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Suceava Municipal Theater “Matti Finish” finished its sixth season this summer. From its foundation until today, the only theater institution in Suceava County has grown, developed and become a constant and respected presence on the national theater scene.

A compositional analysis of the 2021-2022 season reveals its picture in numbers.

5 initial offers. Five new shows have entered the repertoire of the Suceava Theater this season: The Little Prince, After Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Directed and Music Written by Tibor Cary, A Stormy Night, by Il Carragali, Directed by Maudlin Honko, Munchausen, Alexa Bucano, Directed by Ovidiu Caița, The Slave, from Directed by Maria Manolescu Borua, directed by Cosmin Banaite and Homecoming, by Matti Fenech, and directed by Button Nagy.

89 acknowledgments, Including 16 children’s shows.

Newer and older performances of repertoire were presented to audiences of Suceava and beyond. In addition, theatrical performances were completed by inviting shows for children and youth.

2 organized festivals. In September 2021, the Municipal Theater “Mati Visnik” Suceava celebrated for the first time its creation day, thus completing 6 years of theater in Suceava, through the weekend festival.

“We propose that September 24 be a theatrical celebration each year, which festively opens the theatrical season,” said Angela Zarugano, Director of TMMVS.

The International Festival of Theater Days at Matte Finish is already a tradition between May 20-29, 2022, and has successfully returned to the classic format, with an audience in the hall, two years after the pandemic. Given the quality of the guests and participants, this is the most important theatrical event in Bukovina.

8 concerts. High-quality music goes hand in hand with the theater, and one of the interests was to diversify the artistic offering of Suseivan viewers. This is how classical, blues, jazz and tango concerts were organized in the hall or on other Soviet theaters.

8 events in partnership. Theater belongs to society. TMMVS’ partnerships with other cultural and educational institutions, but also with the private sector, have proven effective and enjoyable.

13 conferences. Performing arts, other than direct confrontation between actors and audience, means theorizing, analysis, expert criticism and debate. This specialized type of activity is directed to the faithful theater audience, cultured people and intellectuals, as well as to the general public interested in deepening the theatrical field. This part of the audience in Suceava is growing every year.

6 exhibitions and 4 book launches. Whether we are talking about stage photography, painting or sculpture, the exhibition spaces at TMMSV were once again hosting art exhibitions by local artists, and 4 books were launched there, in the presence of authors and guests.

5 Participation in festivalsOne of them is outside. The theater, as part of world culture, plays a major role in the development of the local community, and the activity of the troupe must be closely connected with the national and European theatrical phenomenon.

“The Suceava scene means home, but for healthy growth and proper artistic development, presence in festivals and cultural exchanges is mandatory. That is why we try to be present in as many theaters in the country as possible, to display the products produced in Suceava to as many as possible The audience and demand, by participating in theater festivals. I was in the country, but I also arrived in Chisinau. Also this season we are proud of our first participation in the National Theater Festival, with the presentation of Cântăreața Balăă directed by Eugene Ionescu and directed by Alex Bogdan, stated Alina Mihisko, Director of Shows, Programs and Projects .

During the 2021-2022 season, the Municipal Theater “Matei Vișniec” Suceava had 60 appearances in the national and local press, as well as 35 appearances in specialized publications and shows.

“Last but not least, we thank the 11,000 spectators, in the sixth theatrical season in Suceava, they gave meaning to our efforts, turning them into joys! Let us meet again soon, with love, in the theater!” said the TMMVS representatives!

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