Cultură’n ura and the roar of applause from the villages of Bihor

Photo © ️ Cultură’n Şura

Approximately 300 spectators from the communes of Tinca, Cuthiopia Mare and Husso de Tinca took part from July 26 to 28 in three free comedy shows “Proposal of Marriage” by AP Cehov, supported by Cultură’n Șura. “It was great!…Theatre doesn’t die…It just needs to adapt! Culture should be available! Thanks for taking the time to detach from everyday worries! Congratulations and many successful performances!” It was posted on the Facebook page of Mihai Nichitescu, a spectator who came from a nearby village specifically to take part in the Husăsu de Tinca event.

In TincA, the audience is somewhat accustomed to the stage because this municipality has its own band, TincART, made up of local high school students. For this reason, the cast’s acting was pursued with more attention to detail than the other parts. The local band’s coordinator says it was the best version of the play he’s seen so far.

It was an honor to see two playwrights from Cultură’n Șura at the Tinca Cultural Centre. I have a comparative term regarding the play because I played with the actors 7 years ago and watched the show in Oradea and in Hungary. But this was the most successful I’ve seen. The actors are very good and fascinated the students and the audience was very energetic and reacted well. It was a special event for Tinca and we want to host people from Cultură’n ura again next year. Until then, I’ll go with our band members to see the show in Salonta‘, he declares Julius UrbanTincAR band coordinator and cultural reference within Tinca City Hall.

In Cociuba Mare, in the cultural house, the children were most excited to see a theater show being performed in their community.

There were about 40-50 children, more than adults. The kids enjoyed the show very much. In the end, they stayed to ask the actors for autographs and take pictures with them. Instead, we invited some adults passing by the cultural center to enter the hall, but some said the theater was not for them. However, there were also people who specifically came from Oradea to see the show being played in their home village. From my experience now, I am convinced that if we host another culture show at Chora next year, we will know how to organize ourselves in such a way that the inhabitants of the community will respond better to such a cultural event.“, It is considered Dorina Trev Co-organised the show on behalf of Cociuba Mare City Hall.

It is the second year in a row that the magic of the stage has arrived in the Piazza Anna Luce in Hoso de Tenca: “They are so loved and appreciated here, with us. Florentina Năstase conquered everyone with her performance, but especially because she greeted them before the show and talked to them. A 70-year-old woman had just had her kids and was tired, but she came to the show and thanked us for bringing the stage into the community. They were also members of the gypsy community. She was beautiful because it didn’t matter who, and what background he came from. everybody The world felt comfortable, cheerful, and alone in this cultural environment.”He says Doreen NegraCo-Organizer, Founder of Simple Life Connection Center. The performance of the show was attended by 140 spectators from the community and the neighborhood.

A.P. Cehov’s “Proposal of Marriage” with actors Florentina Năstase, George Constantinescu and Valentin Terente directed by Victor Olăhuț is one of the most successful shows Cultură’n Șura has produced. It was made in partnership with Bucharest Art Theater and has won many awards over time. Since 2020, he also appears in TVR’s National Television Archive.

“Theater in the Beehron Villages” is a project co-financed by Bihor County Council powered by Kaufland, Romania.

The partners in this project are the traditional center of connection to simple life, Cociuba Mare Town Hall, Tinca Municipality Town Hall, High School no. 1 Husăsu de Tinca, Secondary School No. 1 Cociuba Mare, TincART Troupe, Nicolae Jiga Theoretical High School, Slag County Culture and Arts Center, Romania Educab, Cento Group, Daisler Print House, Bucharest Art Theater

Don’t miss the latest cultural show in Salonta!

At the invitation of the Museum complex of the Municipality of Salonta and with the support of the local mayor’s office, the Cultură’n Șura team will attend for the first time in the courtyard of the Museum of the Romanian Peasant Thursday 11 August 2022And the From 21.00. It is an exception to the tradition of playing in the countryside, but the cultural event will be hosted by a space symbolic of rural life – Romanian Peasant Museum from the municipality Living room.

the offer “Mama Gregodirected by Victor Olăhut It premiered at the 2021 Atelier International Theater Festival and was produced in partnership with Bucharest Comedy Theatre. On the show crew are the actors Maren Gregor, Mircea Gilgor, Florentina Nostas, Anna Toros, Julian Glitch And the Bogdan Kostya. The text tells the story of Susan, the daughter of a wealthy townspeople who was left from birth in the care of a peasant family, and when her parents came to take her back eight years later, they were waiting for a big surprise. The topic covered is current, drawing the public’s attention to the impact of labor migration on children left at home. Twists, fakes, and puns make this show a delicious comedy. Free admission.

The event is supported by the Salonta Municipal Council – Nagyszalonta Polgármesteri Hivatala, Viorica Samson-Manea, Bucharest Comedy Theatre,, Tur Cento Trans, Romania Educab, Slag County Culture and Arts Center.

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