Several suites within the UM of Costinești-Schitu have been cancelled. Here’s why

The Constana Environmental Protection Agency announces to the interested public the application for the issuance of the Environmental Agreement for the project developed by Military Unit 02542 Focșani, within the province of Constanta.

More precisely, it is about “Cancellation of pavilions, alley ways, platforms, paved plateaus, water supply network and air electricity network from Kazarma 1357 Costiniti Chito “, Proposed to be located in the municipality of Costiniti, Chito Village, Marinellor Street, No. 3-5, Owner Marius Adrian Philip as a representative of Military Unit 02542 FOCțANI.

Information on the proposed project can be consulted at the headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency in Constanta – Constanta Municipality, Unirii Street No. 23 and the owner’s residence Military unit 02542 Focșani – Francia, Municipality of Fochany, BD Bucharest, No. 1-3, Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Public comments are received daily at the EPA headquarters in Constanta.

We remind you that in 2019, Building 1357 was re-evaluated in accordance with the applicable legislation. A reassessment was made by the military unit committee that manages and records the building in accounting records, taking into account inflation, the asset’s interest, condition and market price, in order to determine its fair value.

Thus, the inventory value needs to be updated with the new value, which is 24,065.586.84 lei. The Kostenište Municipal Council has requested the government through Resolution No. 51/2018, the transfer of building 1357 from the public domain of the state and from the administration of MApN to the public domain of the municipality, in order to create housing through the programs managed by the National Housing Agency, as well as some objectives of the main social, cultural and sporting importance of recreation and public facilities, respectively: House of Culture, Sports base – football field, volleyball court, handball field, karting track, within a period of 8 years from the date of taking over the building.

For the realization of housing through ANL-managed programs, funds from the state budget will be accessed through the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, and for other goals, funds from the local budget will be used, according to HCL 51/2018.

MApN agreed to transfer the building to the municipality, to achieve the investment objectives, on the condition that Costineşti municipality transferred, in the public domain of the state and under the management of MApN, for 8 residences, respectively 4 2-room apartments and 4 4-room apartments with their own plots of the total number of Houses built on the land of the building within a period of 8 years from the date of receipt.

The Governor’s Corporation – Constana County exercised statutory control over HCL 51/2018, in accordance with law, and was deemed legal. It should be noted that the use and public interest of the state ceased to be built in 1357, because it was out of service and became available as a result of the continuing process of reorganization and restructuring of the Roman army and could no longer maintain its purpose. .

In the event that the additional destination of Building 1357 is not respected, the obligations and deadlines assumed by the Costineşti Municipal Council, by Decision 51/2018, MApN has the power to initiate proceedings regarding the return of the building to the public within the state and in the management of the network, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. The total construction area is 7827 m2 and the land area is 19.4579 hectares.


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