“Don’t film anymore, because I don’t want to.” Why did he ask to exclude the young woman from the film crew?

Actress Alexandra Straw claims that after a chance meeting with Nicolae Bongo, director of Brancovenești Palaces, right in Mogoșoaia, where a new film directed by Dan Pița was being shot, she was fired from the project.

“I thought you were a maid” and “Stop filming because I don’t want you to do that.” Nikolai Bongo was going to pass it on to him.

The accounts of the actress were confirmed by eyewitnesses contacted by “Cultura la Dupa”.

Nikolai Bongo did not provide a view, and the film’s actors explained that they abandoned her services due to the unavailability announced by the actress.

Alexandra Stroud’s account

The joy I felt yesterday, on my first day of shooting a film about Brâncoveni, which is being shot these days in Palatul Mogoșoaia, directed by Mr Dan Pița, ended abruptly with a chance meeting with Mr. Nicolae Pungă, Vice-President of ALDE – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, And he is the same person who a few years ago could be found in the Children’s Palace, as the director of the Stela Popescu Theater – something taken from the political sphere, of course.

At that time, taking advantage of his position in power, Mr. Pungă flexed his political muscles a bit and kicked me out of a project I had worked on with a great team.

Although no longer director of the Stela Popescu Theatre, Mr. Pungă became director of another palace, Mogoșoaia Palace, and the cultural center “Brâncoveneşti at the Gates of Bucharest”, of course.

Below I relate the hallucinatory dialogue I had yesterday with His Excellency.

Me: Hello!

Him: Hello!

Me: How are you? Since we haven’t seen each other, it has been a long time. (I learned the fact that the person yelled at me and swore at me, with his assistant in the office, when he was a manager at Stela Popescu)

He said: Yes. you are here? In Dan Beta?

Me: Yes, I came to shoot.

Him: to portray? So what are you an actress?

Me: But what else?

He: I don’t know, I thought the maid…

Me: No, actress.

HE: No. Look, I’m talking, don’t be anymore!

Me: Yes, should I prepare to make a new Facebook post?

He said: I’m serious, I’m talking stop being. I stopped filming because I don’t want to.

Me: Can you say it again? To at least take out the mobile phone for shooting.

He said: That’s why I can’t! My butt hurts! It hurts me right up my ass. (He shares command of the Mogogweya Palace with a member of the National Liberation Party, perhaps from here … confidence that he can do anything in this country that he has become his own)

I: …

He said: I told you. I will speak. (…) “

An actress was also present at this part of the discussion, which exactly confirmed Alexandra Straw’s words. Under the protection of anonymity, she told Cultura la duba:

“I confirm exactly what Alexandra said in the first part of the post. There were three of us. He told her he thought she was a maid and not an actress, and threatened to kick her out of the film crew. I found the dialogue unrealistic.”

After the dialogue between Pungă and Alexandra Stroe, the two met again. The actress stated in her post:

“A little later, while I was filling in the statements in the contract. Go around the table, come to the back of my neck and ask:

Bag: Complete the contract now? That’s not okay, it shouldn’t be here.

Producer: Why?

Bag: Let me tell you.

And they left. And later, I see him with the assistant manager, talking and pointing at me.

Sure enough, at the end of the day I get a message from the nurse mentioned that I can no longer come for the shoot tomorrow (i.e. today). Fabulous! I mean…wow! I woke up this morning screaming in my mind. Now I don’t know how I feel anymore. (…)

Probably because after he kicked me out of the Stela Popescu project, he was able to do the same here too, not being involved in any way in the production of the movie, but only using his influence, his will, his will, and his politics. Muscle… wow! ‘,” actress Alexandra Straw wrote on Facebook.

This interaction had witnesses. Cultura la duba spoke to another actress who confirmed Alexandra’s story. In order not to bear the consequences for the group, she requested anonymity.

“We were sitting at the table waiting for the shooting and at a certain moment Mr. Nico Bongo comes, Alexandra was terminating the contract at that time. He saw that and didn’t agree with him and said ‘What are you doing?’ That’s not good, let me solve it.” And he took the producer aside to tell him something. That’s what I saw.”

Alexandra Straw was present at the shooting group on Friday, August 5, 2022, when the discussion with Pungă was to take place. Even after discussion, she and the producer signed a collaboration contract, but not for a specific number of shooting days.

At around 10:00 p.m., assistant director Beatriz Rancia announced that she would not be among the characters who had to shoot the scene on Saturday, due to the need to have actresses throughout filming.

WhatsApp chat between Alexandra Straw and Beatrice Rancia

Alexandra Straw had a special character role, as did 7-8 other actresses. As early as August 2, Beatrice notified Rancia not to be present between August 15 and 21, which was confirmed by Rancia.

Beatrice Rancia, the suspended general director of the National Opera in Iai, is now the assistant director of Dan Bella. Posted to Cultura la duba:

“Mr. Bongo never asked me anything about the actresses, he had no way. The days of filming overlapped with my premiere. That’s why I wrote to him that I wish him well on the premiere, and that he can’t stay in the movie and maybe on another occasion. We parted on terms. Well, she saw that there is work here and we are relying on some data that we have no way of sharing with a whole team, depending on her schedule.That’s it.

I don’t know where this whole discussion came from, Mr. Pungă has nothing to do with the table you gave me in advance, it’s busy.

Another girl in a similar situation also did not stay in the movie because she is busy at the time. So there were two cases. There are also actors who have given up on film because they have stage shows.

We are also filming in Cetatea Făgăraș for two weeks. Certainly the entire cast and the seven girls who stayed in the Young Ladies roles are all free until September. So she had no way of escaping from Făgăraș to go to rehearsals for the show’s premiere.

Plus, I’ve known Mr. Dan Byasha since 1985. You realize you can’t even go to such a director and say: He made me take one out of the movie. You can’t even ask a question about something like that, for someone to come up with an intervention for Mr. Bayasha. We are talking about a well-known director. How can I or Mr. Pungă go to Mr. Pița and say: remove this performer from the film? No one would allow such a thing.”

Contacted by Cultura la duba to offer a view regarding a possible interference by Nicolae Pungă, the film’s producer, Alexandru Ciocianu, said “I am not involved in such a thing nor have I been aware of such a thing”. And that the reason for the termination of Alexandra Straw’s services is related to her unavailability.

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