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“Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu” University Cahol University is a young university with a clear position on how to fulfill its role as a higher education institution. Since its establishment, it has established itself in the academic scene in Moldova as a relevant resource from an educational and scientific point of view, becoming a pole of excellence in the southern region. Founded 23 years ago, the university aims to prepare and provide localities in the south of the Republic of Moldova with highly qualified personnel. Three faculties operate within the university: the Faculty of Humanities and Education. College of Law and Public Administration and College of Economics, Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Despite its short history, Bogdan Petrichiko Hasdio University has scored very good results both in the field of scientific research and the involvement of faculty members in the organization and implementation of extra-curricular activities, programs and projects aimed at developing an educational field in the southern region of the Republic of Moldova.

The physical base of the university

The physical base of the university consists of: 2 study groups with 6 laboratories and 12 centers for scientific research, innovation and development, 10 multimedia rooms, the university library, the United Nations Documentation and Information Center, the European Union Documentation Center, a point of NATO documents, a free Wi-Fi zone and a lounge Sports and university dormitories. The centers offer advice regarding the provision of methodological and bibliographic resources, the promotion of European values ​​through the linguistic factor and others.

The BP Hasdeu State University Library in Cahul is an integral part of the education and research process that ensures access to information, creating training conditions through traditional document collections and electronic resources, but also provides spaces specifically designed for reading. Also, users of the library have free access to the Internet through the internal computer network, where they have the opportunity to consult databases and electronic journals purchased by the library.

The university offers scholarships, diplomas and references to various competitions

The university offers annually: Many Scholarships awarded By various institutions in the country and abroad, opportunities for academic mobility and participation in international scientific conferences. Many students are appreciated with diplomas and signs in various competitions, which indicates the intellectual potential of the university.

12 undergraduate study programs, 8 master’s programs, 18 accredited programs in various fields

The university currently has an accredited or accredited educational offer for: 12 undergraduate study programs (full-time and part-time) and 8 master’s programmes. At the same time, the university makes available to various public and private institutions in the south of the Republic of Moldova, 18 accredited programs in various fields, through the Center for Continuing Education.

University part of the various forms of International cooperation Such as: participation in research programs and projects at institutional, national and international level, including Tempus projects; Agreements between universities. For mobility programs for students, faculty, etc. At the same time, the Bogdan Petrichiko Hasdio University in Cahul is part of several projects funded by the European Union.

Possibility to graduate from two colleges at the same time

One of the biggest advantages you can get if you apply to study at USC is the possibility to go to two colleges at the same time, two degrees, because Transfrontier College, by creating a university extension, conducts its courses on a technical – local physical basis, funded Central from “Dunărea de Jos” University in Galati, and within “BP Hasdeu” State University in Cahul.

This partnership is a project that invites you to learn how to push boundaries in knowledge, research and collaboration. Together with a team of dynamic and creative teachers, in order to the house It becomes a place where you are welcomed with open arms, you will know that there is no distance that you cannot travel easily, as long as your soul reaches its destination immediately.

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For more details, you can reach University websiteor you can call the phone number: + (373-299) 2-24-81

Other contact details of “BPHașdeu” University in Cahul:

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*This article has been prepared within the project “Strengthening the Institutional Communication Capabilities of the State University “Bogdan Petricho Hasdeo” in Cahul, which is implemented with the support of the “Eu4Moldova: Startup City Cahul” project implemented by ATIC, with financial assistance from the European Union in partnership with Sweden. The content of this article is the sole opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the position of the funders.

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