“The Burning Archipelago”, from the Jules Verne collection, is a romance novelist and a lot of adventure

The new novel from Jules Verne’s collection, “The Burning Archipelago”, can be ordered starting August 5 from colecții.liberatea.ro! From the same date, you can also find it in all news broadcast kiosks, at only 39.99 lei! Take it with you in your holiday luggage and you won’t regret it!

If you love Greece and the history of this country, the novel “The Burning Archipelago” from the Jules Verne collection should not be missing from your library! The action takes place in this beautiful country, and the characters, beautifully drawn by the famous French author, will keep you in suspense with their actions, right up to the last page!

“The Burning Archipelago”, from the collection of Jules Verne, a foray into Greek history and a failed wedding plan

“The Burning Archipelago”, from the Jules Verne collection, is a wonderful novel by the well-known French author, set in the geography of Greece and its islands, against the background of the war of independence of this Mediterranean country. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Greece fought hard to free itself from the tyranny of the Turks. Elizondo, a banker from Corfu, became rich through piracy. Desiring to see his daughter married to a good man, he allowed her to marry French lieutenant Henri Dalbarrett. But the old banker’s work with pirates will force Elisondo to cancel the wedding and give his daughter, Hadjen, to the terrible pirate Nicholas Starkus. From now on, it would be a tough battle between the two men. Who will win the love of beautiful Hagena? The novel will take you to the Greek lands, combining history and politics, but also romance. It’s a great read and perfect for a summer vacation!

Pre-order “The Burning Archipelago” from the Jules Verne Collection

Are you a fan of Jules Verne and do not want to miss any of the books of the famous French author? Pre-order the August issues of the Jules Verne collection at colecții.libertatea.ro! The two novels available in August are: “The Burning Archipelago” – Edition No. 33 and “The Adventures of a Chinese in China” – Edition No. 34. Both books can be ordered at only 79.98 lei, and delivery will take place after August 19, 2022!

Books from the Jules Verne collection at colecții.libertatea.ro

Enrich your library with other novels from the exclusive previous editions of the Jules Verne collection published at colecții.libertatea.ro! This is: “Around the Earth in 80 Days” – Issue No. 1, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” – Edition No. 2, Captain Grant’s children. South America – Edition No.. 3, “Five Weeks in a Balloon” – Edition No.. 4, sons of Captain Grant II. In Australia – edition no. 5, “The Captain at Fifteen” – Edition No.. 6, Captain Grant’s children. Pacific – Edition No.. 7, the mysterious island. Shipwreck “- Edition No. 8, From Earth to the Moon – Edition No. 9, The Mysterious Island. Abandonment – Edition No. 10, “Two Years of Vacation” – Edition No. 11, The Mysterious Island. The Secret of the Island – Edition No.. 12, “Around the Moon” – Edition No. 13, Insula cu elice – Edition No. 14, “North against the South” – Edition No. 15, “Road of France” – Edition No. 16, “Robur the Conqueror” – No. 17th edition, “Begum 500 Million” – edition No. 18, “Castle of the Carpathians” – edition No. 19, “Journey to the Center of the Earth” – edition No. 20, “Steaua Sudului” – Edition No. 21, “Granted Travel” – Edition No. 22, The Amazing Adventures of Master Antifer – Edition No. 23, Captain Hatteras. The English Arctic – Edition No. 24 and “Cape Brothers” – Edition No. 25, Captain Hatteras. Icy Desert – Edition No. 26, Mikhail Strogov – Edition No. 27, “The Amazing Adventure of the Barsak Expedition” – Edition No. 28, Floating City Conquest of the Sea, Edition No. 29, “The Will of Eccentrics 1. The Six”, Edition No.. 30, Eccentric Will II. Mysterious XKZ, Issue No. 31 and Inverted Land e. Eel, Edition No.. 32. See when the rest of the novels from the Jules Verne collection will appear on colecții.libertatea.ro from the “Exceptional Journeys” cycle!

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