Dirty Shirt, Luna Amara, Coma and Guano Apes will perform at the Astra Rock Festival

Astra Rock Festival It presents for the ASTRA Museum a (new) challenge to value the tangible heritage, but especially the intangible heritage present in the institution. The intention to create a new festival, a trademark of the ASTRA Museum, began in the context of the modernization of the theater on the lake in the open-air museum in Dumbrava Sibuloi.

We are talking about a new infrastructure that will become operational in the coming years and will create a new chapter in the development of the unique cultural offer, as a concept, in Romania. Back at ASTRA Rock, the festival will be the time traditional artisans and rock fans will come for the first time at the same venue. About 200 famous craftsmen come from all over Romania, with their products made in an ancient style, with specific tools and materials from their regions of origin. Also, the Astra Museum will become an interactive theater, where visitors will re-acquaint themselves with traditional craft workshops, while waiting for live performances by favorite artists from the festival.

Concerts will take place after 19:00on stage by the lake at the Open Air Museum in Dumbrava Sibuloi.

Târgul Creatorilor Populari – Living With Astra Rock Festival

The exhibition of famous creators has been organized in the Astra Museum since 1983. In recent years, we have noticed a decrease in the number of craftsmen, as well as the income that they collect. The context is favorable, the European Green Charter, the Sustainable Development Goals, the biodegradation stream that dictates a certain behaviour, the guarantee of the materials used but also the usefulness of the artisanal product can open and open up new opportunities for the sale of products. Our role, as specialists from the Astra Museum, will be to oversee the workshop and the craft product and to create a network of communication between the craftsman and the new class of audience. Practically speaking, the festival also addresses a new class of audience, introducing them to information at a grassroots level, through demonstrations to be carried out and curated by the craftsman, the museum expert, and the restaurateur’s team.

At the moment, the age of the craftsmen is very advanced and guarantees the future of the crafts that ultimately determine the identity values ​​but can also develop activities specific to cultural tourism, and rely on us, the cultural institutions that lack information about the cultural platforms and the method of communication and averaging these values. We are trying to contextualize last year’s fair, a space of values ​​and fulfillment, to educate the community about the importance of handicraft products, the development of local cultural products, the resulting direct economic impacts in the medium term and the role of education in culture. “, Cyprien Stefan, General Director of the Astra Museum, said:

Astra rock festival map

Exhibition participants will be arranged on the main visiting circuit, on the right-hand side of the museum, and workshops open to the public will be listed along the way. In this way, we highlight the beauty of the spiritual from another time, the style of families, crafts and professions, but also the contemporary interest of the products for both individuals, but also for the private sector (Horeca and companies). Thus we are developing a new cultural creative network dedicated to Romanian folk craftsmen.

Astra Rock Music Festival

Human resources are the most important, and ultimately the only resource we need for sustainable development. Crafts in Romania need the future, folk craftsmen need recognition and stability, and young people who want to develop and develop businesses in this field must be convinced that they will guarantee their future. The Astra Rock Festival will become a reboot of the cultural tourism product of guaranteed quality and authenticity. The event will bring together more than 300 traditional artists, musicians and craftsmen.

Cultural/educational performance of the Astra Rock Festival

The tour of the cultural performances of the festival will stop at the Rural Gallery, where a gastronomic marathon will be held with the support of the directors of Romanian museums. They will cook seasonal recipes, but they will also work to promote the institutions they represent and how they contribute to the diversification of the range of cultural services in their area. Participating museums are from Maramorio, Moldova, Montania, Krisana, Oltenia, Banat and Transylvania.

The marathon will take place between August 12-14, in the 10-15 time slot, until portions are exhausted.

The educational presentation will complement the program, in the clearing near the country fair, where educational workshops for all age groups will be organized. One of the highlights will be the presence of Komakiza Bezerita, which will establish a blacksmithing workshop like the top of a mountain (literally).

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