“I didn’t sleep for 3 nights when I found out how much money I should take”

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Ovidiu Ioanițoaia, a true master of the Romanian press, revealed in the second edition of Podcast “Profu ‘de Sport”made by GSP editor-in-chief Cătlin Țepelin, was shocking news in 2003, when he won nearly $1 million selling ProSport owned at the time by Adrian Sârbu.

video. How Iwanechawaya finds out that he owes him $987,000: “I haven’t slept for three nights!”

– I understand that Păunescu will hire you without your knowledge in Flacăra. How did this happen?
– He said: “Sir, I have heard something about this Yuanyaoya. I read something about him, he’s a little boy. What if he messes with an American girl, that’s why we have to kill him? How old is the? 25! Call him here! And he hired me as a proofreader. After he helped me, I wrote some books, I became a person thanks to Păunescu. These are… Emmanuel Valerio, who hired me, Păunescu, who kept me in Flacăra for 15 years, and Adrian Sârbu, who changed my life with PRO TV, With the view, but also from a physical point of view. Because when we sold ProSport, we got almost a million dollars.

– Million dollars! In the theater process, when you have a famous coach or player in the studio, you ask them how much they earn. Now it’s your turn to say how much you earned from journalism during your prime.
I have asked Lucescu all his life about his salary and he has never answered me (Laugh)Even though he’s my best friend in sports. He never responded.

Back in the time Adrian Sârbu sold a ProSport…
– There’s a whole history there. In 97 I came from Sportul Romanian to ProSport again For our benefit, the Serb said, give us some shares that we didn’t pay for.

– She didn’t even know at that time what the procedures meant.
– I have no idea! On my honorary word that I neither lie nor play theatrical. When the problem of selling the newspaper arose, because he had some accounts to settle with Suric and needed money, Sarbo called me to his office. He treated me as few people have treated me in life. tell me: “Guys, I have to sell ProSport”. Now when did things go well? Trading was great. I say: “I’m sorry, what is this talk, how do I sell it?” He answers: “Oh, I have to sell it, I understand.” My face must be sad. He also said: What is the matter, mother? This is life, it is capitalism, it buys, it sells.”

– Commercial Business.
– yes. So I told him, “Sir, we have formed a team here…!”. The newspaper reached 100,000 copies, and everything was fine, I had 12 cars, and I was fine. ‘Leave it to me,’ he replied, ’cause you also get some money, don’t worry about it anymore. I tell him: “What money do I get?”

Image source: Sports Newspaper Archive

– I mean… you completely forgot about the actions he promised you.
– I didn’t know how it is with stocks.

– To go back a bit, when you left Sportul Romanian with the whole team to launch ProSport, Sârbu promised you, in addition to your monthly salary, a share of the stock.
– exactly.

– And when he sold on ProSport, five and a half years later, he remembered those actions.
– He told me I had to come and sign the sale. “Why do I sign? Do you not sign that you are the shepherd?” Then he told me that I have 19%. 19 percent? I did not know that. And I swear I’m not acting. The accountant comes and says: “Your stake is $987,000. It’s your money.”. “Here you are? How 987,000?” It was as if something had hit me in the head… my salary was 5,000. “Sir, are you serious?” I haven’t slept for about three nights.

– I was practically a millionaire.
– I bought a house, a car, I was donating money. I remember that I paid the down payment for the house, and the construction worker told me that 20% down payment was needed: “Sir, I will pay you all the money, what is the down payment?”. I left him a mask. I had money I had never dreamed of before!

— to put a little context, though, on what a million dollars means. I think somewhere around 2002-2003 I bought my first apartment, two comfortable rooms, in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Bucharest and paid $6000.
– Yes, in order to have a fairy tale with a sareb … Then another strange thing happened. The Serb came and said to me: “Well, you see, I can’t give you all the money. I’ll give you 150 thousand euros less, do the paperwork, and commit before the notary to give you 150 thousand euros within a year. Was he bothering you?”. I told him it was Mount Everest of money. “No sir, what is this, you have given me a lot… Don’t be upset, I don’t do any paperwork. Give it to me when you can. But I don’t mess with you. After you give me a million dollars, should I start making paper for 150 thousand dollar? “. He asked me if I was serious.

He didn’t expect you to be so understanding.
– yes. He called the future head of television, Duina Gradia, who was his right hand, and said to her: “Duyna, is this healthy? Hear him, he does not make any papers for 150 thousand fortune.” I said to him: “Give me when you have, and so you gave me a lot.” And indeed he gave me every month, for I do not know how much, until the last penny. And I did not do any paper!

video. Ovidiu Ioanițoaia, guest on “Profu’ de sport” (full podcast)

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