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The Association of Fiction Makers announces the list of nominations for the first edition of the Fiction Awards. They will be awarded to the most creative visual artist, the most creative writer and also the artistic personality of the year.

The nominations were announced on Tuesday, 24 May, during an event organized at the Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest.

“They are important names, who have contributed to maintaining a constant tone of creativity, as a work of fiction, to shape and re-evaluate the world, throughout 2021. Some have created works of fiction themselves, others have created the infrastructure, and that was the Museum of Literature in Bucharest, a kind of sanctuary for many Creators and cultural owners, who have had the opportunity to participate in a collective work of creativity, through various events and through the Live Culture platform, with the support of Bucharest City Hall.Others have created platforms, podcasts for the public good, shows, films and, last but not least, literature. Accordingly, the lists of candidates contain names from various fields.” organizers say.

Nominations for the Most Creative Visual Artist Award:

  1. Bogdan Simeon (Kopzarul) – for original performances on various radio and TV shows;
  2. Alina Gregor – for directing her first feature film, Cry Noo (blue moon), winner of the Grand Prix at the San Sebastian International Film Festival;
  3. Bogdan Farkas About the role of Florin Espace from the feature film unidentifieddirected by Bogdan Aptri, and winner of the Gobo Award for Best Actor;
  4. claudio blunt – for the role of Crăcănel from Carnival ladiesdirected by Alexandru Dabiga, TNP;
  5. Andrei Hogolik – about movies # Hahaha And the wish tree;
  6. Susanna Dunn – for the originality of promoting the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bcreation and imagination;
  7. Juliana Filsan Theatrical scenography My nephew, Vitamindirected by Vlad Massasi, Comedy Theatre.

Award Nominations Most Creative Writer:

  1. Legia Barvolescu transparentLyra, bpc, 2021;
  2. Black ElianaHalf my life nowFractalia, 2021;
  3. Livio J Stansalamander, Letter, BPC, 2021;
  4. Ioana Iona ZerbanA future that matches the pastEd Vaillant, 2021;
  5. Christian FoleyUskaPolyrum, 2021;
  6. Flavius ​​Ardelinrare veinsNymera, 2021;
  7. radu javanJesus from the darkLyra, BPC, 2021.

Award Nominations Artistic Person of the Year Award:

  1. Theodore Giorgio – to create an environment to stimulate creativity and its own vision of imagination;
  2. Horia Sergi – For the most creative, worshipful and honest podcasts;
  3. Razvan Mazilo – for the hybrid side and the originality of its performance;
  4. Horatio Mulaye – to participate in many areas of fiction (film, theater, book, drawing);
  5. Ewan Christescu – for one of the most coherent and intensified activities to stimulate fictional creativity (theater, cinema, literature, etc.), for which the National Museum of Romanian Literature was awarded the DASA Prize last year;
  6. Bogdan Alexandru Stanescu – To create a collection of foreign novels Annecy. global fantasyin Pandora M;
  7. Leela Basima – For the authenticity of the themes of the anthropological reconstruction of the racial universe.

The organizers assure that the candidates are chosen from among the proposals submitted by the members of the Society of Fiction Makers in cooperation with the magazine. Eight Imaginary Reasons. The jury is made up of the writer Doina RostiactressDriana Eremescuand movie producer Andre Poncia.

“I strongly believe in hybrid art, a new form of expression that began timidly three decades ago. Between literature and visual arts and film or music have gradually grown frontier regions, more and more, willing to declare their independence. Art film, clip art, subject painting, music based. to a literary text or subject, poetry as a visual manifestation, the many forms of performing arts, micro-narratives, literary flashes, symbolic “compositions”, often based on literature, and the reinterpretation of outer space through various paradigms, from drone footage, mixed with impressions Objectivity, to witty animated information or satirical images, which filled the net, etc. Everything tends towards a major change in the meaning of creation. We are in the midst of a creative epidemic. Just think of the millions of clips (testimonies or simple phone recordings) where a man felt the need to share His local imagination, and you’ll find yourself at the heart of the expansion.”Doina Rusti announces.

She adds that all these changes, especially the diversity of creative work, led to the emergence of the Society of Fiction Makers, which brings together writers, actors, visual artists, filmmakers, directors, critics, historians of fiction and photographers. , creators of artistic concepts, people who are able to create or participate in collective creativity, etc.

The awards will be announced during the ceremony to be held on June 8, at Neversi Beach, in Constanta. Awards this year fantasy He benefits from the support of the Cultural Center “Theodor Borada” of the Constana Provincial Council.

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