Of course, Dacia Miovyni evaded the maintenance dam this year! ..

The handball players of Dacia Miovni played, on Wednesday, from 17:00, the first summer match in the new formula, with a team from the Florillor League. Playing partner was HC Zalău, in a very friendly and emotional match, until the threads of the shirts broke, literally.

Professor George Tadeichi, at the training camp in Cheile Grădiștei with HC Zalău, called the Mioveni team, which had just finished a two-week period of physical training and had two training sessions with the ball.

Handball players from both teams took it seriously, which resulted in an active match, with many great stages, which ended in a draw.

Coach Goran Cortes announced that he was satisfied with the position of the team, which showed a great desire to play and work. In the following period, extensive work will be carried out on technical preparation and development of playing relations, so that, at the beginning of the championship, Dacia has a coherent and unified game concept.

In the end, I spoke with Professor George Tadechi, who very briefly assessed the experience of today’s game, noting that Dacia, for sure, will escape the feelings of bridging the maintenance in the Florillor League, because it has a more valuable squad than last year. “And because it is very likely that FRH will give up the Barge Championships,” he added, amused, “…

George Tadeshi’s statement:

Most of my players are Romanian, and 11 players are under 24 years old. I’m also 19, I finished middle school now and I’m 20. To make a team together in this situation, you need to be patient, have good nerves, feel them, help them climb, build up from a physical and technical point of view.

I’m kind of happy with their game today. After we leave here, we have a two-day break, followed by matches with Baia Marie, Slatina, TJ. Jiu and a team from Hungary (NKSE Elöre Bekescsaba), and then other friendly tournaments.

What do you think about the team that Dacia approaches to the new championship?

From a player value point of view, it’s 100% on par with what you had last year, and it’s only natural that an addition comes. All positions are well covered with 2-3 players each, except for the far right, but who can boast that he has everything he wants, except for the Bucharest teams?! And we have “holes”. We cover them tactically.

How do you see the impact of the new Minister of Sports Medal on handball?

It’s a fair measure for Romanian sport, even if it comes as a shock. This shock was delayed for 7 years, by pressure from clubs and pressure from some who only care about their mandate. It is very useful for those who control their hands and for the devotees to take foreign players …

That was the case and the time has come, in a poor country of the European Union, as we are, things should be settled from this point of view as well. We are not a country where the prices of players will exceed Germany, France, Hungary and the Nordic countries. How can we get triple contracts compared to what we offer there, in the most economically advanced countries?

For me, at least, it’s annoying. If a foreign player gets 8, 10, 12, 14, 18 thousand euros a month, we have situations now, I don’t know if it’s a lot, but it annoys me, when a Romanian player gets 3-4 thousand they say that Romanian players are expensive and for that The reason is they bring players from outside the country.

When you charge 18,000 euros in public money for a two- or four-hour work, what else do they sacrifice to go to a free meal, plus rent and utilities… That’s impossible!

How long do you think the effects of the minister’s order scale will appear in the results of the national teams?

In two or three years.. I congratulate vocalist Novak for his courage and hope he does not give up. But now I bet he doesn’t give up!

Does the scale somehow balance out the championship?

Yes, perhaps he balances the appetites of the “mercenaries” who come to take and leave, otherwise I’m not interested in anything else.

Plus, in November, for example, at the World Championships, four out of the six seven women in our tournament are likely to be on the field against Romania. We take them, prime them, keep them fuzzy and play against us, go places 10-12-13 and like now, 50 years later, we’re in the second value group with the guys.

It is the result of the actions of the former president, a greedy person, who wanted to pay himself very good salaries, from taxes. How can we have so many teams with 15 foreign players?! The secret is simple, pay the fat transfer fee to the union! Plus other fees…

If the max gauge came, these costly people would be the first to run.

Does the Romanian school pay enough attention to handball?


The education system for school sports can only be restarted with a new policy of the Ministry of Education, not the federation or the clubs.

We keep ordering additional physical education classes in schools, but we don’t even do what we have …

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