SFR 2022 | Marcel Yorio, the special guest of the only festival dedicated exclusively to Romanian film

100 years after the birth of one of Romania’s most important post-war novelists, movie-goers will be able to watch a series of shows inspired by the work of Marín Breda. The presentations will be accompanied by discussions in the presence of special guests, who will be joined by the author’s sons, Nikolai and Alexandro Breda.

“It is a moment dedicated to both writer Marín Breda and Romanian films based on famous books. Marín Breda has left his mark on many generations, and now we have the opportunity to learn about his novels through cinema as well. We are grateful and emotional at the same time, that we will even have the two sons of a great novelist.” ’,” said Andrei Giorgia, director of the SFR Festival.

Besides the films scheduled for SFR 2022, until Sunday, August 7, Marcel Jurich will be celebrated in the “Marcel Iureș Retrospective” section. Five of the films in which he acted will be shown on the big screen during the festival, in the “Marcel Iureș Retrospective” section:

  • Hart’s War (2002) – Anniversary Show – 20 Years Since Release | Director: Gregory Hublett;
  • Octave (2017) | Director: Serge Ioan Celebacci;
  • To Wounded Dying for the Love of Life (1983) | Director: Mircea Veroiu;
  • An Unforgettable Summer (1994) | Director: Lucien Bentelli;
  • Peacemaker (1997) | Director: Mimi Leader

As in previous years, the SFR Excellence Awards will be presented during the festival, in recognition of the exceptional contribution made in the areas they represent. Thus, three outstanding personalities will be rewarded for their full activity: actress Tora Vasilescu, director Stryi Gulia and director Urban Marinescu.

Also as a sign of appreciation, a CineMemoriam Gala will be staged, with unforgettable moments for actors Florina Cercel, Luminița Gheorghiu and Ion Dichiseanu. During the event, relatives and family members will attend, including: Carmen Tonas, Eliana Popovici, Lourencio Damian, Ioana Diccino, Steri Gulia.

“This year we continue what we started last year: CineMemoriam Gala. We remember and evoke some characters who, unfortunately, are no longer among us. This year we will evoke in three special moments three great names of Romanian theater and film. We will talk about the beautiful moments in the presence of our guests. This is how we keep alive The memory of those who have entertained us on stage and on the big screen for a lifetime,” says Andrei Giurgia, Director of SFR.

Two photography exhibitions will open during the festival: “Attitudes – Marcel Jurich”, presented by Marina Constantinescu, and “Commemoration of Ion D’Esscino”, with the presence of guests Ioana D’Cessino, Ileana Popovici, Adrien Artini and Andre Abriotici.

Europa Liberă Romania, the official media partner of the Serile Romanian Film Festival, will be showing a group screening of the most anticipated event in Romanian cinema over the next few days.

SFR 2022 Schedule of Special Events

Parking – Opening of Marcel Eurich Exhibition – Wednesday 3 August 2022, 1:30 pm | Unirea Hotel
From the productions of the National Theater Festival 2016 – Uniter
Curator: Irina Tabalogu
Presented by: Marina Konstantinescu
free entry
Period: 3-7 August 2022

Opening of the exhibition in memory of Ion DeCicino – Wednesday 3 August 2022, 4 pm | Royal Gallery of Art, National Athenaeum in Iasi
Participants: Ioana Dicicino, Ileana Popovici, Adrian Artin, Andre Abreutisi
free entry
Period: August 3 – September 3, 2022

CineMemoriam Gala – Thursday, August 4, 2022, 6pm | Atheneum Cinema
Evoke moments for: Florina Searsel, Luminica Giorgio, Ion Diccino
Guests: Carmen Tonas, Ileana Popovici, Lorencio Damian, Ioana Dicicino, Steri Gulia
* CD version Ion Dichiseanu – Remember the moment and the book of truth, more beautiful than myth (ed. Polirom)
* Ion Dichiseanu exhibition broadcast retroactive
Director: Cătălin Chirilă Entry is free, based on reservation:

Screening of “Moromeții” (directed by Julia Steer) – Friday, August 5, 2022 at 1:00 pm | Varlam Yash High School, Gym
SFR 2022 Stere Gulea Excellence Award
Guests: Stere Gulea, Dorel Vișan, Marius Badea, Alexandru Preda, Nicolae Preda Entrance Free, by reservation:

Screening of “I Love Earthlings” (directed by Urban Marinescu) – Friday, August 5, 2022 at 7 pm | Atheneum Cinema
SFR 2022 urban Marinescu Excellence Award
Guests: Dorel Vișan, Șerban Marinescu, Tora Vasilescu, Alexandru Preda and Nicolae Preda Entry Free, by reservation:ȘerbanMarinescu

Screening of “The Microphone Test” (directed by Mircea Danieliuk) – Saturday, August 6, 2022 at 7:30 pm | Culture House “Mihai Orsachi” Yash
Tora Vasilescu SFR 2022 Excellence Award
Guest: Tora Vasilescu
Submitted by: Laurențiu Damian Entry Free, by reservation:

“Centenary Marine Preda” program
Friday 5 August 2022
13.00 | Varlam Yash High School – Gym
Screening of Moromeții (directed by Julia Steer)
Guests: Steri Gulia, Dorel Vian, Marius Badi, Alexandru Breda, Nikolai Breda
* Stere Gulea – SFR Excellence Award 2022
*Showing during Cinematon Day in SFR
free entry.
It’s 17.00 | Culture House “Mihai Orsachi” Yash

Screening of Impossible Love (directed by Constantine Finney)
Guests: Tora Vasilescu, Valentin Teodosio, Konstantin Fini, Alexandro Breda, Nikolai Breda
* Publication of a book – Zodiac Wild Pigeons – Author: George Karstia
*Showing during Cinemaraton Day on SFR reservations:
19.00 | Atheneum Cinema

Screening of The Most Love of the Earth (directed by Urban Marinescu)
Guests: Dorel Vișan, Șerban Marinescu, Tora Vasilescu, Alexandru Preda, Nicolae Preda
* Urban Marinesco – SFR Excellence Award 2022
*Showing during Cinemaraton Day on SFR bookings:

Entry to all events within Centenarul Marin Preda is free, subject to availability, with reservations on The program can also be consulted at

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