CJ meeting. Laco Surat Resort Renovation in the Eyes of Liberals

* Members of county councilsţWe recently agreed to twoComplex Projects related to the extension of transmission to useţComplex FREE SHIPPINGComplex From Villa LComplex-RComplexmill, evenComplex At the end of 2025, both cComplextre CID, how much and otherswedgeComplexthree partnersţTakes Cooperat and othersi Local Partnership for Employee DevelopmentţJune “Lake S.ComplexMouse »BrComplexLiberals suggested that the term sComplex either up toComplex In December 2024, etc.Complex Beforeand othersCJ Br . EditionComplexElla, Francesc Julian Chirac, clarified cComplex Both entitiesComplexţI try themComplex sComplex WithdrawalComplex European funds, they need a safe headquarters for that, aand othersneedleComplex I can’t risk itComplex I haveComplex Unconfirmed episodes at the time of the next election *in this context, PNL-ist DComplexNotţ Longo criticized the period as being too longComplex that has passed since the beginning of the discussionţRegarding the development of StaţJune Lako SComplexrate cComplexthree partnersţin another meaning and othersevenComplex When embodying any work

fuComplexSta . UpdateţJune Lako SComplexRats started, etc.Complex The period since time zero and othersevenComplex For thisComplex The theaterComplex It wasn’t good at all for some of themand othersThe second of the county councilţean BrComplexto me. More precisely, in the most recentComplex and othersthe bossesţComplex NormalComplex from CJ BrComplexUntil a few days ago as a saladComplexţil sComplex sţIt’s the beginning of things firstComplexri in staţJune, this topic was discussed in plenary, and the liberal dComplexNotţ Lungu criticized the fact that cComplex They’ve been discussing for two yearsComplex About employee developmentţJuneComplex The proceedings spanned more than mComplexthe colour greyComplex FComplexsComplex sComplex VisibleComplex intangible. It all started two years agoComplex On the agenda, regarding its transfer to useţComplex FREE SHIPPINGComplexuntilComplex On December 31, 2025 from Villa LComplex-RComplexmill from staţUnion Lake S.Complexprivate property rateComplex to judgeţAloy, cComplexthree partnersţTake the “Information Center”. and othersi Documenting European IntegrationComplex and othersand sustainable developmentComplex(CID), but and otherstake the surfaceţIt is 13.26 square meters of this building cComplexthree partnersţTake cooperation and othersi Local Partnership for Employee DevelopmentţJune “Lake S.ComplexMouse “BrComplexto the entity that dealsComplex Now by the respective district administration. I’m basically chattingComplexm about the extension. butand othersAnd through the voices of advisors Alexandru BockComplexHe. SheComplexu and othersAnd Marian CComplexsComplexţIn theComplexPNL group members tried in both cases sComplex shorthandComplex Transmission period of clComplexc straightComplexThree CID and othersand associatesţie up toComplex On December 31, 2024,Complex FComplexsComplex Success.

Beforeand othersCJ Br . EditionComplexElla, Francesc Julian Chirac, clarified cComplex Both entitiesComplexţI followComplex sComplex WithdrawalComplex European funds in the new yearţAnd who cares and otherswedgeComplex One of the conditionsţThe second is to have a headquarters. How will it follow in 2024 an unstable periodComplex At the time of local elections, evenComplex When creating a new mini-parliament for the provinceţThe suggestion of the CJ apparatus was that the building transition period sComplex they lie downComplex deprivationComplex in 2025, and from this point on, according toComplex And as Shreyak said, the new council will decide whetherComplex you will wantComplex an actComplex Another thing with Vila L.Complex-RComplexmove or not.

after, afterComplex explainţBoth advisers to the National Liberation Party resignedţIn modifications, projects are approved in ini . formatţTake itComplexby unanimous vote.

butand othersi, under “other problems” Provincial Council memberţIan a liberal dComplexNotţ Lungu took the moment to ask for lComplexIntervention related deathsţScheme for StaţUnion Lake S.ComplexMouse.

long, supComplexmice cComplex Things went onţfor workComplexcheer from staţSection

PNL-IST DComplexNotţ Longu asked beforeand othersCJ Br . EditionComplexto sComplex Provide an opinion on the association’s plansţTake “Lacu S.ComplexMouse”, mentions at the time and othersthe bossesţWhisperComplex Fromand othersIt has been a long time since inţThe elections are overComplex Between Board, PremComplexria from Br . municipalityComplexto me and othersAnd the one from Chiscani, in StaţIn June you can’t see much.

“What prospects?! Absolutely nothing visible!” Nothing has happened in two years.”Criticize long.

chirac and othersInform his colleagues at that time and othersthe bossesţthem (July 26) cComplex They will see a drastic changeComplex In the following daysComplexrip, announceţThat is, which was achieved on August 1, when the first works beganComplexlol And theChief CJ c . explainedComplex Not two years have passedand othersAs suggested by his colleagueComplexu liberal, but only one year periodComplex it is necessaryComplex To reach more PAand othersand administrative.

“The important thing is sComplex He. She ţintComplex from work. sComplex Be quality regardingand othersWorkComplexerupts there. We don’t just do it for his broComplexilleni, but for everythingComplex the scientist. for youţand turnsand othersThose who will come to the staffţJune (…) We helpComplexm UAT Chiscani. BecauseComplex Here was the problem. He didn’t have enoughComplex Energy. I have FComplexcut this offComplex associationţIe to pay as much as possibleţmoney for developmentţJun. And theAnd that’s what we do. And next year I will tryComplexThanksComplex ModernizationComplexme togetherComplex with the hill of the bride and othersAnd the lake is there. sComplex Let’s see what we can doComplex we make and othersAnd in Mavilla Merisi. Another project we want and othersWe are AlComplexRounds of each UAT. our dutyComplexfrom the county councilţIt is to help the communityComplexţEls for Development. We don’t tell them what to doComplex an actComplex. We can just sComplex I recommend themComplexThanksComplex StreetComplexTweem And theand togetherComplex I’m wrongand othersthat itComplex We do thisComplex The relationship between PrimComplexria from Br . municipalityComplexto the county councilţean and othersand UAT Chiscani. say cComplex Things are going wellţGoodComplex. Come onComplex Let’s be optimisticand othersYou are”, advertiser chirac.

And theChairman CJ also selected cComplex Recently attended a meeting on the topic of counselingComplexof financial evidenceţHe has a new workoutţfinancial iu, specifying cComplex boycottţBrComplexwould be “to” pregComplexNipple with projects to apply as soon as possible, a valid caseComplex Including for the assemblyţTake “Lake S.ComplexMouse”.

Chiriac . adComplexThen see regardingţto updateComplexthe citizensţJune cComplex decision on priorityComplexţil will be takenComplex at the level of this entityComplexţme, etcComplex record cComplex . will be arrangedComplex Parking at the entrance and car access to staffţJune will be restrictedţionized.

“Wrong ideaComplex continuousComplexM and othersAnd in the fallComplex. when you turnand othersI do not knowComplex Either stayţJune, Albany sComplex I haveComplex Work front over. And thehe isComplex We can, next year, when the summer season begins, we waitţunionComplex It looks completely different. And theI willComplexyou sureţComplex! “, to addComplexwash afterwards chirac.

mention cComplex fuComplexRehabilitation began on Monday, August 1st. investţIt’s more than 5 million lei and othersIt will happen within a period of timeComplex for 3 years. The framework agreement contract was signed with three companiesComplexţAnd they haveand otherspan auctionţTake: MICATIS PROD SRL, ANVISOR TRANS SRL and othersand DREAMS RIVIERA SRL.

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