Roman Film Evenings, thirteenth edition, began in Iai. Branded guests at Romanian cinema, outdoor and cinema shows, exhibitions and concerts

In Iai, the thirteenth edition of Romanian Film Nights began, an event attended by tens of thousands of moviegoers each year where Europa FM was the official media partner each year. Currently, there are famous guests in our cinematography in the capital of Moldova. Open-air performances, but also in cinemas, exhibitions, concerts and audience meetings with actors, directors and screenwriters on the Romanian theater, all in the five days of the festival.

Marcel Yuri: “Thank you to all of you who set the mood and who put wood in the fire, and I am one of them.”

The official opening was attended by famous names of cinema such as Iliana Popovici, Carmen Tonas, Marina Konstantinscu, Vasily Moraro, Monica Stan, Loreno Damian, Theodor Corbin, Irina Margarita Nestor and last but not least the actor Marcel Jurich who is the main title of this year’s event.

“Thank you very much, thank you to all who prepared the atmosphere and to those who put this wood in the fire, and I am one of them. There are others who serve as fuel for the Romanian people and for the Romanian culture through their efforts. Glad to be here and thank you from the bottom of my heart.”The actor said at the opening of the event.

Irina Margherita Nestor, on Marcel Iureș: “He is a theater maker in the literal and figurative sense.”

Much has been said about Marcel Yorio. The best of his quality is his love for the audience, says film critic Irina Margarita Nestor, an encyclopedia, a complex actor.

“He’s a charming actor, theater actor, film actor, radio theater actor, he’s an all-encompassing voice for documentaries. He’s a theatrical creator in the literal and figurative sense because he came up with the idea of ​​a theater that even survived the pandemic, and that was so complex. Above all, he loves his audience so much, And that’s not always true for all actors everywhere, and especially not for us.”Irina Margherita Nestor said.

By the way, the Serile Romanian Film Festival began with the screening of “Tom Hart’s War”, in which Marcel Yorio appeared alongside the unmistakable Bruce Willis. Two new exhibitions were also opened to the public on the first day of the festival.

The first is entitled “Attitudes” dedicated to the same Marcel Yuri, and the second is entitled “Un rol” to commemorate the late actor Ion Dichiseanu. But the Romanian Film Evenings Festival is still in its infancy.

But what does this event mean as a whole?

“First of all, it is important for Iași, and then it kind of spreads to the whole country because, first of all, there are only Roman films. We know that this is where it is more complicated because the world is working harder. The important thing is that The world is present, and they want to meet the real actors with all the actors who come in or all the directors who come in. People ask questions, they are very curious, and they are from all generations. The important thing is that everything happens outdoors, but also in covered rooms, and from It’s good to have covered rooms, not like in Bucharest “, Irina Margherita Nestor concluded.

Andrei Giurgea, Director of SFR, admits that organizing the event has been difficult due to financial issues, but not impossible.

“I am sorry to say this. There are institutions in Iaşi that can support this event, even public institutions and private companies that do not, but choose to go to other cities in the country. It is not an accusation, Doman beware! It is a discovery. But we do not understand any of this. Like, because Yash has the strength to support such an event so we can take it there, and as loudly as possible.”Andrei Giorgia said.

Image source: SFR

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