Did you know that there are fitness equipments to develop muscles in the comfort of your own home? Here are those!

The harmonious growth of the body does not come as a result of diets, pills or surgical interventions, but rather the result of hours of intense physical training.

However, the lack of free time makes more and more people buy one or more fitness equipment to perform the exercises at home. In addition to accessibility and a high degree of comfort, exercises that are done regularly at home will bring you multiple benefits and help you develop or tighten the muscles of your body in the direction you want.

If you want to create a small sports area in one of the rooms of your house, you will have to choose the equipment according to the results you are looking for and the long-term goals that you impose. Thus, if you want to train with the aim of increasing muscle mass or highlighting specific muscle groups and improving your physical condition, in the following lines you will be able to discover two training styles and fitness machines that you can use in your home to enjoy the desired results.


This new style of fitness training has also gained momentum in our country, being a sports activity that includes intense training sessions that combine various techniques and methods used in many sports, offering special advantages. Many exercises of this method effectively use body weight, so you get an enviable athletic figure, with aesthetic and health benefits. Here are some of the types of fitness equipment you can use for crossfit training:

Push-up handles: When you need muscles with strength exercises, you don’t have to strain the wrists. Thus, simple and effective fitness equipment can protect your joints and ensure the correct posture of demanding muscle fibers in the best possible way;

Abdominal wheel: Using your body weight, this supplement allows you to require every area of ​​your abdomen for exceptional muscle development;

Multi trainer, pull up bar and elastic band: These products are widely used in crossfit, ensuring the variety of training sessions and muscle exercise that classic physical activities can require;

Jackets with weights, bells and medicine balls: In addition to your body weight, these weights that you will use for crossfit training will help you strengthen large muscle groups, such as those in the legs or back.

Squats, push-ups, or abs with a medicine ball will get you the most out of and give you variety, keeping the monotony of distance training at bay.

Increase in strength and muscle mass

The harmonious development of the body is on the list of goals of millions of people around the world, so weight training is a very popular option. The difference between bodybuilding and crossfit is one approach, due to the fact that these muscle mass growth workouts involve isolated training of muscle groups with appropriate weights for each part separately, using less body weight. Here are the fitness devices and equipment that you can use at home to increase muscle mass in the shortest possible time:

Multifunctional power bank: This type of bench is specifically designed to provide the user with exercises with weights that require large muscle groups in isolation, which helps a much faster development of each. Of course you will have to choose discs with different weight values ​​to be able to work out the chest (50-100kg) and the arms (10-50kg). Thanks to the presence of different sockets, handles and adjustment possibilities, the multifunctional bench will allow you to perform a very wide range of exercises;

Dumbbells and EZ bar: Dumbbells and weights are very useful not only in training the muscles of the arms (biceps, triceps), but also in exercises for the chest, shoulders or back muscles. Can be used in free training in conjunction with a straight or inclined bench, the positions you choose and the joints you engage in movement will determine the desired muscle group.

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