Berlad City Council criminal complaint to amend two historic monuments! (PHOTO, VIDEO, FACSIMILE) – NEW WEATHER

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UPS! … Bârlad City Hall has selected a criminal complaint for a pointless repair of two historic monuments in VIPopa Theater Park

Who pays?? It is about the rehabilitation of the two artesian wells in this park, declared historical monuments. Through the press release sent to Vremea Nou, the leadership of the Vaslui Provincial Directorate of Culture (DJC) stated that criminal investigation bodies will be notified, for violating the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Historic Monuments. Work was done in 2019, and failure to properly apply the consent obtained resulted in its revocation. Therefore, Mayor Dumitru Boru will have to restore the two artesian wells just as they were before. At the last extraordinary meeting, PSD Council members asked the Mayor of Boroș (more precisely Gabriela Pleasent) about this violation of the law, and the mayor quietly lied that he had exactly respected the mandate he had received from DJC Vaslui. The restoration of the two edifices should be carried out with the money of those who sinned, and not from the local budget, but it is not yet known who will pay!

According to the decision of DJC Vaslui, the city council of Bârlad has six months to restore the fountains with angels in the garden of the theater “Victor Ion Popa”, which were sculpted by Professor Marcel Gogoiano, to their original form. The District Directorate of Culture found deviations from the legislation, as the Town Hall carried out unprofessional rehabilitation work, without complying with the documents for which it was approved in 2019. When he was in Barald at the end of June, Culture Minister Lucien Romacano was notified of the complete unsuitability of the mosaics that surround With the sculptures made by Marcel Gogoiano, but the mayor ignored the notifications, perhaps he was very convinced that the fountains of the historic monument now contained mosaics that could also be placed in public toilets in the squares! When asked by the Public Security Directorate at the immediate meeting, about the violation of the law, the mayor calmly said that the works were done with the approval of the governorate’s Directorate of Culture and that all documentation provisions were respected.

The Provincial Department of Culture opposes it and will file a criminal complaint

As a result of the notification given by several intellectuals from Paarl and part of the local press, Corinna Orsach, executive director of the Vaslui District Directorate of Culture, came to Paarl on July 29 to check if what had been reported had been confirmed. When she saw the case in which the two wells had been rehabilitated, without complying with the documentation and without notifying the DJC of the start of the works, she fell silent and said, “It is the first time I have encountered such an embarrassing situation.” Here are the decisions made by DJC Bârlad:

Taking into account the notifications received for the purpose of artesian fountains in VI Popa Park, in the area of ​​historical monuments protection, jury hall, today the theater” VI Popa “, LMI code VS-II-mB-06755, Republicii Street 268, and a bust of the writer Victor Ion Buba, LMI Code VS-IV-mB-06906, Republicii Street .268, Theater Park, Parade Municipality, I inform you of the following:

– Documentation of the modernization of artesian wells – Park VI Popa, beneficiary of UAT Bârlad, analyzed and approved during the meeting of the District Committee for Historic Antiquities, no. 5 Yash, from August 2019; In this sense, the Vaslui District Directorate of Culture issued a positive opinion on the analyzed documents;

– Following the on-site verification on July 29, it was found that the provisions of the approved documents were not respected and put into practice;

In this case it was decided:

– Cancel notification number. 78 / ZP / 2019, issued by DJC Vaslui;

– Addressing the situation by submitting new documents, for analysis and approval within the District Committee for Historic Antiquities No. 5, Yash, within 3 months and has also specified that the new project should highlight the artistic value of the sculptures and integrate them into the protected area through color, materials, textures, execution details, quality of details and materials;

– At the same time, in accordance with the provisions of Article 24, para. 3), of Law 422/2001 Concerning the Protection of Historic Monuments, with subsequent amendments and additions, the criminal investigation bodies are notified,” said Corina Orsach, Director of DJC Vaslui.

Therefore, the Barlad City Council will be obligated to restore the fountains, remove the mosaics, and return the fountains to their original condition. What money? Also from the local budget? The question is openly directed to Mr. Mayor Dumitru Poro, so that all the inhabitants of the Berladians know where the money from the local treasury goes …

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