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In Geopark, more than 400 spectators attended the theatrical performance “A Marriage Proposal” by APCehov

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Cultură’n Șura made it to the UNESCO International Geopark Țara Hațegului for the second year in a row, managed by the University of Bucharest. After last year it was presented at Râu de Mori, this time, the show “Marriage request” By APCehov, and directed by Victor Olăhuț, it has had three shows in Sălau de Sus, Densuș and Baru. Each show had a special significance because, this year, Cultură’n Șura celebrates ten years of existence and 100 theater performances in the countryside.

in Salașu de Sus, In Liana and Cristi a ‘lu Cândoni, More than 100 people, mostly villagers, gathered in front of the gate. A few less brave people preferred not to enter the fence and watch the show, to the end, from over the fence. Spectators were very pleased with the story of Natalia Stepanovna and Ivan Vasilievich with the interventions of Stepan Stepanovich. But the most enthusiastic was the host.

“It was an interesting experience, something new for the municipality and for us. I’ve never seen anything like this in the country. The world was delighted. They gathered in great numbers and I hope there will be more such events. I want to host another time, and for those who haven’t attended the show yet.” , I recommend going because they have nothing to lose. It’s a nice experience”He said right after the show Christian Jancia From Slachaux de sous.

In Peșteana, in the municipality of Densu, in the elegant natural setting of Transylvania Log Cabins, 116 spectators, some from the municipality but mostly residents of the town tens of kilometers away, gathered. Even the tourists staying here chose to spend the evening at the outdoor show. Among them were some English tourists who, although they did not know the Romanian language, tried to discover the message of the play from the play of the actors.

I’ve wanted an event like this for a long time. I’ve already talked to some directors from Timisoara in the past years, but they didn’t get together, and somehow, the stars lined up to make it happen. she was very beautiful. I want to bring a little culture to the village, a play, a concert, another cultural event. People came from Timisoara, one of them told me that he saw people he knew from Petručani. I guess I didn’t know most of the people who attended. It is important to do such events because even those from the city want to go out in nature to see a show“, It is considered Nader Timich From Peșteana, owner of Transylvania Log Cabins.

In Barrow, the actors decided to use the hall of the House of Culture because it is not inferior in terms of acoustics and equipment to the theaters of Bucharest. The hall turned out to be not really enough for 178 spectators, so the organizers had to supplement the number of seats.

“We were honored to be the hosts for the marriage proposal show. We were ready to host such events, so they fit the needs of our community like a glove. Barrow Local Government believes that an infrastructure of principles and values ​​should come before other infrastructures and culture is an essential tool of our society. We were very happy, and we saw that the audience, the people, consumed the event very well and it was even an event that many age groups could enjoy. It was a clear message, a simple message, and a real message that we can all learn from“, He said Daniel Radukano The Mayor of Barrow, at the end of the parade.

Each show was preceded by a theater workshop for children. In total, 69 children participated in the workshops, which were supported by actors Florentina Nostas and Jorge Constantinescu. The games and role-playing exercises they participated in helped them discover what kind of behavior to follow when attending a cultural event.

From the Ţara Hațegului UNESCO International Geopark, Cultură’n Șura initiated a “marriage proposal” for three other municipalities in Bihor County.

“Proposal of Marriage” by APCehov, performed by actors Florentina Nostas, George Constantinescu And the Valentine Terent under his supervision Victor Olăhut It is one of the most successful cultural performances. It was made in partnership with Bucharest Art Theater and has won many awards over time. From 2020, TVR’s National Television Archive also appears. At the beginning of July, the ‘Open Theater’ award presented by the British Council in Romania at the UNITER Awards was added to the track record of artists from Cultură’n Șura.

More details about the shows are available on the Facebook page:, and information about this project is available here:

The performances are part of a “Rural/Theatrical” project co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Trust (AFCN) and the Slag County Culture and Arts Center, with partners Slimnic Town Hall, Arpașu Town Hall, Buzoești Town Hall, Baru Town Hall, Densu Town Hall, Sălașu Town Hall above, Someș-Odorhei Town Hall, Bănișor Municipality Town Hall, University of Bucharest – UNESCO Geopark Ţara Hațegului, EduCab Romania, CentoTrans and Daisler Print House.

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the management of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the results of the project are used. This responsibility rests entirely with the beneficiary of the financing.

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