He died the moment the rug disappeared.

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Cătălin Oprișan, a GSP columnist and one of Romania’s most famous journalists, came to the Gazeta Sporturilor’s locker room with the stories. On the third episode of the podcast “sports teacher”Gazeta’s new special project, implemented by Cătălin Țepelin Editor-in-Chief, Oprișan spoke of the mainstay of the collapse of Romanian sports.

video. Cătălin Oprișan: “Romania died the moment the carpet beater disappeared”

– In the revolution, were you in the eighth grade?
– Yes, I was eight and was a unit commander. Yes, I was in School 156, in Military, where lessons were taught in three shifts. I think there were about 2,300 students in one course, and they also taught on Saturdays.

– The end of the era of decrees, but many sons.
– Yes a lot.

– In Bucharest, in the neighborhoods, when you called who would go out to play football and you also had the ball under your arm, 40 children would come.
– yes. You had a carpet beater, I always said it was Centrum Mundi (not the navel of the earth). Romania died the moment the carpet beater disappeared.

– Football Romania you say?
no! All Romania! And since the girls also came there, who worked in the tavern, made rounds, the tramps came and shot the monsters. All of Romania is dead. Mathematical Romania, to understand the world. The moment that tape was cut, and people started getting carpets in their homes and Karcher vacuum cleaners, that’s it, everything went to hell.

– Well, you did not play football in the club. I’ve played “21”, “Derry Derry”, “Victoria”, “La Moulay”…
– surely! The beater was here, and on the other side was the hot spot, on which we drew a gate… The moment the beater went down, that was it! You had to go to school, there were vagrants, schools closed, artificial fields began to appear with money, 150 lei per hour.

Cătălin Oprisan / Image source: GSP Archive

Schools are not open yet, they are still closed. As a child, you are not allowed to go to the neighborhood school to play sports.
– yes. This person kicks the ball and hits your car. She comes out like the old man at the window: “Bah, go, bah, from here!”. He says, “Where shall I go, uncle?” Another thing, in our time it mattered who dodged, and who did the “Brazilian”. Now the children hit the ball three times, throw it and it falls on a car. In our time, you had to be a locksmith, you had to be a hacker, and you had a pen written on your shirt. It has changed for the worse in 30 years.

– The world is changing. it’s normal.
– Yes, but only for the worse? Where are these men who carry the drops? Did he die like this, is the whole generation gone?

– But did they just die here? I see that in other parts, football has remained at a decent level.
Yes, only with us.

– So here the striker killed football.
– Well, where else to play? We had a ladder going up to the thermal point. I cut a piece of it with the fiery cloth and played basketball, that was the basket. I was fine. Everything matters. It is important that the beater on the carpet is gone. It is important that you have nowhere else to play.

– This is a general problem. Accessing Playstation is easier in rich countries than it is in Romania.
The American owns a basketball court in front of the house. You don’t have it anymore. You take him to another place, you take him to basketball, you take him to handball. With huge financial efforts, with physical effort.

Cătălin Oprișan: “I dragged my feet here, two boys brought me, but I still play football”

– We have a chain in the newspaper – How much does exercise cost?. I don’t think I’ve had any rings yet where you can get under 10,000 lei a year, regardless of the sport. From basketball, swimming, gymnastics, whatever. I remember you in football, you were bandaged on your knee.
– What is here modest. I have some monsters, some steel attachments, it’s another level.

– The question is… why don’t you quit?
– I cannot. I have something in my thigh, hope it’s not broken, I mean I dragged my leg all the way here, two men brought me.

Belly, dusty knees, fringed waist, you still go to soccer.
Someone passes me at 230 km/h. They are 23 years old. I do not bypass them, because through experience, from placement, you make it. Someone tried to do the “Brazilian”, looked at me and said, “I’m not trying, because you put me in the fence!”. He was in the front and wanted to give it easy, I saw him put him between his legs like a chain on the bike.

video. Cătălin Oprișan, guest on “Profu’ de sport” (full podcast)

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