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Children in placement centers need people like air to support, understand and give them confidence. There are more than 45,000 children and young people in Romania’s protection system. Almost 9,000 children enter the system every year, as a result of abandonment or the various tragedies that befall their families, and most of them suffer from psychological trauma that needs a lot of work and assistance to overcome.

Because of them, children placed in institutions no longer have the ability to monitor and realize their potential. At Neamţ, we are looking for 40 volunteers to work with children from placement centers in Piatra Nemi, Targu Nemi and Roman. It takes so much… but there is still so little to change the world of such a child. Over the course of 8 years, the Ajungem MARI educational program, implemented by the Lindenfeld Association, has made a noticeable and visible change in the lives of thousands of children in the protection system.

For 8 years, Ajungem MARI volunteers have been teaching children to be the best version of themselves, preparing them for independent lives when they leave the protective system, doing homework, meditating with them, going on trips and camps with them and having a good day. in a day. Furthermore, the Ajungem MARI educational program received a recommendation from the Ministry of Labor in 2016 to be implemented to support as many vulnerable children as possible in the country.

“Ajungem MARI is a place where I have met different people – wonderful people, who give without ever asking themselves ‘what do I gain from this’, because the gain is clearly the satisfaction of the soul by doing good. It is where I grew up as a person through the experiences I had.”

It is where I learned a lot of new things. And last but not least, it’s where I saw a world different from our ivory tower for home and work, a world that makes you feel lucky and grateful for what you have and what you can give. The children and volunteers I met here changed my life,” says Claudia Mavti, Ajungim Mari volunteer

Two hours a week, a chance for a better future for institutionalized children

More than 9,000 volunteers of the organization have reached thousands of children in Bucharest and 24 other provinces of the country in these years. They meditated with them, took them to professional courses, to camps and day trips, to speech therapy or psychotherapy, and above all, were their moral and emotional support.

Now, Ajungem MARI is starting a new campaign to recruit volunteers who want to do good, thus changing the world in small steps. We are looking for people who give children in nurseries two hours a week of their time and a chance for a better future.

“Being a volunteer at Ajungem MARI is a huge responsibility, but also an extraordinary joy. You don’t need any special talent, not many colleges or to work with an open heart. But you will work with fragile hearts and big souls, so you need compassion and a desire to make a real impact. You hold this responsibility for 8 months a year.Being a volunteer Ajungem MARI also comes with benefits, including opportunities for personal development through training provided by our professionals – psychologists, coaches and career counselors.

There’s also the opportunity to make a real impact “in the office” – your good ideas don’t just stay in a presentation, and a chance to break out of your comfort zone, since meetings and interactions with children in foster care can be full of challenges. Our team is with the volunteers and gives them all the support they need during the volunteering unit,” said Vivianda Nikolai, Ajungem MARI Project Coordinator.

“We are pleased to be the Employment Partners of the Ajungem Mari Association and to encourage volunteering among all segments of candidates, especially young people at the beginning of their careers. The benefits are enormous for those who choose to become involved in the community. First and foremost, the support provided to children during the program, but also the sense of satisfaction and satisfaction Personal and developing new professional and life skills that will enrich volunteer CVs,” said Anna Vichian, Best Jobs Marketing Director, Recruitment Partner at We are going big on this campaign.

“Kids need someone to be there for them, to make them important. Kids call me a lot to tell me what they did at school or how their day went or just because they’re coughing. They need affection in order to build their self-confidence and to be able to grow exponentially,” As Iuliana Casian, Ajungem MARI volunteer says:

What you need to know if you want to become an Ajungem MARI volunteer

Any form of volunteering intended for children and young people in the protection system – foster care centers, day care centers, emergency centers, family apartments – lasts for 8 months, from November 15, 2022 to June 30, 2023. Children need stability in their lives and confidence that if they put Establish them in someone, that person will not suddenly disappear from his life.

We work for two hours a week with children, physically, but also online, if there is no possibility to go directly to the project beneficiaries, and those who wish to go through a selection and training process will initially go through it. There are no general culture tests, but there are stages designed to facilitate the selection of the right people, who understand the commitment they are prepared to make and are determined to be with the children for the long term.

Ajungem MARI volunteers are generally adults, students or high school students, ages 16 and up, with no age limit, communicative, engaged and willing to truly help children. The registration period is in August and September, after which the psychological test, interview and training begin directly. All details about registration, selection and preparation stages can be found at

Ajungem MARI is the only national program that supports the long-term education of institutionalized children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. There are more than 3,000 children supported by the organization’s volunteers in Bucharest and 24 districts of the country. You can read more information about the organization and the projects implemented at BestJobs is one of the most important online recruitment platforms in Romania.

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