aim of this ideological transformation was not the creation of culture, but the transformation of culture into propaganda;

Organizing a new edition is nothing but an act of contempt for the victims of the communist regime.

The Institute for the Investigation of the Crimes of Communism and the Memory of the Romanian Exile expresses its astonishment and displeasure at the announcement of the organization of a cultural event entitled “Cinnaculol Flacura” on the occasion of the birthday of the “Poet of the Court” Adrian. Boonescu. Organized by the propaganda structures of the communist regime, at the initiative of Adrian Păunescu, Cenaclul Flacăra’s goal was to indoctrinate the young generation, support the cult of Nicolae Ceausescu’s personality and offer a socialist alternative to the music and poetry of the free world.

“In Romania, which won its democracy through suffering and loss of human lives, the re-enactment of a cultural phenomenon with communist parity, 33 years after the revolution, is a great national disgrace and evidence of the victims’ lack of regard for the communist regime. We have a moral duty to the citizens of this country, of a generation Young people or those who knew the methods of communist propaganda, to present the facts as they actually happened and take responsibility for never being repeated.

As the President of IICCMER, I strongly request Mr. Andrei Păunescu to stop organizing this event, which, I repeat, is nothing more than a slap in the memory of the victims of the barbaric regime, but also a way to manipulate the youth. Jill “- announced Professor Ph.D. Daniel Chandro, President of IICCMER.

To invoke an act of communist propaganda, aimed at consolidating the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu, exclusively on the site of a cultural phenomenon, is an insult to those who suffered and died as a result of the repressive actions of the Ceausescu regime and represents an attempt to falsify the memory of Roman history. During that period, authentic cultural and artistic values ​​were used to give credence to the theses of national communist propaganda, as many of those who embodied them unwittingly participated in a real “imaging process” established by the regime, with the support of conscious intellectuals in a tireless struggle for the interest and interest of power.

Although in Cenaclului Flacăra it is not infrequent that real music is played and honest poetry is spoken, the aim of this ideological transformation was not the creation of culture, but the transformation of culture into propaganda. The task that the PCR assigned to the organizers of the Flacăra Theater was to transform the music and poetry of the youth of the time into the “poems” of Nicolae Ceauوتشيescu, and with this, apart from his poetic merits, Adrian Păunescu is among those who made support for the totalitarian regime a way of life and a profession of faith.

In the spirit of truth and on the basis of respect for the victims of the communist regime, the IICCMER calls for the cessation of any public manifestations aimed at presenting Ceaușescu-type propaganda as an authentic cultural approach, ignoring its devastating effects on the lives of the millions of Romanian citizens who have experienced cruelty.

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