ATOR Banatul de Munte, with the support of Reșita City Hall, celebrated 6 years of activity. Share 100 guys

The Orthodox Youth Assembly of Banatul de Monts, Carray-Severin County, organized a memorial event, dedicated to the completion of six years of youth organization activity, in Karansepe Diocese.

At the event entitled “Volunteer Days in Banatul de Munte” attended by 70 young people from several regions in the province of Caraș-Severin, members of the association, who participated for three days in an intensive and productive program of activities.

The purpose of the event, which was organized with the support of Reșita City Hall, was to promote and learn about the municipality of Bârzava by young people, as well as their interaction with the local people and knowledge of the history of the city. At the same time, another objective was to strengthen the bonds that existed among the young people present, to bring them closer to Christ in a youthful and simple way, but also to encourage their involvement, development and consolidation in society.

Thus, the celebration of the volunteer youth began by performing the Holy Mass in Monium Church, a village considered “Bethlehem Athor”, 6 years ago the meeting was held to establish the organization. At the Monium Youth Center in the presence of 16 founding members.

Activities commemorating July 18, in addition to the Holy Mass, were also those whose main goal was the interaction of young people with the Reșita, firsthand. With the participation of 70 volunteers of the association, added 33 young people from the Republic of Moldova, present in the city through a distinguished project of Reșița City Hall, the actors organized a search for urban treasure, which assumes the achievement of a certain number of goals to be achieved, in Reșiţa, Objectives aimed at knowledge, but also at its promotion. The entire track, which lasted for three hours, ended at the Civic Center, where 100 young men, from Caraș-Severin and the Republic of Moldova, played the great Romanian hora, as a sign of the unity of all.

The day of July 18 ended with a shooting, staged “above the city”, on the coat of arms of the UCM Reșița, as volunteers waited for groups of young people who had the opportunity to interact with several municipal figures – Madalina Chiosa, Vice Mayor of Reșiţa, Christian Chioncel, Professor at the University Center “Babeș-Bolyai” in Reșita; Liubița Raicici, poet and man of culture; Cornelia Donriano, Director of Girls Media; Dan Liu, Director of the House of Culture of Bocoa and promoter of folk traditions and customs of Banatul de Monti, as well as Father Mihai Seocor, coordinator of the youth department of the diocese. Each of the attendees sent a short message to everyone, on various proposed topics that had the role of encouraging them in their growth, personal training, as well as involvement in society and the preservation of the values ​​and traditions inherited from the nation.

On July 19, a series of group activities for young amateurs was organized, followed by a spiritual conference, with the support of Father Archimandrite Cassian Ruishi, priest of the “Nastria Saint John the Baptist” monastery in Poiana Meruloi. The conference took place in the “Schimbarea la Față” cathedral, in Govandari, and its theme was “What kind of Christianity do we live in today?”. After Father Cassian’s short lecture on living Christianity nowadays and in other times, the guest answered many questions from the youth that interested their diverse curiosity about living a Christian life and finding a middle way.

At the end of July 19, all the young participants were in “St. Prophet Eli Tsvetianol”, where they took part in the vigil service, presided over by Father Lucien, Bishop of Karansepi, in honor of their spiritual protector. At the same time, the event concluded on July 20, with the participation of archaeologists in the Holy Hierarchical Liturgy, also in the monastery protected by the prophet Elijah.

At the same time, in the context of the anniversary events, on the occasion of the six-year anniversary of the activity of ATOR Banatul de Munte, a series of workshops was organized, under the name “Young Volunteers for Society”, on three different themes, aimed on the one hand at identifying trends and needs and problems in working with young people, but also thinking about some examples of best practice activities in working with them, the purpose of which will be to print a brochure with these examples of activities that can be implemented at the Caraș-Severin district level, as of this fall. The workshop was organized with the support of Karaj Severin County Council.

Testimonials from the participants

“ATOR Banatul de Munte taught me to love, cooperate and stay united and helped me get closer to God than I was. In these three days I learned as much as I might not in a month, and that only with God’s help and will.
I think this project was thought to the highest standards by amazing people. I am very happy that I became a volunteer. I wanted to become a volunteer the moment I saw, at our camp in Bucoa, that the volunteers were so involved and really wanted something from us, that everything would be fine. I realized that in this way I can get closer to God.

These three days meant a lot to me, even if they were tiring as well. I met so many people, in just 3 days, and realized that my place really was here, at ATOR BM. I have memories that I will definitely not forget, 3 days full of emotions, joys and experiences. I would especially like to thank the person who sent me the invitation, because it meant so much to me. I think I learned something from every volunteer and I hope in the future I can teach someone,” admits Angelo Abbe, from Bucoa.

“I am thankful to God that I was able to come to the ATOR BM days and that he gave me the opportunity to participate in activities with these young people. During these 3 days I felt amazing, I no longer feel tired because of the joy we feel every time we were with the other volunteers. I met new people and this It makes me so happy, but also the fact that I’ve seen new places and learned so many stories. Thank you for everything, it was an unforgettable experience, made so many beautiful memories!”, says Corina Bentelli, from Potock.

“These three days have taught me how easy it is to make friends, how much love God can give us, and how you can enjoy the smallest things. Although these days were tiring for some of us, I felt a strong happiness that I never had a chance to go through in the past. I’ve learned to trust myself more and be braver. I’ve met some of the nicest people and I’m so happy to be a part of ATOR BM,” says Mirjana Nicola, of Oravica.

“ATOR BM days…a combination of emotions and experiences, I lived it in only 3 days. I am glad I had the opportunity to participate in this unforgettable event. I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people, even people from outside the country. It was three days filled with Meaning, color and joy,” adds Cătălina Fiat, from Caransebeș.

“ATOR BM is not just ATOR BM. ATOR BM is the home of every soul involved. Every time I leave here, I know that when I come back, I find all that I have left and all that we will bring in the future. That is how we feel these days. I am glad I was able to reach , that I’ve met more wonderful people and that we wrote another page of memories together, in…our family!”, admits Ioana Kondro, of Glimbuka.

“This association is like my second home and I say it with all my heart. Every time I come here I feel like I made the best choice I could ever make. This is where I discovered myself and a part of me that I didn’t think existed. I am glad to be here and spent These days with these guys. I am glad I was able to make new friends, I always talk about them and will continue to talk from the bottom of my heart about ATOR BM,” says Dana Vian, from Oțelu Roșu.

“For me, it was three unforgettable days, I made friends that I will keep in my heart and soul as a kid. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this event, it was a beautiful experience and left me with many special memories and experiences that will never fade”, she concludes Diana Morgan, from Moreni.

The events dedicated to the celebration of the six-year anniversary of the representative youth organization of the Diocese of Banatul de Monti were organized with the blessing of His Holiness, Father Lucien, Bishop of Caransepi.



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