Two cultural institutions in Iasi will be rehabilitated and modernized

The “Moldova State Philharmonic” and the “Luceafărul” Theater in Iai are great goals Which It hasn’t been updated in decades. The “Moldova” State Orchestra can be funded through the National Recovery and Resilience Programme. At the same time, the authorities are taking into account funding from the European Commission until the 2021-2027 fiscal year.

Wants Iasi Provincial Council, under which the two institutions are located to getComplexFunding from ADR Nord-EstsI agree that co-financing in this case will not be the same as PNRRAnd the by 50%ar is much less than 2%. We will present The project Renovation and restoration of the Philharmonic on another line of financing specifically to provide five million eurosAnd the Which could mean co-financing from our province.”Alex Costell, president of CJ Iași, said.

In the spring of this year, the Iasi District Council approved the submission of the project “Rehabilitation and modernization of buildings with cadastral numbers 161496 and 161497”, located on Koza Vodi Street No. 29, where the Moldovan Orchestra operates, is funded through PNRR, component 5 of the renewal wave. For the restoration and rehabilitation of the Philharmonic in Iasi, approximately 11 million euros will be needed. Currently, the memorial building is in an advanced state of deterioration, but the authorities hope that the funding project will be able to cover all the works, both outside and inside. According to the project, the great hall will have a capacity of 700 seats, and the balcony will be connected by a ramp with the rest of the hall. The theater will also be increased by three meters because the number of artists in the Philharmonic orchestra has increased numerically.

The county council rehabilitated the dilapidated buildings a few years ago, at which time it received 22-year management of the buildings from the center of the Roman Catholic Episcopal Diocese.

The two building structures are extensions of the old Balș house (rehabilitated body) and were built between 1900 and 1910. “We are already at SEAP with the documentation, doing a modernization of the Philharmonic project. As it was previously made, energy efficiency was not considered. Whether in the PNRR or on the ADR, in the new calls we would not be able to discuss investing in Philharmonic in the absence of energy efficiency elements, then we launched This procedure is also so that any source of funding we identify. It will also have these documents. And the one we receive this week at Teatrul Luceafărul, another goal we are preparing for modernization and energy efficiency “And the He pointed to Marius Dango, Vice President CJ Iași.

Theater “Luceafarul”35 years without repairs!

Another building under the management of the county council is the children’s theater and youth “The Star”. Here, no investments have been made for more than 35 years, due to lack of funds and licenses. Recently, the authorities announced that the intervention work had been positively approved by the area’s Commission for Historic Antiquities. The project was implemented by the company Artehnis, and the approval documents for the intervention work were the subject of a recent discussion in the Directorate of Culture. For the rehabilitation and modernization of the building, interior repairs, and seat changes, approximately 2.3 million euros will be required. Foundation representatives say they will also receive private sector support for some businesses.“An investor from Yash promised us that he would restore our stairs. All this part of the entrance to the theater until the launch of the 15th International Festival for Young Audiences, an event that will take place in October”said Oltița Cîntec, artistic director of the “Luceafărul” theater in Iai. Roxandra Kasu

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