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We’ve all been eagerly awaiting a sequel to the hit series and the frothy indie feature of 2019. And here, despite the hardships and delays caused by the pandemic, we’re enjoying another story. Downton Abbey.
one now new era, takes the procedure even further, in the late twenties. The photo begins with a gentle aerial shot of gliding over the grounds of the magnificent 1679 Highclere Castle, where the shooting takes place, then the camera rolls over the faces. a favour, of the show and all. It begins with a wedding and ends with a funeral. And between these covers of life, the movie flows beautifully and effortlessly, and you as a viewer are always watching it with a smile.

I know British films, especially older ones, give movie-goers an aesthetic pleasure. The costumes, as she showed us in the series, this time are perfect, impeccable. with effect. You’ll see, a blue dress with a matching embroidered hat, a lady in a party dress with long sleeves from a medieval influence, but with the sheerness of the 1920s, plus thick mourning, with discreet detailing, still on the retina. New fashion, by the way, for which those from the production department were toiling with innovation and good documentation as usual.
Castle interiors, as a character, where eyes roam freely over elegant historical objects. At this table sat the King of England.

Then there’s the British humour, those acid streaks of morgue characters you’d expect, we love it. Lady Violet Grantham, also known as Dame Maggie Smith, is tasked with enchanting scenes with exquisite lines, including a closing one.
And then the music, with a leitmotif So successful, impressive, roomy, elegant, it could almost be the symphony of Downton Abbey here. A full complement of cuteness and glamor.

Even if it’s not as vivid and dynamic as the first, the twinkling, the current sequel often decides to use parallel motion, especially to break up many of the still scenes. And not just a little about the owners of the castle and a little about the servants who take care of them, each with his own life, with his problems.

The novelty this time is also the family’s relocation abroad, the south of France, for the legal acquisition of a villa inherited by Lady Violet. A good excuse for summer photography, with the boat on the turquoise waters, in the elegant villa garden with palm trees. A French segment in which Natalie Bay stars as a villain, speaking her language, seriously steals the frame.

With so much hope, You are wait, You are I wish the movie could be shot on a larger scale, without a lot of static evening or nighttime indoor scenes, as it is now. Don’t mind it, it’s like you want to see more.

However, the most important thing is to choose a star-studded movie in the English castle. Swap, a funny swap that everyone wins. Let’s not forget that movies are still silent. Filmed with the tradition and music on the set and for piano display only accompanying the rhythm. The director focuses on this shoot. About the actions of the singer, about the interaction of the actors with the family of the lord, with the butler and servants. From this clash of old and new, from the different mentalities of Americans, English and French, many scenes and slightly acid lines.

We also attend, as everyone attends in the castle, at rehearsals, on recordings, at watching (black and white, Of course, how otherwise) from the illustrated materials. The script doesn’t seem to be the movie’s strong point. Those who know the story by Daphne du Maurier about an actor who must learn to go from silence to sound, and perhaps even more so, those who have seen the American film singing in the rainI know in advance, because it is so predictable, where the story will go.

Exactly as in singing in the rainThe female star is very beautiful and successful but the sharp voice is good now for the silent movie not at all for the sound movie the audience recently discovered – it is stated that to me recently released jazz singer And the audience is amazed by this kind of talkie. Phahaha, Lady Violet – “I thought the magic of the movies was that you didn’t hear anything.” Just like in the classic movie, the lead actor has everything he needs to go for the good Cinema Voice – great, what a great voice for actor Dominic West – and the director is looking for solutions to adapt to the new technologies he’s already filmed. This movie will be an opportunity for those in the castle. Mrs. Marie (Michelle Dockery with a well-crafted, deep and clear voice) will help the team and the film move forward.

It is nice to see how everything is resolved, that everyone wins, and the deserving deserve their moment of discovery, their glory. And the rule-breaking scene at the end is also funny, humorous, and democratic.

A replica movie, without a bit of theatrical acting, with many intimate and honest scenes. These are the little gems of the movie.
new era, meaning a change of date, passing the baton, with the big and small family walking together. And life goes on. This optimistic decision leads us to hope that there may be another movie, a sequel. It wouldn’t be bad at all.

Director: Simon Curtis with: Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter, Phyllis Logan

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