“The best role we can give an influencer in creative execution is to be who they are.”

In 2022, it is estimated that investments in influencer marketing actions, globally, will reach the $15 billion mark. Influencers have become a more realistic media channel than those classic “paid media channels,” as direct targeting of the communities that matters to the brand, which they make possible, becomes more natural. But if we want to be reliable, an influencer can’t just be a “show” of brands and products. The healthiest for both parties – the influencer and the brand – is the process of collaboration and co-creation, in line with the brand strategy.

About best practices related to relationship with influencers – how we choose them, how we can best use their talents and other things that are very important for marketers, we spoke with several top advertisers from Jam Session Agency, one of the most award-winning independent communication agencies from Romania, as well as with Some clients who have implemented such media campaigns for them.

Closeness and freedom

First of all, how do we choose our future influencers and brand ambassadors? In other words, “Why Jam Session + Influencers = Love? “.

Valentine Socioco-founder and chief creative officer of Jam Session: “Definitely not just for the public. The influencers we deal with have a personal brand that harmoniously overlaps with the values ​​and style of the partners we work with. On every project we aim for a creative collaborative relationship with them that leads to a true transfer of love and credibility to our brands. The most important thing is the creative idea, not the Influencer fame, although along the way we encourage everyone to express their personality, creativity and artistic intentions. And everyone wins: the brand gains love, the influencer, new opportunities for expression, and we gain the joy of the influencer project being talked about in extended communities.”

Besides choosing an influencer, which means respecting criteria such as affinity with the brand’s customer, implementing advertising campaigns with influencers can leave them with a relatively high degree of freedom.

“The implementation is a close collaboration with every artist we work with,” explain Andrea Ginoiu, creative partner. “It is very important to give them space for expression and improvisation in execution, the freedom to really put a part of themselves. We don’t start from the premise that we make a place with X or Y or Z, we start from the idea and only then think about how and who will best illustrate the concept. A role we can give the influencer in creative execution is to be themselves, and simply do what they do best.”

Influencers’ creative input can be important, as happened in the case of the “Dance That Expels Evil” spot, designed for ING.

“I have worked on the project with Emil Rengle since the idea stage,” Say Andrea Ginoyo. “We were planning to illustrate the renunciation of the evils of the last year by reinterpreting two dances from Roman folklore, the goat and the bear in a mixture of dances. Emil played his entire role in the execution: he did his own research on the two dances, he organized his rhythms and combined the movements so that a new dance appeared, his dance and ING, To ward off evil and bring good. He also brought his partner from this dance Anis. Then the rest – costumes, music and sets – were built around the performers and their dance. The idea is that we are never “creative versus artists”, but rather that we are “creatives distinguished by creativity”, when we do such Collaborative Technical Project.

The influencer “chooses” the brand, not the other way around

Obviously, for such cooperation to work, it is necessary that the client be on the same wavelength.

“We have taken it upon ourselves to give influencers a creative space, and have the freedom to bring the Tazz brand into their communities in an organic and natural way,” Say Razvan dialectsTazz Marketing Director. “We do this for a simple reason: we don’t treat content creators and their media channels like shelf space. Something like that doesn’t help the brand, nor the influencer, nor their community at all.”

An illustrative example of this type of approach, in which the influencer enjoys a relatively large margin of creative freedom, and room for maneuver that opens up new possibilities in client, agency, and influencer collaboration, is last year’s Tazz campaign, with the clip “When appetite dictates, Tazz delivers!” . Oftentimes, the influencer brings a fresh perspective, which takes the brand out of the territory of traditional expectations.

“With a creative concept rooted in pop culture, we have managed, as they say in football, to ‘an unforgettable execution’ through an original cinematic production, a kind of Glastonbury meets The Soprano which brought together artists from completely different and unexpected regions in a short gangster movie with an equally surprising cast.” Alexandra FestinoAnd the Jassala Jam Agency Partner Co-Director.

Sometimes the attributes that make up brand affinity are less important than Differences. To illustrate the Genius benefits, free eMAG subscription, and exclusive offers, the creators of the Jam Session Agency imagined a scenario with sisters Ana and Monica Odagiu.

“Two sisters, nearly identical but different, are perfect choices for a campaign we wanted to highlight The difference between having and not having Genius subscription. With the Odagiu sisters, we relied on humour, naturalness, similarities and above all their differences, and the result lived up to expectations: Genius’ difference clearly translated into execution.” explain Adina Passage Teodorescufirst author.

“Which came first, the role or the actor?”

The choice of an influencer can also be determined by the format, and not just by its features – personality, experience or affinity with the brand. What to do, for example, if the execution consists of a series of short documentaries, such as the show “Poftim Șiința!” , who produced for Carrefour?

“We immediately thought of Deiu Stanciu in the role of presenter/actor/assistant chef/any character that appears, as he is a versatile and multi-talented content creator, from viral memes on social platforms to acting, improvisation, directing and voice impressions,” Say Andrea Calarasochief creative planner. “He was important to be the host of this show, as we ask (controversial) questions about food, discover the scientific processes behind our favorite dishes and ways to eat healthy, represent the essence of Carrefour, bring excitement to the table and ensure consistency to the series. Deiu is like a mutant – transforms from A professional turns into a gangster or a grandmother in the blink of an eye. He is collaborative, engaged and open – evident both in the site and in the rest of the process. And we see the results: Carrefour customers especially appreciate the educational part of the show, but also the fact that they watch live, surprising and intelligent content, where we find ourselves We are all Cromanians and… foodies.”

“When it comes to artists, there is no exact recipe. Each project brings with it a new process that you have to discover as you go. And you have to constantly look for opportunities, and make the right connections. In the case of the Netflix project ‘The Last Bella Ciao’, to promote the final season of La Casa de Papel We saw an opportunity to bring together, on the main stage at UNTOLD, two great artists who already had a “relationship” with the song.Delia and Steve Aoki were both very exposed for their past interpretations of Bella Ciao, and they brought us with them Last tribute to this song. Their role was 100% of the creators involved in the activation. The moment was posted on the artists’ social media channels and exceeded 10 million views without pushing the media back. We said farewell to the series with a “fuss” 🙂Says Amalia JacobBusiness unit leader.

“Which came first, the role or the actor?” , He asks, jokingly, more seriously, Alexandra PoligescuJam Session Agency, Group Creative Director. “Sometimes, and . to Try ING for free I left a layout populate my page for you on TikTok. Ilona Brizuiano was “cast” in 9 roles with different characters and embodied the many barriers people face before changing their bank. We made the shape, the dough was talented.

to me Shop with ING, it was the other way around: I wrote the role for her – a know-it-all saleswoman who goes from scolding you for not knowing the benefits of ING to being too kind to the speed of light. You laugh when you see it, but remember that you can buy in 18 installments with the card.

It’s great to work with someone who doesn’t just jump off the page and bring your script to life (in your client presentation!), but also gives you ideas without making any sense to it.”

In short, Poligescu says, “We create content, fun and useful, and ultimately put everything online.

For us, it also means rethinking the idea of ​​collaborating with influencers. It was also an exercise in humility, if you will, because we accepted that a content creator could write and produce better original material than something filmed by the ditai production crew and influencers writhing in front of the camera. And it turns out, well, in some places that they exceeded expectations, because they gave everything, ideas, initiative, technical know-how, collaboration… The result is that talented influencers deserve to be left to “do their work”, as our friends at ING say.

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