A profitable crop starts with seeds treated with Ympact®!


organic fertilizer YMPACT® It is inspired by research conducted in space programs to promote plant growth and development in a hostile environment, and is now widely used in more than 20 countries in the European Union.

This fertilizer, which is of the last generation, of organic origin, which can be used to treat the seeds of grassy and pea grains, can be used very easily with the treatment of fungicides that are usually applied to the seeds, and the dosage is 0.7 L / ton of seeds.

YMPACT® It benefits from a formula based on lignosulfonates from cellulose plants enhanced with fulvic and humic acids, but also with microelements essential for the growth of young plants, such as zinc, manganese and copper.

Common droughts after sowing in recent years often result in uneven emergence of weed crops, which can cause unprepared plants to go into winter and, sometimes worse, die by spring.

YMPACT® It is a specially created fertilizer that prefers to impregnate the seeds with water up to 7 times more than usual, which leads to a uniform appearance. This advanced fertilizer not only helps the seeds absorb water faster, but thanks to the specially selected micro-nutrients, it helps the young plant to develop better, even right after the embryonic energy has been consumed.

In tests conducted by Corteva and farmers, it was noted YMPACT® It helps in better root development, giving the plant a much larger volume of soil from which the plant can extract the water and nutrients necessary for growth.

As in agriculture, there is no year like the other, this year we analyzed many parts in which it was applied YMPACT® and a fungicide, compared to the soil in which only the insecticidal fungicide was used.

In an area with clay soil, which in drought conditions quickly loses water and presses on the roots of wheat plants, the soil is treated with YMPACT® It has been demonstrated that it can create an appropriate microclimate that prevents water stress from causing the damage found in untreated soils.

The beneficial effects of this organic biostimulator are not limited to the first stage of vegetation, providing advantages until harvesting.

In tests carried out both on the plots of land and in the plots of farmers who used YMPACT®Several advantages are noted:

  • Better twinning of plants, this process favors a more uniform appearance (up to 30% higher than control variants)
  • Winter is better than woolen grains, they enter winter better
  • Better sibling fertility due to regular growth (up to 45% of viable siblings observed per plant)
  • Longer spike length, well-developed root mass, better nutrition for the plant that preferred the genes to the greatest extent
  • More grains per ear, which in most of the studied servings leads to an increase of up to 30% in yield, and the plants are visibly greener, a fact that has shown an improvement in the processes of photosynthesis
  • Better plant resilience, with lower fall rate. Although all soils were also treated with growth regulators, there was also a clear difference in the stability of the chains, due to lignosulfonates in the product formulation. YMPACT®
  • An improvement in the phytosanitary condition of plants, because the developed plant is more resistant to diseases
  • Last but not least, at harvest, the soil treated with Ympact® had more uniform drying (2% less than untreated soil), and it was also evident that the content of protein, gluten, but also MMB, was also better than the control variables.

However, the most pronounced differences were observed in areas affected by water or heat stress.

Corteva Agriscience is the only company that has brought this type of organic product of the crop of grassy grains and peas to the Romanian market, taking into account this aspect in an attempt to compare the product YMPACT® With another organic fertilizer for seed treatment.

In conclusion, it can be said that thanks to fertilizer YMPACT®Corteva is the company that revolutionized the processing of seeds of grass-fed cereals and pea crops, and not only in Romania, because this product is also sold at the European level in most countries that grow grass-grown cereals.

Adrian Ionescu – Marketing Manager Category Fungicides, Insecticides and Biological Products Romania and Moldova

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