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very important. video. Anca Vassiliou is the winner of the 2022 Grand Prize for Philosophy, from the French Academy, for her entire work. Commenting here on his “Despre diafan”, Polirom / I love Ricky Gervais on Netflix, I recommend watching “After Life” and “Inventing Lying” / Tudor Banuș at MȚR. The man who sculpts in Fabulous. VITAL READ – Weekly. Intoxicating thoughts.

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The 2022 Anca Vasiliu Grand Prize for Philosophy, from the French Academy, for her entire work. Here we attach to “About Diavan”

Surprising information for Romania. Normal for France. The 2022 Anca Vasiliu Grand Prize for Philosophy, from the French Academy, for her entire work. WTF is Anca Vasiliu? Anka studied literature in Romania and “hid” as Andrei Bleu was at the Art Institute. It was a little crazy to practice philosophy in Romania at the time, which had only one philosophy: Communism on the run. Anka Vasilio philosophized something other than the imposed order, of course, also at the Academy’s Art Institute, because she escaped from the communist cage after the revolution, and went to Paris. He gives his qualifications, a doctorate, does serious studies. “Anka Vassiliou is the principal researcher and coordinator of works within a team of researchers and professors of ancient philosophy – Center Lyon Reuben de Richech-sur-la-Pence, affiliated to the Faculty of Philosophy at the Sorbonne (Paris IV). The Doctor of Philosophy is qualified to supervise a Ph.D. in the same field. Vasilio taught courses in the history of ancient philosophy at the University of Paris I, Pantheon-Sorbonne. (Agerpres) In a French scholar Diderot, Rousseau, Barthes, Bourdieu, Onfray, Foucault gave, here is Anca Vassiliou of her clever mind, bearing her cross alone from 1990 onwards. The well-known French unit at the highest level of speculation, work, colds, rents and worries of tomorrow. But Anca Vasiliu does not give up and in her mind wins the Grand Prix of the French Academy.

About the award:

Here is Anca Vasiliu speaking on Radio Guerrilla:

And now a couple of words about the book I love: About Transparent.

I discovered it by chance. This is not about healing: the baby is angelic, she has transparent skin, alas, what an innocent, transparent young woman! This means that Anca Vasiliu is infected not with everyday transparency, but with philosophical transparency. Now comes the hard part. Look what happened to the philosophers! Anyone watching. Every man has eyes to see, a mind to judge. Transparency is the journey of the gaze from man to the visible thing and back. Diavanos is the manifestation on this journey, say the philosophers quoted by Anca Vasilio. The code talks about the meaning of appearance: theories of perception, light and light. It is this transparent view that helps us to survive, to see reality, to approximate it, but also to determine the “distance” of what we see and assume. Transparent is the encounter between what we think we see for a moment in reality and reality in a continuous, transformed interpretation. Moment, illusion, and catch. Enjoy the book!

Netflix: Ricky Gervais, I review After Life and the Invention of Lying

I hunt Ricky. It’s my favourite. Some say he’s offensive especially in his comedies, also available on Netflix, those about humans and those about nature, humanity, and the supernatural. I think it’s not offensive. He is cruel to fools, what a trifle! What’s the difference Ricky talks about taboos in terms wholly “inappropriate” to moral hunters. Sex of all kinds, and the stupid ways some of us act. It puts them in the light and makes them funny. Is this offensive? No, it’s a funny comment, a funny comment. Maybe not all jokes are great, and it’s never a good idea to take your idol at all. You should know what humor is. What a comment humor, imagination that pleases the audience. And the audience should understand, laugh and think. Ricky knows what humor is. He knows how to feed those who listen to him. Mastering the daily grind – it really amazes him. This is what humanity and supernatural are talking about. But let’s see his movies too. Here Reiki is the soul, it’s the mind. Afterlife is what happens after the death of the most beloved earthlings. A man’s wife, lover, girlfriend dies. The man who breathed through it lived dies. This death holds his breath and makes him see how stupid the world around him is. The adventures and dialogues of this “suicide” are delicious. Especially, he doubled through his job meetings as a reporter for various facts. Here are some of the sequences from the movie where the character’s “heart” stopped beating.

He cares about the world around him: his wife, his girlfriend, his girlfriend, his breath, everything:

About God with the most faithful colleague:

“The Invention of Lying” uses a simple trick. He says it this way: In a cynical world, in a stupid world, see what happens. To tell a story, let’s explain it another way. The movie is about a thirst for saying things differently. Yes, even using lies. with measurement.

discover the lie

You can lie. It shows us the benefit of lying, specifically the illusion we give to others. The mother must die. Would you rather say or give feeling good:

The most beautiful girl in the world. masturbate. This is her sexual occupation. And here is a kind of meeting, kindness, illusion of a man – all this makes her look at life and non-mechanical:

Tudor Banuș Gallery in MțR: Ghosts and Fantasy

Tudor Banuș comes out of his world very well. And I love that.

It’s wonderful. Put an entire legend on paper. Under the guise of mythical creatures, Theodore Banu’s thoughts. All kinds of scary looking creatures that explain this life to us every day. Tudor Banuș is great, it puts on paper what’s left after a huge rumination of the daily, after Inferno. In the Museum of the Roman Peasant there is an exhibition of drawings, newspapers and illustrations for books, where you can see very well how the wonderful Tudor Banuș works.

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