FC Rapid launches its own brand of beer Nemţeana Giulesteana

Shareholder Dan Oko said Thursday that Rapid Bucharest football club will launch its own brand of beer, Nemţeana Giulesteana, which will be sold in a chain of supermarkets.

“Soon we’ll have our beer, from the dropshippers. It’s an unfiltered, handcrafted, special-edition beer, which will be called Nemţeana Giulesteana. Thus, any express doctor will be able to make a personalized gift for his friends,” said Oko.

The beer will have the FC Rapid Club crest on the cherry white label.

The FC Rapid official has specified that the beer will be sold in a supermarket chain, with which it has already entered into a distribution contract, Agerpres wrote.

Dan Şucu – Rapid pays €400,000 in taxes, what happens to them, do they end up in Sepsi?

Dan Şucu, shareholder of FC Rapid, has spoken out against the decision of the Sf Gheorghe Municipal Council that part of the local budget will go to the Spesi OSK football team in the form of a subsidy, Giulești official stated that with this way of money from the state budget Kovasni footballers will be paid salaries .

“There are teams from big cities who can certainly manage from the local budget, but here they certainly cannot manage. Mr. Deyoshiji shares the expenses with everyone and only keeps the profit for himself. The kind of businessman I have met so many times I don’t want to do anything about it. Not There is a desire on our part to highlight Hungarian investments, but there are subsidies that are given to certain teams that we do not agree with. There is a team called Sepsis and they are supported from all sides. Nothing is economically sound. All this is just subsidies. Of course it is a way for Viktor Orban To win votes in Transylvania, this is clear. The fact that this is what is done with the money of the Hungarian taxpayer is his business, but if it is also done with my money, it is no longer his prerogative. In Rapid, the payroll tax only costs us about 400,000 euros a year, than in the first of January, a tax increase is raised and our taxes will increase by 120,000 euros on the same salaries. What happens to our money, do they go to Sepsi? said Oko, at a press conference on Thursday.

The businessman stated that he expects that through political pressure the local budget of St. George will be supplemented from the state budget in order to finance the Sepsi OSK football team.

“I found on the Internet a recent decision of St. George’s City Council, in which they put forth a new concept that I had never heard of, which is performance sport of public interest at the local level. This means that from their point of view, they can support performance sports on a local level. The local level, so it’s not the dominant sport. Unfortunately, the resolution is printed, but not the supplements. From my point of view, things are relatively simple. The city pumps a lot of money into the team, the city does not have enough money to pump, and then it will automatically come to the general budget And he asks for a detail from the general budget. The UDMR will come and hit the table that he must receive, because otherwise he will leave the government or who knows what. And from your taxes you will pay the salaries that Mr. Deyoshige pays to the Sepsi players.”

The Rapid FC official stated that the state’s involvement in professional football is moving away from the phenomenon of important companies that could invest: “This kind of approach is moving away from football many strong companies, which can also be investors and which can take football to another level. Attention, the GDP of Romania is much higher than that of Portugal or Serbia, or other countries, which are clearly superior from the point of view of football. I repeat, the participation of the state in sports is not welcome. We win a little, but we don’t really see what we lose” .

Dan Şucu believes that football is underfunded because of this and that the absence of teams from major cities such as Iasi, Braşov or Timisoara from the first league makes the audience much smaller.

“There is so little money in football. The fact that Yash is not there as a team in the first league, Timiشوارoara is not, neither Brasov, nor Galati, and the lack of these teams leads to the idea that the audience is half of what it should be. With half the audience, the money is Half.Football has failed to earn the resources that it can generate.It is clearly undercapitalized and this is due to this irrational interference of the political zone in football.It is not a blessing and the Bucharest Group contributor said “It is a big problem”.

The contributor stated that he would like to have a discussion within the LPF about giving money from TV rights depending on the audience registered for matches.

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