A farmer cut with a machete by thieves caught stealing corn from his field

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Horror scenes of a farmer and his father after they reached the field, and the villagers alerted her that many people are stealing the corn crop. The conflict deteriorated and the young farmer was seriously injured in the head by a scythe-wielding thief who threatened everyone.

Young farmer Bogdan Popoy works with his father on an area of ​​more than 200 hectares of wheat, corn and sunflower land in Bukovi municipality, Timis province. The dominant crop is corn, which is grown on an area of ​​\u200b\u200b160 hectares, which, contrary to the vagaries of this year, was already made on the farm managed by the young man.

Corn thefts have become a custom in the Bukovi municipal radius

Although every year the farmer found cultivated areas devoid of fruit, he was never able to confront the thieves, although he suspected those who were stealing from his crop. Wednesday – August 3, but nothing can predict what will happen.

One of the villagers announced that several people in his corn crop were carrying the cobs in a car, Bogdan Bobo took his father and went to the place to see with their own eyes who would dare to steal their labour. Their surprise was not small when they met a gypsy family, two men and a woman, who had been resident for more than 15 years, who were able to load a suitcase with cobs.

The robbers were caught red-handed, and they went on a rampage armed with a machete and an axe

He said that the thieves who had been held accountable, armed with a machete, jumped into battle, and from there, things went downhill, Agrointelligence – AGROINTEL.ROYoung farmer Bogdan Bobo.

“I got a call from an acquaintance that some gypsies went to the field to steal corn. I went there with my parents and found them straight away, and there were three of them, two men and a woman with a child. At the scene we found that they had bags of stolen corn in the car. When they saw us, They became aggressive and had a machete that they wanted to cut with a machete. They drive around in unregistered cars and steal with bags. We didn’t have time to say anything to them because they took the machete out of the car, the axe and started swinging the machete right and left to cut and kill us there. They put a machete on my head 4 centimeters long I bled profusely. The person who cut me told me he was in prison before, for murder too, so if he kills again, it won’t be a problem for him, he’s better there, he has food. Release him for his good behavior, but here in the village he beat up Another person, left legless, in a wheelchair.The whole village knows who they are,” said the farmer from Timisoara.

Farmer Bogdan Boboch: “The thieves are proud that the policemen in Bukovi will not do anything to them because they know each other”

Furthermore, young man Bogdan Boboch testified in Agrointelligence – AGROINTEL.RO That the person who attacked him was bragging that he worked for the son of the local postmaster and that no one had anything to do with him. Moreover, the young man found no one at the local police station when he tried to alert the authorities, and the practice of disappearing law enforcement officers from the workplace is outdated, the farmer said. For this reason, call the emergency number 112.

“They (not the aggressors) work in the houses of the Bukovi police chief, but in fact for his son in charge of construction. Finally, we managed to leave there, 3 more cars came to stop us, they called relatives. We went to the police station in Bukovi and there was no one there, And no one came for two months. The leaflet is there, but the law enforcement officers have been on vacation for months. I called 112 and 4 police teams arrived at the scene. I went to the Institute of Forensic Medicine, I received medical attention, they basically sewed up my head wound, then submitted Testimonies at Remitia Police Station, another station in the area. I have complained to those who, after they stole the corn, also attacked us. At the moment I have no news from law enforcement officers, but I am receiving threats instead from thieves to set our crops on fire. and others,” added the young farmer.

According to the testimony issued by the doctors, Bogdan Bobo needs 7 days in the hospital. The farmer hopes that the lawmen will take the necessary measures and bring them justice so that the farmers in the area will be more peaceful, especially since it is not an agricultural year where there are no animals on their lands stealing their crops.

journalists Agrointelligence – AGROINTEL.RO They wanted to find out from the law enforcement officers of Bukovi, Timis County, how the facts happened, for a more objective presentation of it, but the phone from the local police station rang blank, and no one was found at the other end of the wire.

IML certificate issued by doctors for farmer Bogdan Băbuță

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