Video image – ULBS is building a huge sports complex in Zlimber

The project for the residents of Sibiu, University Square – Sports Complex of ULBS was presented by Dr. Rector Soren Radu during the press conference on July 29. Investment up to €705,16278.14 excluding VAT.

On the occasion of the press conference a. University President Soren RADU presented the investment project University Arena – Sports Complex of ULBS and the history of this initiative initiated by ULBS more than 10 years ago. In April 2020, by government decision, the land on which the University Square will be built was seized by ULBS from the Ministry of National Defense – AFT Sibiu. In September 2020, the project concept note was submitted to the National Investment Corporation, and in November 2020, the proposed project by ULBS was included in the CNI summary list.

Other important milestones of the project in question: signing of the SF design services contract with KAT Concept Design SRL of Constanta (October 2021); In February 2022, documents were submitted for specialist approvals; By July 2022, all the approvals required by law have been obtained from the competent authorities necessary to start the phase of preparing the technical project and implementing the works.

According to the feasibility study, the University Square – Sports Complex of ULBS will have a built-up area of ​​15,396.60 m² (over a total area of ​​31,011 m²), with an S + P + 2E elevation system. The complex is a multifunctional sports space with a capacity of 5016 seats, with the purpose of carrying out educational, sports, scientific, cultural activities, etc.

The structure designed for the sports complex covers both indoor and outdoor spaces, with multiple destinations, as follows:
A – interior spaces

Car parks with a capacity of 502 places, 31 of which are for people with disabilities
 Basement / semi-basement technical area (CT, post conversion, 4 warehouses ALA
for 600 people, intangible water reserve);
 1 amphitheater with a capacity of 125 seats;
 3 lecture halls with a capacity of 70 seats/room;
 6 seminar rooms with a capacity of 30 seats/room;
 6 laboratory rooms with a capacity of 30 seats/room;
 1 teacher’s room with 25 seats – 6 professor’s desks with 30 seats /
 gymnasium with dimensions of 45 x 30 m;
 Fitness room – bodybuilding area of ​​​​400 square meters;
 Gymnasium and combat sports hall of 300 square meters;
 400 square meters of table tennis / badminton hall;
 Training room to prepare the game (entire building
separate from the sports complex).

b – outdoor spaces

 Multifunctional field with grass (football) size 90 x 50 m;
– two tennis courts measuring 40 x 20 m / yard;
Multifunctional basketball and volleyball court 35 x 20 m;
 Handball court 45 x 25 m;
 400m athletics track;
 Parking will be provided outside: TV vans, ISU car area, gendarmerie cars, sports coaches.

We note that the playing areas are designed according to the standards approved by the specialized sports federations.

“University Arena – ULBS Sports Complex will complement the sports and educational infrastructure of Sibiu and will be a turning point in the partnership with the entire community. The University Square will become a facilitator for the development of sports and an alternative for Sibiu children, youth and students in promoting a healthy lifestyle. University Square is a brave project, which can become a reality , for the benefit of the community, with the participation and support of representatives of public institutions in the province. Sibiu County Council, Sibiu City Council, Selimber City Council and parliamentarians representing us can contribute to the implementation of this project. The partnership between the Academy of the Ground Forces “Nicolae Bălcescu” and the University of “Lucian Blaga” Sibiu has a model of institutional cooperation and I am glad that the results did not take long. I appreciate that the primary purpose of the strategic partnerships that bring together administrative authorities, educational institutions and politicians is to ensure the sustainable development of Sibiu, and the sports complex is part of this process”, said Professor Soren Radu, President ULBS University.

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