10 teachers in Neamt. Andrea Kuzma graduated in computer science and is a 10th grade teacher

After the time when everyone was interested in students’ exams, absorptive capacity and baccalaureate, teachers followed, with nominal and final exams. In the news, with satisfaction deserving of something better, there are more teachers who fail to get passing grades, and the suggestion is that there are unprepared people in the whole system and that it is self-evident that any teacher gets a ten of any exam. What is not said in the news is that, in the Roman system, tenure of service was crucial to the teaching profession. It gives the surrogates the opportunity to work indefinitely and escape the nightmare of exams they take year after year. For this, two conditions are absolutely necessary: ​​the highest possible writing score, from a minimum of 7 and above, and that there are positions that can be filled. Both are difficult to achieve; The written test annoys many teachers, with broad and challenging topics that must be covered completely in 4 hours, and the jobs they can assign for an indefinite period are very few. In Neamt there were 66 such positions this year out of 1,242 out of 672 candidates. The status is valid throughout the country, there are also provinces without nominal posts.

Term of service has become a horror exam: the syllabus changes from year to year, the subjects are difficult in many subjects, and remember, most of the time there are no jobs to fill.

Candidates from Neamte made a good impression, with a pass rate of 51.7% placing the province in fifth place nationally, after Cluj, Bistrica Nosod, Bacau and Bucharest. Behind the written grades are, in some cases, years of learning and preparation, sleepless nights. Satisfaction of those who score 10 is even greater because the maximum mark is difficult to achieve, especially in some subjects. Three faculty members earned the maximum in writing: a teacher, a teacher, and a medical assistant. Three teachers with different specializations and different experiences.

One of the top three scores in the written test from this year’s candidacy examination was scored as Andrea Cosma, from Săclușești (Agapia). Starting in the fall, she will be a teacher at Eun Karenji High School in Homolesti – Targu Nyami and will have her first generation of schoolchildren. He has three years of teaching experience, which he has completed and is now able to complete his career, with a position for an indefinite period, in Humulesti, close to home.

The test itself was not easy, although Andrea was constantly prepared. “10 clean was a surpriseUh. It is a difficult test for teachers, in my view: literature, grammar, mathematics, methodologies, pedagogy. But I managed to write everything. Since I saw the threads I’ve been saying “Well, I know!”. My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to finish writing. 12 pages were given. Then I thought I might not have hit all the sub points. It was good and over 9, because I took the test to change my portability – for an indefinite period – to a job at Humulesti School. I qualified last year for continuity of position, which was up for competition for 4 years and now, by probation, I have it for an indefinite term. Somehow, I wasn’t under pressure to find a job.”

He had feelings in 2019, when he enrolled in education. When he started, he scored a 9.32 and barely found a job at Brusturi, and in 2020 he scored a 9.10 and got a Humulesti job. “In both years I got the second grade in the county. In the first year I chose the Brusturi. They were still in Păstrăveni, but it was far from home and in Agapia, but Culte’s consent was needed and was given to someone else. The following year isBad stops in Oglinzi, Petricani and Humulești – which I chose, because they are the closest. It turned out to be a good option, I found a uniform group here, the vast majority of us are young and I feel good here. I love going to school, our principal is a special person and I think it’s partly because we are such a tight-knit group. Last year I extended my contract and this year I was able to get the job permanently. Licensing is not an easy test, as well as the stress of not knowing where you’re going from the fall or whether you’re going. Especially for those who give year after year. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve gotten rid of the service, but I still can’t get rid of the exams. I joined masters program, finished first year, next year I will get my thesis, next year I will take second class exam“.

The institution also brings him the first generation of students. This start is significant and promises to be more than interesting for Andrea. “In Brusturi we had preparatory classes, and in Humulesti it was the third and fourth grades. I did as well as possible during the epidemic. Now, as of the fall, I will have my first generation and I want to be able to integrate them all. There are also Roma students in Humulești, I want to make them literate. The work is to make uninterested learners who have no family support, to make them willingly come to school. I had 5 gypsy children, and it was very difficult to work with 2 children, and they have a special status. I managed in 2 years From having them count and subtract numbers up to 20, they read the typeface, but they can only write by hand. If we also get parental support, so that they understand that they have a child with special needs and can also be under the care of a support teacher, things will be simpler. Or if The system was more straightforward and students who failed to write and count from first grade could be left to repeat. Because they go through big gaps, it is very difficult to recover later.” And changes to education, which are currently under public discussion, should also include the curriculum. If the syllabus is also going to adapt – for primary education I will make the subject a little looser. The current material is made for very good children. Middle-aged kids have to work hard, and the rest just can’t cope. Instead, I’d like to make sure that all students enter Grade 8 with a basic general culture, not just the 30-40% higher. There are very big differences between the good guys and the rest of the students. Or the intent to get good grades in sports – the idea is that the kids eventually do at least one hour of physical education. They are very rigid generations, agile with technology, that’s right, but they refuse to play sports. I see this in my kids too, even though they still go out to play, out by bike! “

Andreea Cosma was born in 1987 in Topolița, Grumăzești municipality. He attended secondary school in the municipality and then secondary school “Stefan cel Mare” in Târgu Naomi. She was immediately accepted into computer science at Iasi, receiving her license three years later, in 2012, after she got married and had her first child. She has two girls and a boy aged 4, 9 and 12, and her husband is a firefighter in Targu Naomi. “Even three years ago, I did sports intermittently. I had young children, my husband works 24 hours a day, and I could not find a solution for them. In 2014, I decided to go to Iasi pedagogy, I had a small child and I think I have Time to learn.I went to classes on the weekends and trained during the week in the second and third years.It wasn’t easy,I used to sleep the boy at 10pm and I knew he was asleep until about two,when I breastfed him.I had a few hours in Tonight to study, but it was stressful.When I got my license, in 2017, I was pregnant with my third child, I stayed home for a year, and in 2019 I had my first period. I wanted to be a teacher since I was young. I think it is important to teach children to write, read and count. It’s so cool, years from now, to meet former students, and say to yourself, “I taught this kid the alphabet!” And I love children! Even when they are naughty. Well-known and healthy is better than sickness and calm“.

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