Constantine Dean is the new president of the Romanian Handball Federation

Constantine El Din wins the presidential elections of the Romanian Handball Federation in the second round! In the elections, four candidates presented their files: Alexandro Dido, Konstantin Dean, Maximilian Gavrila, Bogdan Voina.

15:50 – The vote counting in the second round has ended: Konstantin Dean (157 votes), Alexandru Dido (66 votes).

2:30 PM – We already know where Bogdan Vojna’s voices will end just by looking at this picture! Thus, if all goes according to the plan of the two, Constantine El-Din will become the new chief.

14:22 – We have the election results: Constantine Dean (95 votes), Alexandro Dido (79 votes), Bogdan Vojna (48 votes) and Maximilian Gavrila (one vote). Thus, there will be a second round between Constantine Dean and Alexandro Dido.

13:57 – Voting is over! The votes are counted, then the order is made. About 15 minutes until we discover the new boss.

13:00 – Voting has begun!

12:25 – Bogdan Voyna: “I remember my father’s generation. Everyone believes in them, people need trust. We need good guidance.

12:20 – Maximilian Gavrilla: “We can go to the future or to a catastrophe. You decide. Think about what follows.”

12:15 – Constantine al-Din, letter: “I want us to do good things, to decentralize Romanian handball.” Time is too short to say much.” Constantine El-Din came with his resignation in an envelope and said that if he left the post of president and did not do his job in the next parliament, he would be accepted

12:11 – Alexandro Dido began the speech: “8 years ago I was at the reception. I am the ugliest thief, the ugliest, the fattest … That’s what the newspapers wrote about me, that’s all, I did not answer out of respect for the time of the hand. For me, handball is my life!”.

11:50 am – To win in the first round, 113 votes out of 225 are needed.

11:20 AM – 225 out of 225 voters present.

11:15 – Remus Drăgănescu did not allow Dedu to speak at the beginning of the speech, demanding that past glories be received in the hall.

11:10 am – Mihai Dido opened the meeting and gave the floor to COSR President, Mihai Kovalio. Dido said Minister Novak had received an invitation, but he had not attended and had not authorized anyone.

11.00 am Voters enter the hall while former glories are outside: Christian Gau and Radu Vojna. “It’s a shame for the whole world of handball what’s happening to us,” Cornell Otilia stated.

The general assembly for the elections of this institution is scheduled to be held today, April 28, from 11:00 am at the Marriott Hotel in the capital.

Within it, the 225 associate members will elect the president, vice president, and board members.

Three against Alexandro Dido! Who are the candidates for the FR Handball elections? 225 Marriott voters are expected to vote | Special

Who are the four candidates? Here is a brief summary of them and the most important statements.

Alexandro Dido (50 years old) – will run for a third term, first elected in February 2014. A former member of the national team, with whom he finished eighth at the 1992 Olympics, and club-level winner of the Champions League, Dedu led the National Forum on over the past eight years. Dedu played for major clubs such as FC Barcelona, ​​Wuppertal or Porto, where he participated in 232 matches for the national team. second period He won by only one vote against Narcissa LecuşanuCurrently IHF official.

The point will be to unite the national teams, on all the proposed levers, and as a result we must make the junior positions, the eight junior positions we must make them work with the highest potential possible.

Constantine Dean has private sector experience and the support of Narcisa Lecușanu

CONSTANTIN DIN (53 years old) – A graduate of Bucharest Polytechnic and was an international referee at the IHF, he has managed important matches in the last 20 years, from European competitions to world championships and Olympic Games. Currently, he is a businessman and observer EHF.

Twice present as a referee in the fourth final of the Champions League with his colleague Soren Dino, Businessman Constantine El Din decided to take the initiative And he wants the ultimate position in the sport. It has a different organizational vision and will focus on education among athletes.

I’m a manager, I was a referee out of passion only. I am grateful to my family for their understanding and support.

I have been a squad leader, team captain, battery commander, and manager at many successful companies. I’m used to driving people! With many results in business. The turnover of a company I own is much higher than FR Handball’s budget

The last entrant in the race was Bogdan Foena, the vision of the Western campaign and the imposition of the French model

Bogdan Voina (43 years old) – The son of former great handball player Radu Voina played for the teams of Steaua, Celestat and Strasbourg and was active in the first national team for 9 years. He has the Championship title and Challenge Cup, and has won championships with Steaua. After retiring from the activity, Bogdan Vojna was a television commentator, and at the same time the general manager of Sport Suport.

My team and I worked to support Narcisa Lecușanu. Because I know how much I want and how much we all on the team want to save Romanian handball from the mediocre, I entered the race. And not anyway, but 100% are convinced that it is time for a change and that we can do it

Maximilan Gavrila has the most experience in handball

Maximilian Gavrilo (68 years old) – Graduated from the Institute of Physical Education and Sports in 1978, teacher, honorary coach and rector of ACS 181 SSP Bucharest. Over time, he won several national titles in the junior categories 3, 2 and 1, promoting women’s handball players such as Marinella Dueccio, Modelina Zamfriescu, Alina Elli, Alexandra Padilla, Dana Abdelkader, Alexandra Chirico, Maria Straw and Isabella Rochka.

In my program there is the idea of ​​limiting foreigners, because it is a very big problem. Romanian players no longer have a place to play against foreign players. There should be 3-4 foreigners in the team, because I can’t even take the right of the clubs who invest and want to perform. But, as a federation, I am primarily responsible for the national teams and we have to take care of them

The following is the order in which candidates vote for positions elected by the General Assembly:

  • Election of the head of the FRH
  • Electing a Vice President
  • Election of CA . members
  • Election of the Chairman of the Appeal Committee
  • Election of the head of the supervisory board
  • Election of members of the supervisory board

Who is running for the board of directors?

The main interest in the elections is also for the position of Vice President, where there are two candidates, Steluța Luca versus Sorin Dinu, but also for the Board of Directors. In this case, there are 38 candidates for 15 seats.

Who are they? Nourhan Ali, Gabriel Armano, Dan Arnauto, Georgian Boudoco, Silvio Pocisano, Jorge Beginario, Mikhail Buchan, Soren Buhaci, Rozvan Kappa, Aline Corlegiano, Remian Correa, Adrianos Kosman, Druianos, Druicho, Druishan. SÂSEAC, Rudi Stonescu, George Tadeshi, Wassily Viemann, Alexandru Weber.

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