FC Bihor Oradea Project has a Chief

The return to life of the FC Bihor Oradea project is not official yet, but all the announcements are coming out as if things are set and just waiting for the start of the League 3.

The name change was announced internally from CA Oradea, but so far we have no evidence of these details, as the Romanian Football Federation has not conveyed the idea of ​​changing the name of the team that was active last season. In League 3 under the aforementioned name or the venue moved to the new structure FC Bihor Oradea.

Virtual FC Bihor Oradea has appointed its president, City Council proud

However, the Bihor Oradea virtual club continues to set the dates and organize itself so that the next season of the third league is approached with the already announced strategy, which is the formation of a competitive team for the season that will start in the summer of next year.

In principle, this approach will be achieved as follows Liga2.ro Almost a month ago, he announced the information appearing in the public space and transmitted by CA Oradea and not only. CA Oradea managers have announced that the brand will be registered in League 4, instead of the second team that was found there in 2021-2022.

Returning to the Bihor Oradea virtual club, the way everything is managed brings out a fact that no longer surprises anyone, and the mayor’s office and local authorities “create an image” in front of the electorate through this project. Even the club’s president was introduced by Oradea City Hall’s general manager Mihai Yorka, so things seem to be headed toward a path where the authorities are largely decided, even in SuperLiga being examples in this sense.

Sandor Kolksar, Project Leader FC Bihor Oradea

However, it must be appreciated that a former footballer, a code name for football from Oradea, former striker Sandor Kolksar (57 years old), who played all his career in Romania and Hungary, was appointed as the president.

As a pointless detail, Mihai Yorka made a statement that reinforces the above, regarding how local authorities will be involved in the new project. The city council employee’s statement, according to Bihor Online, sends smiles:

The municipality gives Mr. Kolksar all confidence and all decision-making authority, being a professional man with clear knowledge in this field.. . identified York, wanting to underscore the idea that the mayor’s office should be commended for the appointment and “declared” before the voters, probably, at the next election.

Sandor Kolksar was better “playing” with words and had a professional message

Things are far from the new football project in Oradea, and in time they want to build a stadium, but also to promote the team in the first division of Romania, relatively quickly, in five years. Successive promotions are also followed up.

“I thank those who trusted me and entrusted me with this honorable position that obligates me and makes me responsible. I am honored to be part of an association of founding members of institutions from Bihor that have laid their shoulder and made a fundamental contribution to the development of the city and made Oradea known nationally and internationally.

It’s time to take Bihor’s sport to at least the city level of Oradea. This means a project that will raise FC Bihor to the level of a flag team in the county, linked to the construction of the new stadium, we thought of a 5-year strategy at the end of which we will see the team in League 1. We know that it will not be an easy task.

The proof that we will do our job well will be if people come back to the field as often as possible. If the new stadium is ready and we will remain in League 2, I will not consider it a failure, if the audience will be in the stadiumSandor Kolksar said.

Unlike the man next to him, the representative of the mayor’s office, Kolksar showed that he “plays” with words better and knows how to talk to people who love football in Oradea. If the mayor’s office took credit for the fact of his appointment, the former striker elegantly took charge and conveyed the idea he had of the project.

Sandor Kolksar: “We want to change people’s perception of what was in the past”

He assumed that all decisions would be made for the team’s benefit and that he wouldn’t take credit if things went the way he planned.

FifthWe want to change people’s perception of what was in the past. My presence at the helm of the club is clear evidence for colleagues that there is something else to be desired. I know my qualities well, but also my limits. If anyone thinks I can solve all the problems of the club by myself, they are wrong.

I don’t even want it to be about Colxar, but about the team, not the individuals. I rely on teamwork, only in the team can we achieve the desired results,” added the former soccer player, according to Bihor Online.

FRF has given its approval to change the name from CA Oradea to FC Bihor Oradea. Why aren’t they officially relaying these details as well?

The city council will finance the virtual FC Bihor Oradea project in a significant amount in the season that will start soon, in the amount of €250,000. Funding will be provided by the FC Oradea FC, a detail noted by Mihai Yorka, who also acknowledged the fact that the Romanian Football Federation had given its approval for CA Oradea to operate under the name FC Bihor:

Although the name of the association is different, the club will operate under the name FC Bihor Oradea, which is the name that we have full rights in OSIM, as well as the logo. There is no longer any problem or danger. That is why the Romanian Football Federation has allowed us to be active in the upcoming competitive season under the name FC Bihor.

Since the Department of Justice does not necessarily take into account the ownership of the name in OSIM, they could not allow us to register the association at this point under the name FC Bihor, but competitively we will operate under that name and this is an important step towards relaunching football performance“.

picture: Bihor online

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