Has the National Liberation Party finally realized that Klaus Iohannis has only 15% in the polls?!

Remarks following the meeting between Maya Sandu and Klaus Iohannis were followed by a press conference. The conference, which was typical of the general mood, was marked by questions arranged, which officials from the palace put into the purse or pocket of the so-called journalists. One of the questions arises because of the wording chosen in such a way that Klaus Johannes can get a definite answer, without the trouble of talking.

It was a question posed by Envoy Dan Turturic, who was sitting in the chair of the Director-General, by the head of the Socialist People’s Party, Lucien Bahono, Prestanda of the Presidential Administration.

Blessed with such a question, said in a way that can only be answered in one way, Klaus Johannes gave an ultimatum to the UDMR:

“The second issue, and here I approached your question with the UDM, I think there is a need for a general clarification from the UDM, because a large part of the UDM leadership and ministers were present at that event. They will have to explain if they agree with the content of that. The speech they applauded for, which would be very complex, or if they did not understand what was being talked about, and simply generally praised the person who gave the speech. Whatever the explanation, it should be there and I think there should be an explanatory discussion, including in ruling coalition.

On the other hand, no one in Romania wants to cause a government crisis, because a high-ranking foreign figure gave the wrong speech. But we cannot pretend these things were not said, any more than we can pretend these things were not applauded.”

You don’t have to go beyond the wits at the Oat Festival, Klaus Iohannis’ family company has been turned into a national holiday, to note that it’s an ultimatum to the ruling party, along with PNL and PSD, Romania.

The leaders of the USSR were present in Tusnad, where Viktor Orban shone, and even worse for Klaus Iohannis, they praised the historic speech of the Hungarian Prime Minister. They applauded him for purely political reasons. First of all, because Viktor Orban is the idol of the Hungarian voters in Romania. The applause for him is for the leaders of the Mediterranean Democratic Union a matter of electoral survival. Then, Viktor Urban is the prudent sponsor of UDMR. How do you not applaud him? I, although I am neither a Hungarian nor even the leader of UMDR, if I had been present in Tuşnad, would have applauded for the speech. Since Fidel Castro, the genius of public speaking, I have never met a speaker as talented as Viktor Urban in the modern world. His rhetoric shines not only through vision, through culture, through the adoption of history as an educational message, but also – if not above all – through qualitative rhetoric. By making some references in the text to the present of the gathering or to the general culture of the audience, by sprinkling popular expressions, some even from the suburbs, Viktor Urban managed to wow the audience. It would be a joke if you compare the speech with the speeches of Klaus Iohannis, though woody, arrogant, or with the banter of Nikolai Seuch, a person who sweats to the level of a severe meteorological event for speaking out. Anna has apples.

Later, the leaders of the UDMR were questioned by our press, and refused to condemn the speech, although they previously had the example of Paul Stonescu of the PSD, who is also called Artimetica, after the wording of its kind, Oşlobanu lui Creangă.

Whatever the reason for the applause of those belonging to the UDR, Klaus Iohannis at the press conference invented what Octavian Otteriano called applause crimesummoning the UDMR to reconsider the reaction and publicly condemning Viktor Orban.

UDMR leaders had two possibilities.

Let them go back to the raw data and laugh in Moldovan style with spitting as they kissed. or reject the warning.

As expected, the leaders of the UDMR, who had no intention of electoral suicide, rejected the ultimatum, declaring that they would not back down from what they said after the event in Tusnad.

Klaus Iohannis predicted this possibility. As is evident from his answer, he asked the coalition to discuss with the group of toilers preoccupied with culture the deviations of the comrades from the UDM and their demand to leave the government.

The ultimatum was given by Klaus Iohannis on Friday, July 29, before half the government was brought in for his family’s celebration with Ovăzul.

On the same day, UDMR dismissed the alert.

You expect the Alliance pot to boil. The National Liberation Party, the party harnessed in favor of the Klaus Iohannis code, had to cause a wave of anti-UDM statements, marked by a demand for the UDM to leave the government. PSD shouldn’t stay in the dark with the sock pulled over its head either. Given the slavery of Klaus Iohannis, the leaders of the Socialist Party should have outdone the leaders of the National Liberation Party in terms of proletarian anger. PSD leaders remained silent. Marcel Ciolaco has had a geostrategic illness with Covid. On the one hand, out of his association with the great leader of the democratic peoples, Joe Biden was infected with the succession of Kovezs, on the other, so as not to be forced to speak on the question of the ultimatum.

The PNL leaders were even more embarrassed than their comrades from Hăis Cea.

They have indulged in pamphlets against UDMR.

without requiring the union, as Klaus Iohannis pointed out, to leave the government.

It’s Wednesday August 2, 2022.

The National Liberation Party did not put into practice the great signal of Klaus Iohannis.

Has the National Liberation Party finally realized that Klaus Iohannis has only 15% in the polls?!

note: This editorial is taken from cristoiublog.ro

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