2021-Agârbiceanu Year (XXXI) I’m your brother Are you my brother…? A clear awareness of the national virtues? – Let’s get people used to the serious look of truth in their face! | culture

I’m your brother, you’re my brother…? A clear awareness of the national virtues? – Let’s get people used to the serious look of truth in their face!

Article “With the future in mind. Old problems in a new activity“, the author I. Agarbiceanu appeared in”Transylvania (Bulletin of Farming Techniques)Year 70, No. 2 (March-April 1939); we continue to procreate: “It is necessary above all that we come to all of us A clear awareness of the national virtues and our weaknesses. Our great qualities, often cast in the shadows, unable to manifest themselves due to the sad circumstances of the past, we do not adequately acknowledge and feel. Confidence in ourselves sometimes suffers from this lack of recognition of our worth. Hype “Astra“You will bring them more and more to the light. This superficial criticism applied in a time of political struggles must be replaced.” A real critical sense that can see the good and the bad in us. The frustration left behind by the election propaganda, when we put the orators in line with the weakest of nations, is about to dissipate. People start to judge with their heads. But it is necessary to educate the masses for idealism, faith, hope and love home cult– to see and draw attention to our flaws, to our weaknesses, – even some imperfections that cannot be cured. It is necessary to accustom people to the insight of the truth in the face. Only by honestly acknowledging our shortcomings will we be able to take defensive and corrective measures. The vital potential arising from better economic and sanitary organization of the village and from family morals will be greatly increased Through the cult of idealism in life By directing our work in accordance with the highest principles of permanent collective interests.

A man is his body, his soul and his integration into the national community. in activity”Astra“In the frameworks of social service and in its programmatic action, everywhere, this imperative of education must intensify along the path of tradition. Likewise, the activity which followed the cult of traditions in the past, through which our special patriotic spirit was preserved. Worship of ancestors, great works, Creations of the Folk Soul: song, dress, dance, customs in all circumstances of life: at feasts, at baptisms, at weddings, at funerals.A lot of treasures are endangered due to the progress of a misunderstood civilization. We will not believe in our future, No matter how healthy we are physically, mentally and financially well stable, If we do not preserve all our inherited spiritual riches and build from them, through them, other fortunes in the future. Because People It can’t be high anymore He can no longer be himself, if he takes off the spiritually inherited garment And puts another new one, borrowed. Other occupations, other customs, a different way of seeing the world and life than grandparents; Other spiritual food, which she borrowed from foreigners, ends up spoiling people’s soul, making him a bastard.astral“He was not and could not be against the growth of civilization in our villages. He has worked for more than seven decades on this plan, for this purpose. But she wants the culture and civilization of the Roman village to grow from the true roots of the national spirit, as it has been preserved and manifested in the spiritual values ​​of the traditions.” The cosmopolitan city cannot be placed in the village, to take its place and its soul.We want the life of the countryside, where eighty percent of our people live, to have all the facilities for a happy life, and thus also the means of civilization.But this should not drive away the traditions and the superior way of life, thinking and feeling of the people. .

Certainly, data that arise from superstition, from ignorance, from poor reasoning and discovery of truth, are not among the data to be preserved. Some of them are downright dangerous. But the capitals, those that keep the seal of the monarchy in the patriotic spirit, must be nurtured and must be imbued with the culture and civilization of our whole village.

Here are some lines in which we think it is necessary to develop the cultural activity of “Astra“, within the framework of social service, as well as in its independent cultural work.” Also in the magazineTransylvania(No. 1, January-February 1936) appeared “Material for Conferences, Meetings, etc.” suggestively titledThe unity of the soul (article for the general conference) “ by I. Agârbiceanu, with the slogan: “I am your brother, you are my brother in all of our heartsWe publish this material for the teachings he promotes: «1. We always hear about the unity of the soul. It is said that it is imperfect, that it is a great power, so that the people of this unit do not have, there is no way to secure their future.

It is said that nations with unity of spirit are like fortresses that no one can enter without the consent of those within. That only these peoples remain free, conquer riches, and advance in culture. We always read in the newspapers that this ruling law or measure would be against the spiritual unity of the Roman people. This in particular Injustice, lawlessness, theft and theft are detrimental to the unity of the soul. Well, there are enough people and a lot of newspapers who are always screaming We Romans do not yet have that sacred bond called the unity of the soul.

2. Let’s see how it goes. And let us first see what these two words mean that we meet so often in everyday speech and in the printed language. “lonlinesscome from the wordOne”, with which we begin to count. Anyone understands that when we say the number “one” it cannot be about several things or people, about many thoughts and feelings, but about only one.lonlinessAll this alone means. “spirit“, from the word”spirit“, Such as”physicallyIt comes from the word “bodyEveryone understands that When you have a headache, you have physical pain, and when you feel sorry for someone’s death, you have pain in the soul. With a new body and soul, all our actions will also be of two kinds: physical and spiritual. “soul unity‘, means, then, to have the same soul, to have one soul, and to have several souls. We can say of an entire people that it has unity of soul when all the people of the people have the same soul, according to the lyrics of the song:I’m your brother, you’re my brother / soul beats in both of them“.

3. Since political unity means that all Romanians today have the same political system, so they have the same country and the same base. Through the union after the Great War, we came to political unity. From several Roman countries, some of which were formerly under the control of another, we ended up making one. Through this political unity we have also reached national unitythat is, the Romanians of different regions, who formed a nation even before 1918, but split into five parts, – are now an undivided nation. But isn’t this the same thing we say: national unity or unity of spirit?

If we have the first, don’t we also have the second? It does not seem so. Because everyone knows that day We Romanians live in national unity, he gathered the whole nation into one country and with political unity, i.e. we have the same Roman rule, with the same laws for the whole nation. We all know this However, there are enough of those who say that we do not yet have the unity of the soulOr that we do not have it as much as we should have.” (will follow) Marius Halmagi

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