Nye Georgescu: Love in Secret: The Love Between Two Great Poets, Mihai Eminescu and Veronica Mikli (Mogatenia Publishing, 2022)

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Love story between Mihai Eminscuand othersi Veronica Micle from the start was a poorly designed story, because it departed from several points at once. First tickle the mind and othersand regardingţbetween friends and othersI know themţThe second, then dissipated and othersAnd re-creation where love was required on the one hand, and humanity on the other, inţUnderstanding for him especially.

It’s obviously a mods area and othersand continuous matches. As it was discovered we createdţThe second in his inexhaustible manuscripts, and othersIt has been observed that the image constantly radiates from the center of his erotic poetry that theyConditions are configured. In measure, againand othersI, what do they have anyand othersHe reveals documentary evidence about him she– Mostly characters, but and othersMemories, impressions, etc. – Circumstances reconfigured.

The two pictures sure don’t match, the picture inside, Reiand othersIt comes from the soul of the poet involved in creationţin another meaning.and othersAnd the one on the outside, maybe the result of desireţsurroundings to establish the truth. The truth always hurts, the soul does not always heal… The truth wants the true wayţSecond, the soul has no way, it is silentand othersWorld Health Organization…

In this area of ​​realityţii terrestrial, “real”, several points were tried from which to begin to explore RilaţTake to build a so-called biography, in our case: lifeţcongruent parallels. Obviously, read through creationţConsider it as such, all deviations are forgiven: and othersand what if and othersThey were unfaithful to him. and othersand what if she Ban him in generosityţpolitics again he isin one family, and othersAnd what if pride was exaggerated? that theymade her bragging and othersand appearand otherspublicly eze with the love he carrieshe isand othersand what if and othersAnd what if. Relationsţwas established and othersAnd it was standardized under the motto of the pair, until it became the typical pair of poeţRomanians.

They can break upţI, reconnect, betray, forgive, but they are a couple of loversţAnd everything is forgiven because they are creative people, they sip poetry from each other, they experience the evil of the world in a small way …

This picture could be and othersStay comfortable, if you’re not and othersa little lessţin respectţă: That’s exactly to createţTake his work is huge – her work, small, less than thatţIn value, forgotten (since forgotten, better said). This may be true, and othersAnd to a large extent it is; But … how to pair the seaand othersAnd the small, between the huge and othersAnd rather small?! In theory, this is not possible, it involves bondage on the part of the young child, desireţcompetitorţUh, stealing charisma – all he wantsţI just … in the collective mind the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe husband solidified, and it is behind this theoretical contradiction.

And theAnd then? Yes, detachableţI liveţWork, biography of creationţAny according to social demandand othersAs you know at the beginning of the twentieth century…this againand othersIt is convenient for him, he is the greatest benefactor – it is an accident, otherwise it will be repeated in all his love affairs.

In such a large pile of documents as we have today, the photo fits perfectly. But… there is this but… How famous was journalist Eminescu in his time as a poet? He had published in volume 64 poems in 1883Literary conversationsabout 30 and othersAnd some headlines (nothing published since 1881, busyand othersand finalized the volume requested by Titu Maiorescu), so that Al. Macedonchi could say to him, even publicly: “X..a feigned poet…”, he. The. Macedonchi published volumes of poems….only in Literary conversationsEminescu magazine was published with a circulation of several hundred copies (about 800 copies). The good world knows themand othersTea, of course, but only on these, did he not have access to the more than 400 addresses deciphered today from the aforementioned pile of documents. His public image as a poet is built according to the rules of the collective imagination. or at thatand othersAt the same time, the image of Veronica Mikli as a poet was also built from several dozen titles, of course, published, however, in Literary Conversations, Literatorul, Trajan’s Column and othersAnd thethe family, Short poems, broadcast in four cultural environments, with a wider spreadand othersAnd therefore; In many of them, Eminescu himself is evoked, and many others are written in the Eminescu style (it is Eminescu’s first poetic word, before VlahuţComplexand othersand the otherţI). This earthly reality that compels us to descend into the press of time shows us that even then, the idea of ​​a pair was established in the collective mind. Looking for a journalist fromthe family He says it franklyţă: she is the poet’s partner, this other, who wants to attack her as a slave to the model, has no other booklet title more inspiring than this: “A family of poetsţAnd the”.

aand othersTherefore, not from the number of poems, not from their size or value – but from lifeţEh, from what I’ve seen, heard, read, Simţhe goesand othersAnd somewhat in and of itself, the idea of ​​Clean Rila was born to the publicţi.e. by equality of partners, for the typical pair of poeţRomanians. This image lasted his whole lifeţthey and othersand whatţYears after their death.

then? … Then the successive “cuts” began to adjust the image and make it a caricature and othersAnd even for ao and othersErase the current bookţVerseand othersIt is suggested to create fonts and othersdirectţfrom this directionţmust be solvedţin another meaning. Interests, envy and disabilityţI. We will follow them, and try to explain them – but, we repeat, not to try to recreate the perfect image of Poeţilor-pair, always calls for the essence of the work to love each one individually according to the measure – but to describe the mechanism as such.”

Excerpt from “Love in Secret: Love Between Two Great Poets, Mihai Emenscu and Veronica Mikli!” , that.

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