Strong reaction from a bodybuilding and fitness coach! “It would be ridiculous for athletes to train and compete with masks on their faces! It would be terrifying! We will appear in the cartoon magazine!”

News that sanitary masks will be mandatory until next year in indoor spaces has caused an uproar among athletes and coaches. After information emerged in the public space that athletes would be forced to cover their faces with sanitary masks during training, the reactions did not take long to emerge, some of which were very violent.

Especially in the case of disciplines where stage attendance is recorded, such as fitness, gymnastics or sports dance. Honorary trainer Felicia Boris Ross, of the bodybuilding and fitness division of CSM Iași, a division that includes several European and world champions, told ProSport that athletes cannot train and compete with a mask on their face.

“It would be horror! Sincerely. I heard he came up with this explanation, that the mask is mandatory indoors. In sports it cannot be applied. Also explain to me how we can organize face mask competitions. The World Championships will be held in the fall in Romania. Shall we make the World Cup with a face mask? What do fitness athletes who compete in gymnastics programs do and we’re not just talking about bodybuilding fitness, but all sports We’re talking about athletics, rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, weightlifting and any sport after all. How to stay in shape while training Or competition? Training is aerobic, except for strength, so it involves the presence of air. When you apply your mask, the automatic return is reduced. I no longer speak as a picture. In sports dance, fitness, stage presence is recorded, which is part of the judging regulations We will appear in Urzica magazine in cartoons.”to ProSport Honorary Coach Felicia Boris Ross.

Problems with achieving athletic form: “Everything is calculated by the hour, by the day”

She says her athletes have been hit hard by the pandemic, as they have been training hard to reach their peak level at the European Championships in Spain, an event originally scheduled for May, which was postponed to September.

“In bodybuilding you can’t achieve one form after another. We are talking about a form in the first half of the year and a second form at the end of the year. That is the case in this sport. It is impossible otherwise. Or keep your peaks for more than a week. You can’t Everything counts by the hour and day. We’re talking heavy athletics, with intense workouts that stress the entire body, muscle groups, ligaments, joints, skeletal everything. I can’t get an athlete into competition faster than three months after we come out of isolation! “I risk hurting the athletes. I have to pyramid it, I can’t do it overnight. Somewhere around 75-80 percent could be at the end of the summer. That’s why I’m going to propose to postpone the European Championship, so we can focus on a championship.” The world in the fall, which is held in Romania. If they are able to organize in our country, also taking into account the economic aspect. The athletes also wondered what to do now, how to get back in shape in September at the European Championships, considering that the world championships will be held at the end of October They shouted at me on the phone.”As Professor Felicia Boris Ross said.

Bodybuilders and Fitness Athletes Don’t Starve: ‘It’s a Myth’

Honorary Coach of CSM Iași explained that during this period she tries to maintain the tone of her students through various exercises, because progress cannot be the case.

“We’re into weightlifting, and the gym is our second home. We had to reorganize the activity from scratch and keep it at least during this time, because we can’t talk about progress. We talk to the kids two to three times a day, and we made them a training program for each muscle group. , but everyone does it according to the possibilities in their house.We try to grab each muscle group and keep it as tight as possible.

It is difficult, because in heavy sports the athlete must consume a daily amount of 5,000 calories. Not doing exercises that involve strength and cardio, it’s really hard. If we hadn’t come up with training ideas and sacrificed ourselves somehow during this time, we’d eventually take the risk, after a few months of staying home, not to talk about the bodybuilding department, but sumo”noted Professor Felicia Boris Ross, who emphasized that her students do not go hungry, and this aspect is rather a myth: “My husband and I (No. Christian Ross, trainer in the bodybuilding department at CSM Iași) gave our athletes permission to eat a slice of kozonak at Easter. It’s a myth that bodybuilders starve themselves, it’s wrong. They have 5 meals a day, but they get up from the table. They are not full, because they eat heavy. Don’t eat until I can’t! This is the exam in this branch. Fitness and bodybuilding is a lifestyle, it combines nutrition and training itself. Those who practice this sport, which lasts for a year, adopt a new way of life and become Disciplined. You have a choice, there is no starvation in this sport. You have chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, beef, and a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables.”.

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