In the summer of purple Liliana

Zenovia Zamfir

The book is a precious gift, and the book received from the author himself is priceless, it is a dream that he made with great effort and care, with a drop of his soul. Good God has commanded that my passion for writing should bring forth wonderful people and faithful writers. This is how I met Liliana Gesch Boyan, poet and at that time director of the “Dumitru Popovici” Orăşenești library, DrăgăneştiI gave. Gifted with a talent for writing, passionate about research, eager for knowledge, Liliana is also a good cultural animator. The events organized in the library brought together people of culture from all over the country. He wrote and published many books of poetry, coordinated several anthologies and the newspaper “Curierul Drăgăneștiului”. She is a member of several cultural associations and a member of the Federation of Professional Journalists from Romania. His concerns were and still are nationally appreciated. He recently gave me his latest published work and after reading it I felt the need to thank him with a few words which I think suit him best. Liliana Guo Boyan’s book Once Upon a Summer…, short prose, conquers you at first sight. The colors on the cover, the well-chosen title, the stories that provide content and keep you in suspense, everything tells us about the writer that she is talented and has style and expertise in the art of writing. Liliana is a well-known and appreciated poet indeed, but she has now proven that even in prose she can use the right words to reach the reader’s heart. The book introduces us to a world of tales with carefully chosen characters, with love and sorrow, with many joys and pains, with dreams and hopes, some of which were lost in vain, with wonderful seasons and places. “Autumn… the water gushed softly between the two banks. Clear and with a silvery luster on which the sun’s rays reflected. A small waterfall rolls when a stream of water passes over an obstacle, a tree trunk clinging to the mud, a stone brought downstream by the waves, and a broken willow branch growing on Bank. A few pebbles – an island of stones washed by water – can be seen from the clear water.. “… pag. 29, Autumn Story. How nice to describe the place where the action takes place! You can almost hear the rustling of the water, as you can see in the multi-colored pictures willows with their branches on the ground caress the foam of the waves breaking on the pebbly beach. Each story takes you into the world beautifully painted by the author. The pain and joy of characters makes you happy and sad when you can separate the real from the fictional. We sometimes tend to confuse the writer with her own character, but Liliana Guo Boyan is so skilled at describing her that we can barely comprehend the smallest details. Love appears in all forms, life and death have their place in stories, the beautiful and the ugly are highlighted in the content, but above all love is the victor. “Love is long-suffering; love is good, love does not brag, does not brag, does not brag. Love does not behave inappropriately, does not pursue it, does not become angry, does not think evil. It does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth.” The First Epistle to the Corinthians of the Holy Apostle Paul, ch. 13. The work is well organized, the stories often create a lot of suspense and love is everywhere, and it conquers even the worst diseases.” I am here, supporting and defending you with all my powers. My beloved will protect you, protect you, and together we will overcome this obstacle. You just know We love being together so much and I can’t wait to come home to our hometown and carry on with our beautiful and elegant lives. My love, you need to recover, overcome disease and not her, we will fight together, we will hold out strong. This damned cancer can’t defeat both of us. We are stronger than him, my dear! … ” 91, The death of the man I loved more than God. Mrs. Liliana Guo Boyan’s writing conveys so much sensitivity and emotion, and it is really appropriate to congratulate her for her work, beauty of face and soul.

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