Handball matches in Romania in the next four years will be on Pro TV

Update | FR de Handbal confirmed the information ProSport: The TV rights to Handball pass to the Pro TV / Pro Arena.

“We believe that handball deserves such honorable attention. The FRH management carefully studied the offers and came to the conclusion that the offer that stands out in detail and meets the conditions imposed in its entirety is the offer from the PRO TV box.

Thus, we will continue discussions with representatives of PRO TV. We thank them for the offer,” it reads on the union’s Facebook page.

FR de Handbal announced the auction winner: Pro TV and Pro Arena

Here is the statement of the President of FRH, Constantine Dean: “We are delighted with the interest of Romanian in handball! We have gladly and responsibly accepted the offers of players in the media market for the television rights of our sport.

We are pleased to announce that the team sport in Romania with the greatest international success, handball, now meets, of course, with the strongest and most appreciated media brand in Romania, Pro TV Company.

In the next four years, with Pro TV and Pro Arena, we will give the Romanians the show from the handball arenas. I think Handball and Pro TV would make a good team! “

Prima Sport lost the duel with Pro TV / Pro Arena

Women’s and Men’s National Handball Championship matches for the next four seasons will be shown on Pro TV / Pro Arena.

Sources from the world of handball confirm this transition from TVR to the station in Pache Protopopescu, since public television is no longer interested in competitions with the ball on the semicircle.

Those who did offer were from Clever Media, Prima Sport Channels, but the solution from Pro TV seemed to be more helpful. It is not unusual to also watch some matches on Voyo’s online platform.

Hit the media market! Where will you see handball matches in Romania in the next four years

This media hit will be formalized this evening or Friday, when FR de Handbal, via President Constantine Dean, will announce the auction winner.

from sources ProSportrepresentatives of the company that owns Pro TV and Pro Arena offered €500,000 for four matches over the weekend (two women and two men).

President Constantine El Din admitted to those close to him that “Pro TV gave the best show”.

The two stations of Pache Protopopescu have production capacity thanks to the three TV stations at their disposal, but will focus on the four teams of Buucrești: CSM, Rapid, Dinamo and Steaua.

After what photo He gave up handball, and made no offer of an extension, professional sports He wrote about the possibility of not broadcasting Romanian handball.

The CSM Bucharest-Rapid (women’s) and Steaua Dinamo (men’s) derby matches will be broadcast on Pro TV, while the other matches will be on Pro Arena.

What is the procedure for assigning TV broadcasting rights?

The criterion for linking bids declared eligible is the highest price. If two or more bidders offer the same price for one of the option packages described in the specification, and also if the price difference between two bids is less than 10% (to avoid any doubt, the 10% percentage will apply to the highest price), a meeting of the evaluation committee within the FRH will determine The value of the media packages indicated by the bidders by applying the criteria indicated in the chapter. 8 of the specifications, the winner of the bid with the highest total value will be announced.

For the avoidance of doubt, in this case, the total value of the offer consists of the value of the offered media package added to the offered price.

FRH reserves the right to declare a bid less than the minimum price at which the competitive proceeding will commence as a winner, to the extent that other conditions of the specification are met.

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