Romania, which was defeated without right of appeal by Norway in the Women’s World Handball Championship

The Romanian women’s handball team lost to Norway, without the right to appeal, 33-22 (17-11), Tuesday evening, in Castello, in its last match in the third group of the World Championship in Spain.

Romania retained the European champion title only in the first 15-20 minutes, after which the Scandinavians broke off the scoreboard and entered the first half by six goals, 17-11.

The gap widened after the break, reaching 11 goals (25-14, the first time), and this is the maximum and last difference, after the three colors approached eight goals (25-17).

The goals for the team coached by Adrian Vasili, Cristina Laszlo 6, Creina Benti 5, Nicoleta Denko 3, Lorena Ustas 3, Bianca Bazaglio 1, Andrea Rotaru 1, Bianca Harabaggio 1, Laura Moyes 1, Alina Eli 1.

Yulia Domanska saved 5 shots, and Daciana Hoso saved 3.

For the Scandinavians, Kari Bratst Dale scored 7, Veronica Christiansen 5, Stein Bridal Oftedal 5, Malin Onni (CSM Bucharest) 4, Nora Mork 4, Henny Rystad 2, Sana Solberg Isaacsen 2, Marin Ardal 1, Camila Herm 1, Marit Jacobsen 1, MOA Hogdahl 1.

Goalkeeper Catherine Lundy (41 years old) scored 19 saves with a 54% rate, and was named Man of the Match.

The match was moderated by Montenegro, Novica Mitrovic and Miljan Vezovic.

In the other group match, the Kazakh national team defeated Iran 31-25.

In the final ranking, Norway ranked first with 6 points, followed by Romania with 4 points, Kazakhstan with 2 points and Iran with zero points.

The first three to be placed enter the main groups, with points taken in live matches.

Romania, which will start the next stage with two points, will play in the second main group, which also includes Norway and Kazakhstan, from Group C, as well as the top three in Group D, the Netherlands, world champions, Sweden. , and Puerto Rico.

In Tuesday’s matches, the Netherlands and Sweden ended in a 31-31 (17-18) draw, and Puerto Rico beat Uzbekistan 30-24.

Netherlands ranked first with 5 points, followed by Sweden 5 points, Puerto Rico 2 points, Uzbekistan 0 points. Holland and Sweden start with three points each, and Puerto Rico without one.

On December 9, Romania will play the Netherlands, Norway will play Puerto Rico, and Sweden will host the match against Kazakhstan.

Romania is the only team present in all 25 editions of the World Championships (including this edition). In the previous edition, in 2019 (Japan), the tricolor took 12th place.

Romania has four world championship medals: one gold (1962), two silvers (1973 and 2005), and one bronze (2015).

Adrian Vasile: This could be the difference when you don’t stress the Norwegian team

And the coach of the women’s national handball team, Adrian Vasily, announced at the end of the match with Norway, that this could be the difference between the two teams if the opponents were not “stressed”.

“The difference can be when you don’t make the Norwegian team nervous by taking advantage of the good chances we have. We faced a very strong team and a great goalkeeper. We got into very good situations, but we have to be aware of what we played and what we missed. You have to stress. On the Norwegian team and more precisely we were going to stress them. I think we played it right today, we have to understand that when you make Norway suffer, and they are no longer that safe, you make them think about some questions”, said Vasily at the end of the match with Norway.

The technician was dissatisfied with the fact that Romania did not win, but stated that the development of the “tricolor” had many pluses.

“Unfortunately, today we failed to capitalize on the good effort we put in. There are a lot of good things in the play that we did in defence. We are obviously playing against a team with a lot of physical strength. I think we did a lot of good things today, but when we do not find joy The last attack, it is difficult not to influence you. There are many good things that can be taken from this match, and they need to be analyzed, and we must learn how to manage matches like this. It has many positives from my point of view. Obviously I am not happy that I lost, but for the match Many positives,” added the Romanian coach.

Editor: Liviu Cogan

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