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Emergency Hospital of Alba Iulia County on the list of units that can be rehabilitated and modernized through PNRR: 25 projects to be selected for funding

The Ministry of Health announced that “by 2026, at least 25 new hospitals or hospital units will be built and equipped with funds from the National Program for Recovery and Resilience (PNRR).”

The list of 49 investment targets registered by the Ministry of Health in the mandate of the previous government and approved by the European Commission includes 3 categories

  • Newly established hospitals (new facilities). Examples: Regional Oncology Institute in Timisoara, Regional Emergency Hospital in Braشوفov;
    Existing hospitals (new buildings that completely take over the medical activities of some hospitals). Examples: Emergency Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases “Prof. Dr. CC Iliescu” Bucharest, Clinical Emergency Hospital Sibiu Province;
    Rehabilitation, expansion or establishment of wards / wards that are part of the already existing hospitals. Examples: Alba Iulia Emergency County Hospital – relocation and modernization of the oncology department, establishment of the Interventional Cardiology Department, “Prof. Alexandru Ubrigia” Bucharest – construction of a child psychiatric center.

From this list of 49 investment objectives, after applying the prioritization criteria approved by a government resolution, no less than 25 investment objectives will be selected. The list will be subject to the approval of a government decision, after which the financing procedures for each investment will begin.

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Emergency Hospital of Alba Iulia County – relocation and modernization of the oncology department and creation of the Department of Interventional Cardiology
Emergency Hospital of Alba Iulia County – construction and equipment of the Department of Infectious Diseases
Pitesti County Emergency Hospital – Radiotherapy Laboratory
Municipal Clinical Hospital “Dr. G. Curteanu” Oradea – Construction and equipment of infectious diseases and pulmonology departments
Emergency Hospital of the Province of Bistrita – Expansion of the hospital wing through the construction of a new building
Emergency Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases “Prof. Dr. CC Iliescu” Bucharest – Construction of new buildings
Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital “Filantropia” Bucharest – Expansion of the hospital
Clinical Psychiatric Hospital “Prof. Dr. Alexandru Obrigia” Bucharest – Construction of a Child Psychiatric Center
Clinical Hospital “Svanta Maria” Bucharest – Building of the Multi-Organ Transplant Center
Constanța Pulmonary Clinical Hospital – Construction of the Pulmonology Clinical Ward
Sibiu County Emergency Hospital – New Hospital
Timiشوارoara Municipal Emergency Hospital – Construction and equipping of a new maternity ward
“Louis Orcano” Children’s Emergency Hospital, Timisoara – Equipping the new hospital with medical equipment
Vaslui District Emergency Hospital – Construction of New Departments of Infectious Diseases, Psychiatry and Chronic Diseases
Fochani County Emergency Hospital, Francia – New Hospital
Regional Center for Cerebral Vascular and Neurosurgery, Cluj – New Hospital
Buftea Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital – Expansion and Equipment; Demolition of existing buildings
New muscle trauma suite, Bra .ov
New muscle trauma suite, Craiova
New post-traumatic surgery suite, Betsti
New multi-shock suite, Sibiu
Alba Iulia County Emergency Hospital – Construction and Equipping of the Chronic Psychiatric Ward
Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases and Pulmonology, Braشوفov – new set of buildings
Multi-Organ Transplant Center, Cluj – New Hospital
Timisoara Regional Oncology Institute – New Hospital
Municipal Clinic, Cardiology and Oncology, Constanta – new hospital (the investment is a specialist outpatient clinic and falls under another investment chapter)
Construction of obstetrics, gynecology, neonatology, pediatric surgery and pediatric departments Arad – new units
“Niculae Stăncioiu” Emergency Cardiovascular Institute Cluj-Napoca – New Department
Miercurea Seok District Emergency Hospital – Construction of a new building for the Departments of Pulmonology and Infectious Diseases
Regional Emergency Hospital Braشوفov – a new hospital
Bucharest University Emergency Hospital – Modernization, Construction and Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Prof. Dr. Agrippa Ionescu Hospital Balotești – Infrastructure Modernization
Emergency Hospital “Prof. Dr. Dimitri Gerota” Bucharest – New Hospital
Municipal Hospital “Dr. Theodor Andre”, Lugoj – New Hospital
Constanta Medical Wing – New Unit
Regional Institute of Cardiovascular Medicine, Miroslava – New Hospital
Emergency Hospital of Piatra Neamte Province – New Hospital
Zerlendi Tuberculosis Diagnostic and Treatment Center, Bucharest – New Hospital
Children’s Hospital “Dr. Victor Gumoyo”, Bucharest – New Center of Excellence in Pediatric Oncology
Monobloc Children’s Hospital, Cluj – New Hospital
Emergency Hospital of Targu-Mori District – New Hospital Unit
Arad County Emergency Hospital – Rehabilitation of Hospital Cardiovascular Services
Arad County Emergency Hospital – New Radiotherapy Department
Emergency District Hospital “St. Apostol Andrei”, Constanta – Extension of the Outpatient Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology
Ilfov Emergency Hospital, Ilfov – operating room, neurosurgery theaters and multifunctional general surgery theater
District Emergency Hospital, Giorgio – New Hospital, Phase I (Department of Oncology and Cardiology)
Emergency Medical Center, Volunteers – New Unit (The investment is a continuity center type and falls under another investment section)
Emergency Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases and Transplantation, Târgu Morey – New Unit
Bacau Municipal Hospital – construction and equipment of a new burn unit (at the moment, the hospital is abolished)

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