Budget correction added 3 million lei to Arad CMC’s budget

The first amendment to the Arad municipality’s general budget for revenues and expenditures for 2022 brought with it a series of discussions in the local municipal council. The most consistent conference was held around the Arad Municipal Culture Center (CMCA).

The draft budget amendment decision already contained a series of changes within the CMCA’s budget. They are: * 60 thousand lei discount from the “Beer Festival” event. – adding 60,000 lei to the cultural activity “Culture and Administration in Ardian – the complex of cultural activities – artistic, religious, scientific, administrative and sports”; – 20,000 lei increase in “cultural activities and exchange of experiences with partner cities”. * Adding 100,000 lei to the cultural activity “performances, parties, outdoor activities and non-traditional spaces”. * Increase of 200,000 lei in the “Wine Festival”; – 150 thousand lei added to support denominations: the Pentecostal Church of Izvorul Vichy Arad (50 thousand lei) and the Serbian Orthodox Church of Arad Centro (100 thousand lei); * Amending the list of equipment by reducing the purchase price of 10 wooden crates by 19,000 lei and adding inventory items (display booths) by the same amount.


Alongside these provisions, the PNL and PSD groups drafted a joint amendment, which was read by Deputy Mayor Lazăr Faur:

“Given Address 3,435/26 July 2022 of Arad Municipal Culture Center, Transfers for Sports, Section II, Chapter 67.02 Culture, Leisure and Religion are being completed in the amount of 3,000 thousand lei. At the same time, the following budget sections have been reduced: Section 54.02 Public Services Other, Reserve Fund Expenditure Title, amounting to 393 thousand lei; Chapter 61.02 Public Order and National Security, Expenditure Title on Goods and Services, in the amount of 11 thousand lei, Non-financial Active Expenditure Title, Minibus Equipment Location in the General Directorate of Local Police, in the amount of 231 thousand lei ;70.02 Housing, Services and Public Development, Expenditure Title Non-financial Assets, Investment Objective, Financial Support for the Rehabilitation of Buildings in accordance with the Updated Law No. 153/2011, in the amount of 865 thousand lei; Chapter 74.02 Environmental Protection, Expenditure Item Goods and Services, in the amount of 1500 thousand lei from appropriations Budget allocated to contribute to the Environment Fund; Chapter 61.02 Public Order and National Safety, with 231,000 lei in commitment credits related to the equipment minibus center of the General Directorate of Local Police.”

verbal attack

Before the vote on the PNL-PSD amendment, Florin Stana (USSR) drew attention to:

“Recently, he complained in the public space about the refusal of the municipal cultural center to provide information on how the funds allocated through these projects are spent. I hope that is not the case. I will put a question in writing to the administration and hope that those from the municipal culture center understand that who receives public money It has an obligation and citizens have a right to know how this money is spent. I am convinced that there are bills and I am convinced that there are contracts and we have nothing to hide.”

The intervention of the Deputy Mayor Lazăr Faur:

“We don’t want to hide, I don’t think they did either. The director is here please explain to us…”

Daniela Pădurean Andreica grabbed the microphone, and offered the following explanations:

“Remind the councilman (Stana-nr) that we responded in the time frame to your requests, only when we were asked for the file belonging to a special legal structure that is not ours, we do not have the right to offer to publish the documents there. This is a violation of the law, and I do not incur a personal fine up to To several thousand li just because you want some information we can’t provide you. Everything about non-reimbursable financing is public on the CMCA website. Moreover, we provide an annual report in the Official Gazette. More publicly, we have no way to do all What it means to spend this money. Moreover, the project you referred to is still in progress, so it may be subject to change. At the last moment, when documents are brought to us for justification, we prepare a report – a document we produced, on which we can give you information But as far as the documentation we don’t produce, we have no way of doing that.”

Florin Stana insisted:

“What information can you give us about the three million lei we are voting on now?”

The Director of the Central Military Commission replied:

“You should know what happens to this money because you voted for the procedure whereby it is awarded in a competitive system.”

Florin Stana specified that it refers to spending and not the appropriation of these funds. Dana Boudorian-Andrica emphasized that “it’s too early to talk about spending now. There will be at least 60 days during which some legal transparency measures will be implemented, and then a competitive evaluation system …” Florin Stana stepped in again, but Mayor Colin Bebarch He interrupted him who transferred the controversy to … the future, indicating a written correspondence between the two parties.

Then, the mayor pointed out:

“All activities and especially the spending of public money are verified by the Audit Bureau. Last week, the audit of the Audit Bureau, City Hall and Municipal Cultural Center was completed, without any refutation, without any penalty, without any problem from any point of view. This is so that you can Sleep peacefully on what you vote for.”

consensus “for”

Upon voting, the amendment to allocate 3 million lei to the Municipal Culture Center was passed unanimously “in favor”. As mentioned in the entire draft resolution on amending the general budget for the revenues and expenditures of Arad Municipality for the year 2022.

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