Black Dunn, kids have turned you into a toy porter! “King of the Masses”, a vacation on the Roman coast

In the middle of the summer season, Dan Negro is also vacationing with his family – his wife, Kodroza, and their two children, Bogdan and Dara. Photojournalists Click! They caught him in a super cute pose, while he was loaded with all kinds of beach toys.

Dan Negro, his children’s coach

Photo: CLICK!

After criticizing all the resorts he’s been through, the TV personality has found the perfect place to spend quality time with his family and recharge his batteries for the fall-winter season in Kanal D: Venus. The resort is located in Mangalia, between Saturn and Jupiter, and seems to be Dan’s favorite place.

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the left

Photo: click!

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He is a very important tourist, hard to please

In recent weeks, Negro has criticized on social networks all the irregularities he encountered elsewhere on the Romanian coast, but not only. “The train station in Ivory. It is a red symbol of neglect. For years, these people have been waiting for the train, the sun has hit them. No one could put a roof where you could hide from the sun.”Dan said in a video that was filmed on the spot.

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He also took over the resort of Băile Herculane: “When I have a way, I stop at Herculaneum. I really like this resort. Two empires of Herculaneum were built: the Romans and the Austro-Hungarians. It came to our hands, look, it’s dust! Access is forbidden. Everything is in ruins! And so it was for many years. She used to Roman aristocracy to come here. Emperor Franz Joseph said it was the most beautiful resort in Europe. Look what happened. It’s a feat destroying what the Roman and Austro-Hungarian empires built in two thousand years. We made it dust in a few years”.

“We played on the beach, relaxed and enjoyed our favorite songs in the evening”

Finally, Dan Negru has already found a resort he loves, Venus, the place where he feels good with his wife, but also with friends. And we were not a little surprised to see him in his arms with several inflatable toys, which he took to the beach for his children.

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“Behind the screen, I love to spend my free time with my family and children, for whom I fulfill all their desires. Last weekend I enjoyed a few sunny days spent at the Venus Resort, where I return with love when I want to spend a few quiet days with my loved ones, my wife and my children… We played on The beach, I have – I relaxed and in the evening my favorite songs were played to live music by the artists in the hotel I stayed in for a few days, a location with a very nice atmosphere.

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I can tell you that I’ve recharged my batteries this summer, for the fall-winter season on Channel D, where I won’t have one, but two general culture shows, that really show off the crowds. “The word game” and “Tu urmezi” are two general culture shows that have gained an audience on Kanal D. I also hope to prepare for Kanal D’s New Year’s Eve. Plus many other surprises that you will discover in time.”said Dan Negro, exclusively for Click!

Black Dunn loves the sea


Dan Negro posted a photo from his childhood, when he was at the seaside

Photo: personal archive

Dan Negro is deeply attached to the memories he has of his childhood vacations at sea. He posted a collage of two pictures of him on the coast: one as a kid, and the other now, recently.

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“The sea is after all about memories. That’s why I came to sea. For the memory! Of the hundreds of photos you take with your phone, nothing will remain. Digital trash! Collect the memories, they will stay. My dad took my first picture about 48 years ago. My dad is gone, But I remember his Smena camera and the care with which he chose each frame. The second photo was taken by my son Bogdan. The first photo is a memory. The second will become a memory. Because we will all become memories for others. Sometimes.”Dan Negro wrote next to this collage.

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