Kristiansand, Women’s Handball Champions League Final! Surprise in Hell in Budapest

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The Norwegians from Kristiansand turned the tables and won the European Women’s Handball Champions League for the second consecutive season. They beat the Gyor favorites in the final class, scoring 33-31, straight in Budapest, ahead of a world record!

  • Metz won the mini-final against Esbjerg 32-26

Geyer had all the assets on her side in the semi-finals with Kristiansand. He obviously won the head-to-head match that was held in the group stage on Hungarian soil, and today he was behind him 15,400 spectators, which is a new record in attendance of handball among women’s clubs.

Kristiansand defended his title in the Champions League

Geyer started the final better, leading 10-7, turning point. It follows a streak of 6 consecutive goals scored by the Norwegians. Goldin, Mork, Jeribkova and Dibelic all had good hands in the attack.

Romania had a representative in the last chapter in Budapest. Crina Bentia, Gyor’s hub, scored three goals.

At 42 years old, Norwegian goalkeeper Catherine Lundy finally made the difference with the rallies. The 13 decisive interventions decisively contributed to winning the Cup! Immediately after the final whistle, she held Lund in the arms of her teammates.

6 prizesShe has Catherine Lundy in the Champions League

He was the top scorer in the final Jerapkova Market, from the Kristiansand camp. The Norwegians also scored: Knidlikova (5), Goldin (5), Dibelic (4), Mork (4), Nice (3), Chapchet (3), Tomori (2).

Geyer’s goals were scored by: Hansen (6), Blom (5), Lukas (4), Nze Minko (3), Bentia (3), Christiansen (3), Oftedal (3), Rio (2), Schatzel (2) ). ).

Neagu remains the Champions League top scorer

For CSM, this season’s Romania representative, who was eliminated in the “Quarters”, there is still the consolation called the Top Scorer Cup, which goes to Cristina Nygo, with 110 successes. Nora Mork was able to beat her, but she needed 7 goals in the final and scored only 4.

Next year, Rapid and, most likely, CSM will be together in the final competition – perhaps with better results. Until then, snakes are queen!

Final » Gyr – Kristiansand 31-33

Kristiansand won the Champions League!
minute. 57: Lunde has a new exceptional show, the eleventh of this finale. 29-32
minute. 55: Gullden converts a shot from 7 metres. 28-31
minute. 48: Pintea scores, Gullden responds immediately. 24-27

15400 spectatorsPresent in the final match between Geyer and Kristiansand. It’s a new record to help the handball match between clubs

minute. 45: Crina Pintea gets a 7-meter throw, which she also converted. 23-25
minute. 44: Ambrose Martin asks for a break after the goal scored by Anna Dibelic from the hub. 22-25

minute. 41: Gullden needs arm problems and requires doctors’ intervention. Mork is responsible for the 7-yard throw and makes no mistake. 20-23
minute. 36: Nora Mork takes advantage of a wrong pass from the Hungarians and scores a goal with a powerful throw. Lund makes wonders in the goal of the Norwegians! 17-21
The second half has begun!

minute. 30. Nora Mork scores in the first half 15-13 for Kristiansand!

minute. 2. 3: Kristiansand succeeds on three consecutive counterattacks and breaks up. 10-13
minute. 20: Goldin, a handball player from Kristiansand, sends a shot from 7 meters into the crossbar.

minute. 13: Crina Bentia scored her first goal in this final. 9-6

minute. 10: Oftedal discovers the gap in the center of the opponent’s defense and scores under the goalkeeper. 7-5
minute. 4: The pace is exciting, the right atmosphere! 2-2
Final started!

The final match is held at the “MVM Dome”, The multi-purpose hall costing 220 million euros. According to the bookmaker, Gyor is the most likely candidate with odds of 1.38. The two teams were also opponents in the group stage. The Hungarians won at home, 35-29, and lost in Norway, 29-30.

More than 15,000 fans are expected to participate in the final. It will be a new record for attending a women’s handball match between clubs. The hall can accommodate 20,000 people.

5 prizesShe has Geyer in the Women’s Handball Champions League: 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019

2 titlesHe had Kristiansand in the Champions League only last season

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